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Everypony loves a good party to ring in the New Year, celebrating the completion of the old and the promise of the new. There's friends and family, fireworks for some, crackers and decorations, the midnight kiss, and, for many, a bit too much alcohol.

Thus enter our story where somepony awakes on the first of the year, completely oblivious to the night before. Who did they see? What did they do? What did they say? It's potentially all downhill from here as they ask the one question on everypony's mind:

What the hay happened last night?

In this collab, each author chose a single pony or non. They were tasked with having this character awaken with little to no memory of the previous night's celebrations. This character would then go on a search to find out exactly what happened. The idea was to create a bit of mystery--and probably a fair bit of comedy--in really trying to make it a sort of discovery for both the character and the author.

Cover, used without permission (so it might change), by PegaSisters82.

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Wow. That first chapter was just... wow. Amazing. HILARIOUS! BRAVO!

I've read some pretty entertaining dialog in my time, but the 8,000 words I just absorbed COMPLETELY floored me - maybe it's because I can't hold my liquor either, or that I somehow think the best of events I can't recall for being a stinking drunk? Regardless either way, this was an exceptionally fun read and I ADORED the mature characterization! Oh, if only more comedies could dare to be as rewarding! Expertly done, expertly done.

"She quickly spun around and called to the couple, 'Come on, do it for Equestria!' but they continued to ignore her."

I totally rolled on the floor laughing my ass off at that point in the read! GOOD GRAVY! Mind, the entirety of this absurd bit of slapstick struck a very happy chord in me; here remains a suave and inviting glimpse into the possibility of a BELIEVABLE adult situation in ponydom.

Of course, in my headcanon, this all remains a foregone conclusion - Appledash rules.


this remains a foregone conclusion - Appledash rules.

Truer words have never been spoken!

But yes. Drunk Dash letting loose of some of her burdens... and what better pony to do so with.


Wait... don't tell me you're an Appledash fan too!?

You'd think it's the only ship that made sense or something! WEIRD.

*blink blink* Uh...well okay then? it's a cool idea but it sort of felt like it didn't really go anywhere.

Very nicely done. I found myself really drawn into the character and the mysteries as she solved them step by step. Really well paced. Definitely hope to see more from you.:pinkiehappy:

Oh god yes. That was hysterical. Poor Fritter.

*Giggles* Oh my god, Blueblood, you are so bucked XD Very cute, I like the idea of Chrysalis having very fine fur rather than chitin too.

Bwahahaha. This was adorable! I really like the idea of Thunderlane as caring for rumble and Amethyst was adorable.

I don't even.... That is totally not where I saw this going but it's still hysterical.:pinkiehappy: moar?

Bwhahahaha. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Chrysalis isn't evil, just hungry.

Ironshy? Flutterwill? Willshy? FlutterIron?
I have no idea what shipping this is.

Oh, Dash, why must you go and make a fool of yourself...for the lulz, of course. :rainbowlaugh:

Another masterpiece from bookplayer, exploring the mind of Rainbow Dash. What more could I want?

...Did you work with bookplayer on this? Seems like you've got the same party that went on. :pinkiegasp:

But hooray, collabing! And well done, if a bit more brief than bookplayer's.

...welp, I'mma just back away slowly now. All fear drunk Pinkie Pie...:pinkiecrazy:

...Welp, there goes my story. New headcanon for what the hay Chrysalis was doing the night before New Year's. Well done, mate. :ajsmug:


All for the lulz, drunken marriage. I'd be curious to know how they deal with this; do they roll with it, do they try to get the marriage annulled, or what? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME :raritydespair:

My hat's off to you, good sir.


I did! Sort of. I asked her if she'd like to share universes and delays from both of it made it a bit harder to do. Instead of working together from a general outline, she wrote hers first. Thankfully, she did a great job with making it easy to write in Twilight's part, so we ended up sharing universes after all!

Awww, that was sweet. Nice job!

Wine isn't brewed. She'd be a Vintier, not a brewer.

Oh, Twilight, you selfish, selfish pony. I commend you. :twilightsmile:


...um, if that's OK with you...:fluttershysad:

Very sweet and touching. I saw on your profile you thought you'd rushed it but honestly the pacing felt spot on. If you'd wanted you could have had things lengthen but I liked it just the way it was.

This is just a testament to Bookplayer's skill. There was nothing I didn't like about this chapter - it was simply marvelous.

Heh. :trollestia:
Maybe eventually I will. Thanks for the kind words. I was kinda aiming for the campy cliffhanger, so I'm glad it worked!

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Thanks, you two.
Also, that thing I deleted was just a copy of this message.

I'm dead.

So am I.

While Trixie and Blueblood hide, I offer my applause. :pinkiehappy:

This was amazing, I really, REALLY loved it. Can't say I kinda wanted the ending to be a bit more shippy, I don't know... that Rainbow said AJ she loved her when she was drunk at night, or just before going to eat lunch, still awesome.

Really good, really really good.

I wanna hug the genius that wrote this piece 'o beauty and perfection.

This was a cute little story. Poor Applejack, having to deal with Rainbow Dash instead of having fun.

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