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The Collab Cage


How, exactly, was Equestria made? This is the retelling of the creation, recreation, or random events that certain ponies believe were "how equestria was made".

Each chapter is a different take, by a different pony, by a different author. In the spirit of being Random, none of the stories are necissarily true or connected.

Created by the group Collab Cage which was created by Peregrine Caged, creator of The Album.

Rated Teen for depictions of war etc.

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Flawless logic.

I agree good sir .

*pant pant* I'm almost done!

EDIT: OMG My story would not do this collab justice nuu!

Nicely done. Very nicely done. A great way to unite all the disparate bits of canon, and I always like seeing the use of Faustpony.

I may look into joining this. I already have a creation myth written... :trixieshiftright:

Hi! It's me, that Takaiwolf from deviantart and all that! I'm liking the mythology angle you're working here with story, it's pretty neat! Don't know how unique that take is seeing as I'm not on here too much, but I feel like your interpretation is pretty original. :twilightsmile: I enjoyed reading it. Only critique I really have, if you don't mind, is that the formatting of this chapter is a little confusing. Seems like there is more than one distinct voice speaking but no quotation marks or anything to denote that. Other than that, you've done a pretty solid job here! Way to go! Very glad you liked my picture enough to put it with this. Also, awwww yeeaaah Cthulhu! :rainbowlaugh:

I think I just had a storygasm, if something like that is possible... If I could give infinite likes, this would get at least a few thousand. :twilightsheepish:

Very beautiful stuff, Nice nod to the CMC too:pinkiesmile:

Very cool way of doing the story. I like the idea of Luna passing this onto Twinkle. Who's the author of this piece?

First isn't a Bezel part of a watch? And second this is quite a bit shorter than the last two

[insert comment here]

Honestly, your stories rob me of words. It's not fair!

1937249 (sorry about the long response time, did anyone get back to you on this?)
Hello there. I am the author. lol
I seem to recall some responses of yours on another story I've written xD Glad you like this tho.
I feel like it is a very inadequate addition compared to the last two, but I still had a lot of fun with it.
1989622 indeed it is; to your question and statement.

2108015 *laughs* no worries. I definitely disagree with your feeling that it's weak compared to the others. this is a beautiful story and very strong.

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