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One of the most time-honored traditions of Hearth's Warming is the giving of gifts--but sometimes the real fun is not actually knowing who gives what to whom. Santa Hooves has decided to let all of Equestria play this game. Ponies (and even some non-ponies) who may have never even heard of their receiver have all been tasked with buying one gift and then delivering it completely anonymously! So, let's spread the season's cheer to any and everypony! Happy Hearth's Warming!

This is a collab where one person chose a single character and then decided whether they were the giver or the receiver. The other half of the pair was chosen at random to increase the chances of really odd or seemingly impossible pairings to increase the challenge.

Cover, used currently without permission (so it may be removed), by: atryl

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* buzzes * Error, error. You've got the 'u' and the 'e' switched in 'Fleur de Lis'.
* adds to read later list *
* continues to laze around like lump *

This is really sweet. I don't know if you planned it, but giving Rarity the dress makes perfect sense because of the color. Midnight blue would look awful on Applejack or Apple Bloom, if they even wanted the dress. But it would have looked fine on Granny, and it suits Rarity perfectly.

Anyway, good job!

Man, I'm reading yours first, solely because you lucked out and managed to nab two of the best ponies. Lucky dog.

Second, awwwwww. That was really brilliant :twilightsmile:

The narrative was fun and colorful, kind of jaunty actually, and the ending was really sweet. Not gonna lie, I was smiling and giggling throughout it, and it was great to see you slip in some of Spitfire's morals and ethics code. Neat character set up right there.

What kind of shocks me is the amount of planning Spitfire put into this. I mean, yeah, she is one of the Wonderbolts, granted, but damn, I was half expecting her to pull out a grappling hook any second. Another thing, she planted a make shift explosive/noisemaker in the castle (or at least near it). I'm pretty sure that would lock down the castle grounds, due to the possibility of it being a terroristic threat and all, but hey, if it works, it works -- that was also a great little Fred and George moment, by the way.

Anyway, really entertaining, good job man.

Wow, that was really nice. I love the message.
Formatting, however, is a bit er...interesting. Really love your characterization of Mr. Cake by the way. I love the way he refers to Mrs. Cake.

That ending, man. NICE. This was all rather amusing. I love the characterization--wait, can I even call it that?--of the letter. Eh, there's probably a better word for that. Can't think of it now. Good job!

Hay, if she were to have her own commandments, one would have read, ‘Thou shalt not mess with thine holiday gods.’

That line was perfect. It had just the right amount of ridiculousness to it, and with Vinyl, it clicked.

The fact that the two were gamers was cool, too. I can relate pretty easily, and the ponified titles were neat to read. The one thing I would have liked to see, however, would have been Shining's reaction to the present. Give's it a bit of extra closure, you know?

Eh, besides that, this was a really great little piece. Nicely done ^_^

BAHAHAHAHAHAH :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

That was hilarious. Well played, Merc!

Just out of curiosity, what in the world is a Krampus?

Well done! I didn't expect something like this to evoke a lesson learned, but guess I shouldn't expect, huh? You kinda format like The Rarispy, lots of space to make it easy on the eyes. Plus, I think you nailed the characterization of Mr. Cake.

Interesting. I love the way you managed to weave the story into verse like that. I would have liked to know what Pip gave her, but his pirating awesomeness kinda evens that out. :yay:

First of all, props to you for doing this with one large poem. Not something I would have done, nor something that would have been easy.

It was small, heartwarming, and really cute. A few points didn't necessarily rhyme all that well, but all in all, it was pretty good.

I applaud you on a job well done :twilightsmile:

DAT LETTER. Highly amusing, and spot-on characterization of Scootaloo. I would have liked to see Blueblood's reaction, but THE LETTER. OHOHOHO. :rainbowlaugh: Ol' Pony Kringle be trolling. :trollestia:

1923618 Krampus: A Gummy. I think. Heliotrope is a fancy word for purple.

Hah. Guessed that Pinkie would figure it out. Didn't guess that Diamond Tiara would be that friggin' good at stealthy endeavors. But well done, and it's a well written sweet gesture from somepony the fandom usually characterizes as a jerk.

Nice, Iron Will, just nice. Oh, you sure are great with those kids, aren't you?

Of course you are.

Anyway, that was a fun little read. Definitely not what I expected, at all, poor Big Mac :twilightoops:

Krampus is a christmas tradition over in europe. Basically, Santa gets the good kids and gives presents... Krampus gets the bad kids and at BEST gives a lump of coal.

1923190 Thank you :twilightsmile: My grandma was a bit of a farm girl herself but it seemed like even in more rural areas every girl would try to have at least one beautiful dress. I did choose that color for Rarity more than for Granny Smith but now that you point it out it does seem to work. Glad you enjoyed it. :raritystarry:

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with having a stuffed bear,” Macintosh murmured. Nopony questioned the powerful stallion.


hmm. Interesting. I love teh relationship you showed between the cakes. And Derpy of course :heart:

Awww, this one was so sweet! Best gift EVER.

1929018 Hey, thanks for the compliment!

Sadly, it's not as entertaining as yours, but I'm glad it made an impact :twilightsmile:

1929789 Pssh, I already found like 5 errors in mine that I'm bashing my head about. Really, you'd think I'd be able to proofread...:facehoof:

Heh, considering I also edited these. Did I really do that badly? Good lord, me. PM me the errors you found, if you will.

Yeah, PC said that too, but I was more focused on the Christmas spirit than the actual act of exchanging gifts. And thank you! It was really hard, and I was actually worried people would hate it.

* bows * Thanks! I like to challenge myself on occasion. And you'd be surprised for how few rhymes there are for 'paper' and 'note'. I kind of abandoned rhyme just to get the point across in a few places. Thanks for reading, the both of you.

1933581 There's only one really big one; I apparently forgot that I had specified Luna as the receiver and there's an "(or he?)" just kinda blatantly sitting in there. But otherwise, it's mostly stuff I would have done differently, after looking it over. It'd require a revamp though, and it's fine the way it is.

1934060 Bah, it's hard to hate that when a) we all had that thought before we shared our own with PC (or at least I did), and b) it's something new that most of us would balk at doing ourselves.

This was very well written. The diction and imagery in particular were a pleasure to read. :twilightsmile:

She gets something that awesome for a pony she barely knows? Well she better get something AMAZING for Tavi. I'm just saying...

Heh, this amused me. Good work.

1923428 I gotta agree with you there, that'smy only itty bitty beef with some of the chapters is I wanna know how the recipient felt darnit! Either way lovely stuff and definitely going to check out your other work/beg you to write more.

Oh gawd the feels...In all seriousness though this was beautiful. I love the idea of the crusaders spending so much time to get a good gift for Derpy. It was lovely. Definitely going to check out your other works.:pinkiehappy:

1937135 Yay, emotion!

Glad you liked it :3

to quote you, "in all seriousness" I'd totally forgotten I even wrote this story. just a few minutes ago, I was looking through some of my old FIM fics on my flash drive and I found this one. after the obligatory revelation moment, I wondered "oh wow, I wonder if this story ever got posted". and I came here to the Collab Cage and... well, here it is.

also I'm very much glad you liked this. Derpy is my favorite pony, and Babs is one of my favorite characters as well, so when Peregrine gave me this collab option, I snapped right to it. and well, this is what came out. again, glad you liked it. it's also nice to finally figure out how the hell you found me... lmao

2367898 *Grins and whistles innocently* I swear I'm not hiding in your bushes....:trollestia:

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