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"I don’t know where the book came from, or who wrote it. It was bound with a blank, leather -yes leather- cover and contained no identifying marks. I found it one day when I was rifling through the old archives in the Royal Library."

Here is all that it says on the first page:

The Great Chaos has ended. Discord has been defeated and his freshly entombed statue resides in the Canterlot Gardens.

But all is not well in Equestria. Death is everywhere, disharmony has taken it’s toll. The two royal sisters, Celestia and Luna, have been pushed to breaking. Yet still they struggle to rebuild what little remains of pony civilization.

Luna suggests intense action; Celestia refuses to disrupt what little normalcy they have brought to the shattered cities.

What could come between these two sisters? What could be so horrible as to drive our beloved Night Princess to become such a destructive nightmare? A nightmare that will terrify ponies for centuries to come? Well, immortality and power have a nasty way of taking any dispute and turning it into a cataclysmic event that neither party could imagine...

Written in collaboration with Sasha Nein.
Cover art credit goes to SilFoe

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 2 )

I like where this is going and find myself wanting more. You're crafting intriguing characters within a unique setting. I, for one, eagerly await where this goes next.

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