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It's game night and Twilight spends her time playing a game of Scrabble with the only other pony who will indulge her.

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Friendshipping at 5 am is like warm glass of milk finally sleepy:scootangel: The D'awws are very therapeutic

Heh... This is actualy pretty good!

So much dawwww! Loves your take on trixie!

Awesome way to end my evening. Thanks Earl Grey! :ajsmug:

And now my car ride in the rain just got a little happier :twilightsmile:
You don't disappoint, Earl.

I loved it, but I have to ask. How is Thorax only 16 points? The star in the center usually counts as a double word score. :twilightoops:


Really? Wouldn't that be a little unfair, having the first player get an instant Double Word Score? Huh, just read the rules, and you're right. I'll go change that.

Thanks everypony, this was just a really random idea that got into my head at work. Didn't take long to write, but it was fun.

Heh but now, she totals 46 instead of 30 :rainbowlaugh:

Really cute. That's about all I can say. I really like these small, touches of life type fics. They're good for on the go guys like me!

And apparently, even Trixie can't escape the confines of the mighty Twilight checklist! It's like trying to break a Pinkie Pie Promise. No good can come from it if you do!


I love stories with these two :twilightsheepish: And it was well done. They've apparently grown close enough that Twilight can put up with Trixie's personality and that Trixie can have some respect for Twilight in turn. It's still bound to be wonky friendship, though, and that was well portrayed here. The little snipppet of Trixie's past was a nice touch as well, since it allows for at least one one of them to learn some more about the other.

It's so nice to be able to act like I know my stuff :trollestia: But really, I thought it was great.

Okay, hopefully I've got all of the scrabble scores right now :facehoof:

I even changed Trixies score from the first word she plays because I found out that the added 50 points for using all seven tiles is added onto the end and not used in the triple or double word scores.

A friendshipping Twixie? Piqued.

Very cute, if a bit brief. Snapshot style, though, yeah? I can't complain.

But unless I've misread, a convent of Luna worshippers? You simply must expand on this. :raritystarry:

Well I enjoyed this story. :) Glad I went to page two on browse. :rainbowlaugh:

Neuex gave 4/5 horseshoes on the story. :moustache:


I'm glad you did as well! :pinkiehappy:

I have no idea why this is as popular as it seems to be xD Thanks to everypony for keeping me busy looking at my notifications bar today, it's been crazy.

I should write random stuff more often... Fimfiction needs a Mayor emoticon.

:trixieshiftright: You sunk my Scrabbleship! This game makes a lot more sense than the Simpsons' one.

This deserves more chapters! you paint a very interesting picture of Trixie's youth, and I want to respectfully request more insight! :twilightsheepish:

I'm gonna try Scrabbleships for real. :derpytongue2:


More you say? I'll have to think about it :scootangel:




I'm glad somepony caught the Simpsons reference xD I took the game name from there, but I optimised the rules a little and made it playable.

And now the sequel, where that picture would actually apply, lol.
It was a good 'short and sweet' read. :twilightsmile:


I couldn't for the life of me find a picture of Twilight playing Scrabble. I couldn't find ANYTHING with ponies and Scrabble. I am dissapoint internet :trixieshiftleft:

It was only by pure luck that I found a picture of Twilight and Trixie playing something. It's virtual Scrabble 'k? :derpytongue2:

I think I'd actually play scrabbleships. It intrigues me.

I do love a spot of friendshipping... so relaxing.

Very well written, and has the likes to prove it. My only complaint is that it is short and has been getting less views lately.

I liked the connection they had together here it was very interesting and to be honest, I would expect them to do this if they ever hung out. Just them talking while playing scrabble and Trixie talking bout her past a bit was quite fun.

Now i want to see what other games they could play...

1385143 Lol it sounds like that dosent it. XD

The first word ILLEISM actually scores 74 points, because the first word is placed on a double word score, and Twilight would be smart enough to arrange it so the M fell on the double letter space.

But next time, show them playing Scrabbleships.

So cuuuuute :3

My day's been kind eh; I had a hell of a time trying to print stuff off at Uni and almost had to walk home instead of take the bus, but this really helped me calm down. Also my heart is now a gooey mess on the floor :)


Ah, I remember this story from a while ago! This is where I got my "Trixie is an orphan" headcanon!

Okay, that put a huge smile on my face. Rather good Trixie, rather good Twilight. I loved the checklist. And Scrabbleships? I gotta ponder that one. Sounds neat.


5 bucks that game is some sort of Mario Party. Only THAT DAMN GAME can cause such reactions.


I knew that picture looked familiar


I'm actually pretty amazed that someone ponified it.

I'm pretty sure that Mario Party was N64 generation. Don't think there was one on Snes. My bet's on Street Fighter Alpha 2, I always lose when it gets down to the wire :ajbemused:

Grah! It's too short. Well-written, funny, good characterization. Only problem is that, well..its' too quick. The back and forth is nice, but then it moves to the interesting backstory, then end.

I wanna see more banter...it's so well written. (Then again, it might have worn if it went on too long...) A nice 'quick-fic'. A+.

I liked it.

wait, no...

I love it. seriously. Trixie's past is really touching. :3

Why has this become suddenly popular!?

It's even on the most popular list right now. I'M ABOVE PAST SINS! :rainbowhuh:

Thanks to everyone for giving me about 40+ Notifications to flick through xD but especially to 1388220 for finding that picture. I seriously had no idea my image I chose was ponfying anything :rainbowlaugh:


That's an SNES? Then why did it look like a N-


I... need to pay attention to detail. :ajbemused:

Scrabble with Twilight. Otherwise known as "You lose!" :twilightsheepish:

388571 Oddly enough, that is the SAME EXACT TIME I just read this. :rainbowderp: Creepy.
1390863 Anywho, dah-link, I simply LURVED this story! :pinkiehappy: Trixie's past is so cute, and weirdly enough, it suits her! The showoff filly having that cute, mysterious past nopony really knows about. :twilightsmile: Me gusta. This story is sooooo going on my faves.

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