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Earl Grey


Twilight Sparkle receives a letter from Princess Celestia. As a reward for her and her friends diligence in sending friendship reports, they will be treated with a trip to Manehattan to see a show. On their way to the 'city that never sleeps', Twilight senses that something is going on behind the scenes, a lingering trace of familiar magic is in the air, one that she feels is connected to everything. One thing is for sure. This isn't a simple vacation.

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Interesting... albeit somewhat slow, but nonetheless still very interesting and absorbing. Sir Grey, you have my attention.

can i have another chapter please?:pinkiehappy:


I'm just glad you were gracious enough to pre-read for me. I'll just let you know, it's your fault the story evolved an adventure tag, giving me ideas and such.


The beginning is very slow yes, that's one of the reasons I was hesitant to end it at that point, it's just setting up the plot at this point though.


What's life without a little suspense, eh? I'm sure the next chapter will appear eventually ;D

I seriously have no recollection of the ideas you speak of, but you're welcome anyways :twilightsheepish:

Oh Twi... you've just guaranteed that you'll have to before the end of the story. :facehoof:

The way you describe Twilight's dread constantly has me on the lookout for things that could go wrong and destroy all of Equestria.. :rainbowderp:

anyway great story, can't wait to read more :twilightsmile:

I eagerly await the next chapter of this story.


I'm sure Twilight's in the same boat as you. It's only a trip to see a concert though, right? What could honestly go wrong at a concert?


Hopefully you won't have to wait for very long, it depends on how badly I write the chapter and how much I have to clean it up :rainbowlaugh:

I have my ideas about what's about to happen. Pinkie can't be feeling very good after all that Champagne she downed. Rarity of course will need to look her best before the show starts, dragging her friends along with her because she can't be seen in such a prestiguous place as the Royal Box with a bunch of uncouth ruffians! Or something like that. Tabitha St. Germain is best pony.

Thankfully, Act 1 is done with. The ponies have got their letter, they've boarded the train to Manehattan and they've got set up in their hotel room. When they wake up it will be the day of the concert, plenty of time to get ready (and sober up) before it starts.

This is awesome!
Came back to check if there was any update, I need one bad!!!

So... when does the romance come in? It's okay if you want to take it slow and don't tell me tho:pinkiehappy:


Sorry I'm being so slow, I encountered a gigantic piece of writers block and it's seriously impeding my ability to finish the chapter. Thing is, I have a load of ideas as to what I'm going to do for the next part, so it's really annoying that I need to finish up this part. I will get it done though.

As for the romance, there will be build up in Act 3 (Which I hope I can extend to be quite long in terms of how many parts there are, if not length. You'll see why when I get to it) Beyond that point, Act 4 onwards, it'll shift up and the romance will play a larger role against the adventure aspect.

Wow, I wasn't intentionally vague there, that's a new one. Anyway, enjoy my hints.

great~ another next one to wait for~:raritywink:


The February writing comp aside, I doubt you'll have to wait very long for the next part. I already have a fair portion written down right now.

Hopefully I won't get stuck again :D

Well, the uncomfortable feeling Twilight had in previous chapters.... has now jumped to me...:facehoof:


Well that certainly sounds ominous... or maybe it's just the fact that I'm listening to the Portal 2 OST whilst reading this.

Well anyway, I can't exactly be sure to what you're referencing, but I'm just trying to write something different to what I usually would, branching out into areas I don't usually dare to tread. I've had this idea for so long though and finally getting the chance to write it in a natural setting feels pretty good.

I'm going to try and keep on top of the updates for a while because these next few parts won't be as long as the first three.


You mean Twilight isn't fighting demons from another world while the rest is enjoying the opera?
damn, so much for my ideas :rainbowwild:

Found two tiny thingies:

but thier whereabouts and motives were unknown.
They were given positions of power in the village and became advisers in all types of local problems. (shouldn't that be advisors ?)

A nice enough chapter, although the speed of the overarching story seems to be draining away somewhat. :twilightsmile:


xD :facehoof:

Therizzen, my prereader, pointed that out because I had originally put 'there' in some kind of brainfart moment, so I changed it and STILL got it wrong... :rainbowlaugh:

Believe, things would seem to be going a lot faster if I would actually update faster, but Real Life isn't letting me do that very effectively. The play WILL be going into intermission very soon, I'll pick the story up then.

330648 332201

It's one of my personal favourite Discord theories. Discord has a beard, Starswirl is somehow known for being bearded... I've seen more improbable things xD

Rarity isn't usually my favorite but I really liked how you portrayed her... although now that I think of it all of them were really good:raritywink:

This was a bittersweet chapter for me. While I enjoyed it, as was the case with all of your other works that I have read so far, it would seem to spoiler the yet unreleased portions of "Friendship is Music" and even likely impede the progress of that other story. I would, of course, still very much like to see both the events and developments revealed here as well as those leading up to them from the other perspective, not to mention that the other work is ought to give us greater level of detail.

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