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I am a musician and writer, and an avid viewer and crazy fanatic of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!


"Live for the Future" is a narrative recounting Twilight's slow fall into love with Trixie, who is offered a second chance when Twilight spots her in Canterlot and is informed that she's homeless and has nothing left. Vignettes of Trixie's depressing past are interwoven within the story as well.

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Im a sap for this twixie fics.. First chapter looks great btw!

Yeah, I'm a sucker for Twixie, too. Also FlutterDash.

Anyway, thank you for the praise. ^_^

Yay~ Another Twixie story! This one's not half bad either! Twilight is going on a trip to Canterlot, Trixie stumbled into Canterlot. I mean... they'll totally miss each other, lol. I see you're betraying the defeated Trixie rather than the strong, arrogant one. That's fine with me :pinkiesmile: Twilight and Spike are completely in character! I could easily hear the voice actors voice over them, no problem.

The story is pretty interesting so far, like I said. It's easy to see you've put a lot of thought into this with Twilight's research book details and Trixie's downward spiral into poverty. Especially the latter. :twilightsmile:

I believe I caught one minor error:

The climate was beginning to affect Trixie Her body was stiff, and she had fervent hunger and intense thirst.
Just go ahead and plop a period in that bad boy :ajsmug:

Other than that, the only thing that urked me a little bit was the "mlp3 player." Probably just me, but it seemed a bit too much since an mp3 player is modern technology. It's like having an "iPony."

That's my two cents :pinkiehappy: I shall be watching! :pinkiecrazy:

Hahah, well I can change the MLP3 thingy to something more old school like a Walkpony. ;P

But seriously, thank you so much!! (:

I like where this is going. Keep up the good work!! :twilightblush: :heart: :trixieshiftleft:

Yaaay Twixie
This is looking good so far :yay:

Thank you both SunStone and Lemming. :twilightsmile:


By the way, I added the period. :)

Looks like a great story so far and what DashXColt already said
i will be watching too

WOW! well done! that was REALLY good, a few minor errors but nothing substantial. I REALLY liked it!
keep up the good work! :raritywink:

Seeing that this story updated just made my night -- I cannot wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks for your very kind words. And I proofread/edited thoroughly, but I guess I missed some stuff. Oh well. I'll do better next time.


I can't wait for the next chapter, either! Hopefully writer's block won't get in the way.:raritydespair:

Thank you very much, though. :twilightsmile:

53013 IF there was one thing i could remove from the world, it would be writers block, im halfway through a chapter of my one story, i have been for 2 weeks, halfway through writing a song parody, can't think of anything else, don't know if this counts but im also drawing a character .gif for my friends game, and can't get the right shape, I hate these 2 simple words, writer's block.....and artists block...okay 5 words.
Also can't wait for next cliffhanger you got there. :pinkiehappy:


Ain't writer's block the son of a female dog? :twilightangry2:

Well be on the lookout for the next chapter, which I'll hopefully have up by the end of the week. ^_^

53084 Ain't writer's block the son of a female dog?
YES FINALLY! NONE of the kids at school get that! they only know the term as an insult, not the actual meaning.
Finally, someone else as smrt as me. (spelling error intended)

Sure enough, though, when she slowly turned her head around to see who it was, who thoughts were proven correct.

You meant her, right?

I gotta say, the pace of this story is slow, but in a good way! The fluidity between scenes, the details like Twilight making noise with her hooves or Trixie's endurance practice with rocks; and the eventual meeting of the two, all contributed to this spectacularly executed story. Sir, I am not worthy. Heck I write Twixie myself and feel ashamed and jealous when reading this! Clearly, this is on par with other Twixie stories such as The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle or Of Mares and Magic (Oh yeah, I went there). This is at least how the story has gone so far. I doubt it'll get dull or anything like that.

Please. PLEASE don't stop writing this. :raritycry:

I demand an immediate submission to Equestria Daily as soon as possible. Get you some readers and high ratings, man. You deserve it right now.:twilightsmile:


Holy crap, man. Thank you SO much for the praise!! I'm so flattered. :twilightblush:

I'm currently waiting for an email from EQD to see if they'll accept my story or not. If more people like this as much as you do, or even half as much as you do, then I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be accepted.

Like I said, Your accolades really mean a lot to me. Thank you VERY much. :twilightsmile:

This is Bucking amazing! :rainbowkiss:
MOAR! :flutterrage:
No but seriously this is really good.

Thank you, zomglul! I shall provide more as soon as possible.

If anypony here is willing to be an editor/proofreader for me, that would be appreciated SO much, and it'll make my life a little easier. Plus, whoever does gets to see the next chapter before anypony else does. :duck:

I can't stand the wait :pinkiesad2:
I would edit for you but my comp is full of viruses, its so slow ATM. :moustache:


I can't stand the wait, either! :raritydespair: :raritycry: :twilightangry2:

Damn, well, anypony else want to?

I love this story. Can't wait to hear more about Trixie's life story!

This is pretty wonderful so far. I LOVE Twilight x Trixie stories, and was excited to see what this one was about. One with a very painful Trixie past...beautiful. Sad, but beautiful. I kinda like the flashbacks, too. Oh, and nice reference to Blink-182; love their song "All The Small Things" from their album "Enema Of The State", which I'm guessing you love, too. I liked the details and the moments that Twilight and Trixie go through. Very powerful stuff, and I'm glad that Trixie got what she deserved...at the hotel, I mean. :heart:

Once again, nice flashback with Trixie's painful past...powerful and emotional stuff right there. It's kinda weird how Twilight always usually starts out with feelings for Trixie...not that I'm complaining; I love it when I see it, since the two were made for each other. Oh, and again, nice reference to Green Day's "American Idiot"; I can tell SOMEONE'S a music lover, like myself. It's so cute when writers incorporate little town, music, book or other parodies into stories; it's nice! Ooh, a cliffhanger...Twilight and Trixie meet! I can't wait to see more!

By the way, as I do with all stories I track, I saved both chapters onto Microsoft Word and edited them as I read along, since it's what I do. After eight years of computer class and 14 years of writing, I kinda love being a grammar/spelling/punctuation/everything Nazi. :twilightsheepish:

Hey I might as well, I'm a good reader so I might pick up on some grammer errors, and misspelled words.
I have a week off of work, so I can spend about an hour or more proofreading if you'd like me to.

Zomglul, that would be fantastical if you could do so. Of course, I'll need a pony who's well educated with grammar.

EP-PayPhone: First of all, who uses pay phones anymore?

Anyway, hopefully you won't have to wait too long. I'm close to being finished with the next chapter.

And Tailslover13, yes, I am a big fan of music (it's actually my main passion, with acting and writing tying for a VERY close second). Anyway, thank you for your wonderful praise.

That goes for all of you, thank you for your wonderful words! For a pony who has low self-confidence, it really makes me feel great. :twilightsmile:

It hasnt updated yet? :raritycry:


No it has not, unfortunately. :raritydespair:

Writer's block, man. I'm pretty sure that EqD is not going to accept my story, so I'm not stressing over the 3,000 words per chapter minimum rule, making it a bit easier. Hopefully before Christmas the next chapter will be up for you to all enjoy.

TY TnT pairing is the one I love the best.
I like your relaxed pacing:Romance never needs to be rushed.
The backstory snippets are nice too :)
I'd love for you to publish another chapter when it's ready (but no pressure) :derpyderp2:

wow!! it was really good!!
can't wait to see another episodes.:twilightsmile:

Thanks to both of you guys for the kind words!

Hopefully before 2012 comes around, I'll have the next chapter completed.

Sorry this chapter is way shorter compared to the other two. :raritycry:

Just make more of them more often and I wil hold the riots back.

:twilightangry2: Or I will cut you

.. MP3 player? You have got to be...

Seriously. That's the least fitting piece of technology I have ever seen in a fanfic. Especially when you combine it with Twilight. A "walkpony" would seem madly out of place as well. Why not just go with a safe bet and have her settle in with a good book for the ride? Because honestly enough, since when does Twilight Ever feel that it's useless to read? Bad light in the taxi? Well, good thing she's got a flash-light permanently attached to her head!

Sure, the show can be rather anachronistic, but wow. This bit of tech almost made me abandon the fic the second I read about it.
Of course, take this for what it is, opinions from one person. If you think it fits, then by all means keep it. You should write a story about your own fanon Equestria after all, not mine.

Well, thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.

I will lead said riot.
Keep updating this amazing story... or else.

Yay! It finally updated. :yay:
A few grammar errors, but still very good. I can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:

87375 I will help you stop the riots as well.
87480 *grabs torch* BACK! BACK I SAY!!! :flutterrage:

D'awww... Poor Trixie. I always thought what everypony did to her was a BIT harsh. I mean, destroying her entire career and putting her out of house and home just for being a LITTLE egotistical, which is to be expected from somepony famous? Come on, that's just not right.

And again a very good chapter (even if its smaller). Keep thm comming :)


When you mention Trixie's hat earlier, instead of saying she had it in her pack in parentheses, try to include that statement in the sentence. Parentheses break the flow, somewhat, and should be avoided.

Instead of "(which Trixie had inside her pack as well)," it should be something like "of which Trixie carried in her pack as well." Play around with it and see what flows best to you.

Otherwise, keep up the good work! You got me hooked stop far, so don't bail on me now. :twilightsmile:

Twilight should have run after Trixie in ponyvile and caught her then.
Entertainment is a tough job, they where all such jerks to her. spike needs a good kick.
Plz keep updating: Short chapters are better than none, and you can always add in more later to fill them out.
Nice work Foxy :twilightsmile:


*jumps from shadows* pokes at you with pitch fork!!!


love the story, and may i ask how often this gets updated?

104263 Whenever my muse strikes up...And there really is no pattern with that.

>First comment for this chapter was more than eight weeks ago.
The riots will begin.
-Prepares packs with tons among tons of any small and sharp objects possible.-

You're honestly a very good writer in my eyes, ignore the haters, I honestly don't care what people think when they like to hate on me and I can see people are probably disliking the story because its on hiatus because I can see no other reason why they would, unless they are snotty bastard childs that have only seen the greatest stories.

This story has a lot of good potential and, you as a writer do too, and only practice can help you, you should have seen my first story man, it was absolutely horrid. My vocabulary selection was a disgrace to everyone, my grammar was not abominable but it had many more mistakes than you. I practiced by just randomly writing short one-shots, I kept them to myself and after a good week, I wrote my first okay story that I posted. It had more likes than dislikes, but very little views and I was kinda dissapointed.

Nearly a month later, I wrote one more story and it is actually good in rankings now, just imagine how much better I can do in a year.

Also here's a cool riddle.

Q: It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die. What is it?

A: Nothing. Nothing is greater than God, nothing is more evil than the devil, the poor have nothing, the rich need nothing and if you eat nothing you'll die

can we pweeeeeeeease have an update? :fluttercry: i have extremely enjoyed the story thus far, and the characters are so well done! Your Trixie feels so real and tragic... it is rather amazing! I love this fic so far and I do hope you have not given up on it.

Hmmm... It has been quite a bit of time since this has last been updated. But at least it's not been cancelled! :twilightsheepish: In fact, I have actually had my eye on this story since before I registered, and heck, I'll follow this 'till after the site's gone! (If that's even physically possible) 'Cause I just love it so much!

Anyway, I hope one day, in the far distant future when we're drinking hoverboards out of a straw and flying on meals... This will be updated and my cyborg grandkids and I will gather round our virtual reality fireplace and read it together. :raritywink:

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