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When Octavia is dragged to one of Canterlot's more respectable nightclubs by some work friends, she finds a whole new world of music that threatens to shatter her pre-existing theories about musical quality. All it takes is one pony, a DJ whose music transcends the barriers of conventional genre classification. Will Octavia take the leap of faith into the unknown world of modern music? And will the mysterious DJ be there to catch her if she falls?

Chapters (11)
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this is nice.

i seriously look forward to reading more! :twilightsmile:

Well written, the characters really jump out at you. It seems a little quick paced though. Other than that, fantastic job! :pinkiehappy:

Wanderer D

:raritystarry: I'm looking forward to more! It's always refreshing to see new takes on the Octavia/Pon-3 pairing.

Wanderer D

:raritystarry: I'm looking forward to more! It's always refreshing to see new takes on the Octavia/Pon-3 pairing.

Thanks for all the comments. As a present for the entirety of fimfiction.net being awesome, I've uploaded Part 2 earlier than I usually would.
Enjoy :twilightsmile:

To quote the Doctor: "BRILLIANT!" :ajsmug:

Love it, can't think of too much more to say. I love the introspective quirks that you've added to Octavia and the way Scratch responds to them. Brilliant character interaction to sum it up.

This is really good! Can't wait to read more!

Uh-oh. Scratch jinxed it.

>What could go wrong

WELP :pinkiecrazy:

Also I'm loving this

Loving this story, although I've never seen Vinyl as blind in other fanon. Maybe I don't read enough fan fiction though. :twilightsmile:

Looking forward for more!

The whole, 'Vinyl is blind' thing I read on the MLP Wikia. There's a page on fan theories about all the characters and that was one of them. This is the page. I however, do not believe she and Rarity are related, I make a small allusion to the theory in a later chapter, but I personally believe that just because they're both white unicorns it doesn't mean that they're related.
One thing I do when writing "canon" characters is to research their personalities as much as I can, find out if there are any quirks they have or whether there is anything they are known for. I like to bring an authenticity to the character before adding my own personal ideas.

Whilst this will remain Octavia/Scratch centric, the next chapter will introduce some more characters. But that's all I'll say for now :scootangel:

Rainbow Dash singing? Best idea EVER!

Wanderer D

8330 Hm... I figured it might have been Fluttershy, but would she be up to singing in front of a crowd? So you're probably right.

Anyway! Good to see another chapter! :twilightsmile: I like Pinky and Octavia being sisters :pinkiehappy:

I've loved this little story so much. Can't wait to see what happens next, but I'm sure it'll be entertaining.

I'm enjoying the story so far. Minor spelling and punctuation errors here and there, but nothing that takes away from the whole of the piece. Very well done.

Wanderer D

:pinkiegasp: I think you have a great opportunity to write Pinkie Pie... :pinkiehappy: yeah, she's usually random and party-like, :pinkiesmile: but you have the unique situation of Octy being there to mend their relationship! :pinkiesad2: She doesn't have to act like she usually does :pinkiesick: unless the situation really calls for it! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Keep it up love the :pinkiehappy: needs more :rainbowderp: anyways im looking forward to some more chapters

I want to know who came up with the idea that Pinkie Pie and Octavia are sisters so that I may proceed to punch them repeatedly. It's ridiculous, if they were sisters. They would have actually interacted with each other during The Best Night Ever, and something more substantial then Pinkie Pie making a song request.

That said I'm willing to suspend disbelief just because this is well written, but Earl Grey I implore you to take the speculation pages on the MLP wiki with a grain of salt. As I'm pretty sure that they're just the ramblings of someone who is only completely idiotic. Vinyl Scratch's Speculation pages lists an idea that Vinyl and Rarity are related because they are both white unicorns. Not only is that idiotic, but blatantly racist. It would be like saying that Nelson Mandela is related to Barrack Obama because they're both black.


Obviously I'm not taking it as fact (as far as the word fact goes in canon) but I like to observe all sides of a characters percieved personality. You could argue that Scratch agreed to DJ Rarity's undoubtedly small fashion gig, (six dresses and the only reason it got attention is because Hoity Toity showed up) because they're related. Fanon seems to agree to DJ-P0N3 is a huge musical name, akin to Daft Punk and Deadmau5 (the two artists she's frequently seen with in fanart) So why would a megastar agree to DJ a small event that she probably even isn't getting paid well for? Of course, this is all just plucking points off the top of my head, but you have to appreciate that Fanon is so open to interpretation that everything has a possibility of making sense.

Let's move onto Pinkie/Octavia. "They can't be related, Octavia ignored her at the gala" Not true, she took a completely random request and ran with it despite it going against the gala's atmosphere. I doubt her band mates would abide such silliness, so it would be safe to be assume that she convinced them because they're related ("Please, just humour her, it'll be easier if you do." Octavia said, sighing). Again, just making points up. "Wouldn't she be called Octavia Pie?" Rarity and Sweetie Belle. The entire Apple Family. That one is easy. It's Fanon and to be fair the grey pony in Pinkie's flashback is similar, grey coat, dark grey/black hair, purple irises. It isn't hard to suspend your disbelief that far for it to make sense.

Also, adding onto the Pinkie/Octavia relationship. I think it's agreed Fanon (or maybe I just assumed it is) that Pinkie left home to be a party planner/baker in lieu of being a professional rock farmer. That would've left some scars with Pinkie's parents, scars that would undoubtedly get passed onto the other two sisters. Things are awkward between them which shows in their on screen interaction. It's not my personal Fanon interpretation of Octavia's character (I had a hard time imagining it when I first heard it as well) it just worked well in this instance. I do have another fic that I started writing which takes a different path with Pinkie and Octavia's interaction at the gala (along with the rest of the Mane 6) I'm also going to try and finish something else by tomorrow for the 1 year anniversary.

... Reading this makes me wonder if there's a different reason I RP octavia over on Ponychan. I don't like rave music, or pop, or techno... If i'm going to listen to somthing I need to hear real instruments.

But my personal preferences aside, that was pretty good, i'll read chapter 2 when I get a chance.
Also, I love when anypony pins Vinyl as a blind character. I don't know why, but it seems to fit her.

D'awwwwwww!! :rainbowkiss: I just can't get enough of Vinyl/Octavia!! Keep up this fantastic work. :yay:

Gotta find my insulin shot
Not used to that much cute in a single dose :pinkiecrazy:


I used to think the exact same way, believe me when I say that I used to despise dance/electro/trance/dubstep with a passion. "It's brainless and takes no skill dur!" but a lot of work goes into it, now my iPod is 75% dance-y stuff, because of ponies. Guys like Alex S., Clever Pony, General Mumble, Omnivore, WoodenToaster (And many many more who I didn't mention) who put out brilliant music for free. It's because of them that for the first time in perhaps my entire life, I'm looking forwards to a new song in MLP episodes (and the new intro for ep3, which should air in a few hours xP)

As for the rest of you, I've kinda lost steam on this Ponyville Vacation, so you'll be glad to know that Part 6 has them going back to Canterlot and starting the whole music thing this is all based around :D This should help my creativity a fair bit, Ponyville really is boring as a place D:

well done nice start considering all of the Vinal and Octavia stories out there this is well done.:ajsmug:

hummm intriguing not bad not bad keep it up my friend im a DJ so i can some what relate to this story:twilightsmile:

Im glad you opened up electric type of music and it saddens me to hear pplp say that it takes no talent to make it. but in reality i takes a vast knowledge of music to even begin and also a good ear to pick up the structure and what not. im not a serious DJ i just provide music and what not i sometimes do my own stuff but not muchso ya good work on the fic.:moustache:

I'm really liking this story, it's the first fic I've read with focus on Vinyl and Octavia so you are pretty much defining my head canon about them. :raritywink:

Doesn't have to be exciting to be an enjoyable story, I think this chapter was very nice, though it felt rushed

I like where this story is going. :raritywink:


That's not exactly a sexual element, it was something I thought up to help stimulate the flow the magic, as I assume that the brain has something to do with the creation and storage of magical energy, it's only natural that chemicals and hormones would be involved. I wouldn't say it's the only thing that helps, it's just the only way Vinyl has discovered helps. She uses her magic in her own way and beyond helping her senses, she isn't exactly Twilight Sparkle when it comes to learning about magic. And besides, Both Vinyl and Octavia were kinda embarrassed when it was brought up, so I hardly expect them to be jumping in bed with each other any time soon.

Yeah, I know it was kinda rushed, but this chapter really had me stuck. I seriously lost all of my ideas and had to struggle to move the story forwards. Everything after Rainbow Dash joins until they get to the apartment feels really bad to me. Now it's out of the way and everyone (except poor Octavia who still has a big job to do) is getting some rest and relaxation, it should mellow out.

Hey um.. Is it okay if I make this a comic? I'll deffinitly credit you. :twilightsmile:


By all means xD

I lack any decent artisitic skill, in the sense that I have the ability to draw when I'm looking at something, but when it comes to drawing from imagination, it always looks like crap (although I am getting better, I drew a fairly good Vinyl Scratch in work today, but I think I lost it xD). So if you feel you can make a good job of it, then you have my permission *salutes*

As you said, make sure to credit me (so people can find the fic and read it :P) I like attention!

Just read chapter 1. So far it looks like a promising story. As a huge music nerd, Octavia's experiences with DJ-Pon3's music are reminiscent of the effect that the Velvet Underground's "Heroin" and Richard Hell and the Voidoids' "Blank Generation" had on me (as well as hearing Ornette Coleman and John Cage for the first time). And it also matches the experiences related by numerous musicians upon hearing punk rock for the first time, so your description of Octavia's opinions on music changing as though it were a sudden revelation are very true to a lot of musically inclined people's experiences. I look forward to reading the other chapters.

I also find it funny that Vinyl's interest in music was first piqued by classical and the idea of manipulating the very sounds recorded. Mostly because of electronic music's very origins in the experimental wing 20th century "Classical" or compositional music. I wonder if she encountered Stockhausen or Musique Concrete in her classical studies.

"I used to think the exact same way, believe me when I say that I used to despise dance/electro/trance/dubstep with a passion. "It's brainless and takes no skill dur!" but a lot of work goes into it, now my iPod is 75% dance-y stuff, because of ponies."

Oddly enough my earliest encounters with Dubstep were through slower, more meditative, and more cerebral examples of the genre such as Burial and Kode 9.

Chapter Seven deserves a chapter name. That name... is Epic Pizza Time.


This might possibly be the greatest review ever received by anyone ever. Taking it down to it's core. Music is music is music. Thanks for that, I try to aim for realism. As real as ponies can get anyway xD


You pretty much summed up that scene. One page for that entire scene. Wow, that's bad even for me... I shall endeavour to make things better in the future. Freedom Pizza for all! Get some before Dash steals it all.


There are no words to describe what exactly was going through my mind when writing that end scene. i went in with "Vinyl and Dash get tipsy and buy pizza. Expand." How I linked Pizza toppings to a foal growing up, getting a cutie mark and being filed into a job related to it, I'll never know... but it happened. By Celestia's Beard It Happened.

Octavia proxy suffering isn't over yet. I love her frowny face, :D


I'm glad my borderline-autistic ramblings provided some encouragement. Before second year law school started I was actually reading a book called Ocean of Sound by David Toop, which expresses a similar sentiment while looking at how people's approach to music fundamentally changed in the twentieth century, starting from Debussy seeing Indonesia gamelan orchestras for the first time and going into rave music. :derpyderp2:

And just to elaborate on an earlier comment I made, one of the earliest forms of electronic music, Musique concrète, essentially involved taking pre-recorded tape sounds and splicing them and manipulating them to get new effects. Early on it often involved recording conventional classical performances and then messing the results. The first example I know of these techniques passing into the realm of popular musical forms? When BBC Radiophonic workshop employee worked out an arrangement for a theme composed by Ron Grainer, which involved here speeding up, slowing down, cutting, and splicing a tape that had a recording of plucked string on it, and then adding additional effects through various audio generators. The result was that on 23 November 1965, at approximately 5:16 pm, the people of Great Britain who were sitting down to watch the tele had their minds blown by the following sound...


(Sorry for that digression, but I couldn't help but share, particularly given the seeming overlap between these two areas of geekdom.)

Also...I only got up to the second chapter, but Dash...as a singer? And she was singing a song by Wings? That's BRILLIANT. :rainbowlaugh:

I am really enjoying the pacing of this story. Things are developing nicely, and at just the right rate. Well done.

48310 Have to agree with you there. Also great chapter Earl Grey.........:facehoof:...Would it be bad if i said i just figured it out when i was typing this :fluttershbad:


I got my name from my favourite tea, it only makes sense that a classy, tea loving mare like Octavia would love it as well :D

To be fair, I only realised that Earl Grey was also my username on here after I typed the sentence xD

But yeah... you heard her, I am her favourite, everypony else can keep their hooves off ¬_¬

Okay, finally read it all, and I have to say that this story is amazing

I really enjoy this concept you've based the story around, and I think it is coming along very nicely.

The main thing that has pulled me into this story is the character interaction and development. Firstly, I really like the personalities given to Octavia and Vinyl in this fic. Personally I enjoy seeing how different authors write these two characters in their stories, sure they have their established fanon personalities, but they're both really just clean slates. That right there intrigues me, because I get to see how others interpret how they would act in instances created for them, which is what draws me to the characters like Octavia and Vinyl in the first place. Secondly, I really like how you pull off the character interactions here. The dialog flowed really well for me, and the conversations were executed very well in my opinion, also the situations you put the characters in really do give me a feel as to who they are... I'm pretty sure I'm starting to sound like a broken record by now :facehoof:

And before I forget, I find the fact that Vinyl has a vision impairment quite refreshing, that's the first time I've seen that incorporated into a story for her. That little bit also set up some pretty nice instances in the story that I think worked really well in it's favor.

Overall I really enjoy this wonderful story you've concocted in that genius brain of yours :twilightsmile: Sadly though, I am running out of ways to type out my feelings on this awesome story, so I think I'll wrap up my comment here ^^;

Keep writing friend, you have undeniable talent.


Thank you kindly!

When I started writing this, I wanted to have something that didn't have an end. With this, there isn't a specific goal they have to achieve, there isn't a Big Bad to defeat, they don't have to save the world, they don't even need to jump in bed with each other, all they need to do is be in a band and play music and generally be around to experience it. I've always wanted to do something like that, because it gives me more space to write. In the past, I've always had set goals and specific directions that I wanted the story to go in, which limited my creativity somewhat, but in this, I can write by chapter and still have it all make sense and be going somewhere.

Plus, I really just like writing the characters. Octavia and Vinyl just make sense to me. That's another thing I wanted this fic to be about, character interaction. I'm not the best when it comes to epic length introspection or beautifully describing a scene, but I'd like to think that I can write dialogue and interaction pretty well.

And yes, we need more vision impairment Scratch... or maybe not, I'd like to corner the market! Seeing as Allegrezza and Three's Company (the biggest Scratch/Octavia fics on here) have her as full sighted, it works in my favour :P

Is it weird that I started singing "Comment Wrap Up, Comment Wrap Up, Let's finish our post-chapter cheer." towards the end xD

I shall indeed keep writing, because only have five fics posted is a travesty that needs to be remedied. I was a slow writer back when I did Pokémon fanfiction and I managed eighteen fics in four years over there, I aim to do better with ponies. The endless inspiration they conjure will surely help.

That was just a perfect chapter. Definitely my favorite part of this fic so far.

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