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Summer is here. For most ponies, this means a time of relaxation and vacations, pool parties and picnics. Each pony has a different summer experience.

Some ponies enjoy a day at the beach. Others are bored with the lack of things to do. Still more find ways to entertain themselves beyond the norm.

Here are just a few stories of summer.

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After shaking off the last of winter's withering grip, May brings us a plethora of life--nowhere more than in the wilds of nature herself. Plants of all shapes, sizes, and origin spring back to life, blooming brightly to express their new life.

This collab is a collection of stories centered around a plant of some sort. A simple challenge to represent the simple fact of "May flowers".

Incredibly pretty cover by JoieArt. Currently used without permission, so it may be removed if the artist requests it.

If this is a little too tame for you, the other May collab (NSFW) is entitled, Fiery Hearts and Sensual Stories.

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A rainy day can put a damper on anypony's spirits, but occasionally it instead offers new opportunities, even if those are not always expected or wanted.

Forced to cancel plans or shelter hurriedly or even changing somepony's attitude--the power of pegasi precipitation can bring out the best and the worst.

For this collab, each author was simply tasked with writing a story involving a rainy day. Simple showers or terrible storms, as long as the story included rain, it was acceptable. A nice, simple exercise to give the authors a lot of freedom to explore.

Cover, used with permission, by GiantMosquito, who will be selling it as a print at Everfree NW for you con goers, you.

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We all believe in something. But what do you believe in?

A few answers to that question, written in 500 words or less.

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Everypony loves a good party to ring in the New Year, celebrating the completion of the old and the promise of the new. There's friends and family, fireworks for some, crackers and decorations, the midnight kiss, and, for many, a bit too much alcohol.

Thus enter our story where somepony awakes on the first of the year, completely oblivious to the night before. Who did they see? What did they do? What did they say? It's potentially all downhill from here as they ask the one question on everypony's mind:

What the hay happened last night?

In this collab, each author chose a single pony or non. They were tasked with having this character awaken with little to no memory of the previous night's celebrations. This character would then go on a search to find out exactly what happened. The idea was to create a bit of mystery--and probably a fair bit of comedy--in really trying to make it a sort of discovery for both the character and the author.

Cover, used without permission (so it might change), by PegaSisters82.

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One of the most time-honored traditions of Hearth's Warming is the giving of gifts--but sometimes the real fun is not actually knowing who gives what to whom. Santa Hooves has decided to let all of Equestria play this game. Ponies (and even some non-ponies) who may have never even heard of their receiver have all been tasked with buying one gift and then delivering it completely anonymously! So, let's spread the season's cheer to any and everypony! Happy Hearth's Warming!

This is a collab where one person chose a single character and then decided whether they were the giver or the receiver. The other half of the pair was chosen at random to increase the chances of really odd or seemingly impossible pairings to increase the challenge.

Cover, used currently without permission (so it may be removed), by: atryl

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How, exactly, was Equestria made? This is the retelling of the creation, recreation, or random events that certain ponies believe were "how equestria was made".

Each chapter is a different take, by a different pony, by a different author. In the spirit of being Random, none of the stories are necissarily true or connected.

Created by the group Collab Cage which was created by Peregrine Caged, creator of The Album.

Rated Teen for depictions of war etc.

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