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We all believe in something. But what do you believe in?

A few answers to that question, written in 500 words or less.

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When's the next one? I liked it :pinkiehappy:

I've heard almost exactly this same discussion among, um, non-ponies.

After several dozen stories about how wearying an indefinite lease on life might be, it's almost refreshing to hear Celestia say something nice about it.

Bless you, Pinkie. May you always make us smile. :pinkiehappy:

Sombra has... CHARACTER?!:pinkiegasp:
My, I will have to read this as soon as I can!:pinkiehappy:

I wrote that line about "tragic plays and epic works of literature" that all portrayed her that way as a little wink in that direction

Oh, so only the kinds of things that Applejack does count as 'hard work', huh? I see how it is. :ajbemused:

Loved this one. A happy immortal ! That's so rare I was beginning to think it was illegal.

And what if he was right ? With him imprisoned, what if the evils he vas defending against swell up and crash through the gates of the Empire ?

This is why you're my favorite, Pinkie.

And that's why Pinkie is best pony. :pinkiehappy:

Awwww, Discord we're your friends.

I liked these, and I would love to see more.

You know, AJ, you're in tight with the Princess. If you don't pay your taxes, she's probably not going to arrest you. Heck, you can probably get Sweet Apple Acres declared an Equestrian landmark, and the Crown will end up owing you money.

the character writing this is Octavia, right?


This chapter was very good; it was insightful, emotional, and it moved me.

It also comes in with a pre-built in plot hole.

Celestia complains that no stallion could ever approach her because she is royalty, and that her kingdom will fall because she can't get some.
Then why doesn't she disguise herself and try a dating service? Even assuming that disguising spells do not exist (and that's a very big assumption) she could just put on a hat and a vest (and pants or something to cover her cutie mark) and pass herself off as a horse.
Hell, if she's concerned about being recognized she could a sabbatical and try finding love in another country.

If love is so important to the protection of her kingdom, then why doesn't she do that?

Amen to this

Now that's an interesting aspect to the character.

octavia....is comunist?.....JK...that is an interesting way to view her character though.:moustache:

aw...this was made after keep calm and flutter on right?:fluttercry:

:fluttercry: i promised myself i wasn't going to cry

Ahhh, I'm so proud of you all...:heart:

If you're wondering, the "Common Values for Common Ponies" short is Octavia speaking.

Sadly, 2154263 , there aren't any more coming. See that "Complete" at the bottom? :fluttercry:

It is better to be damned than to have the innocent suffer and die. :eeyup:

Insightful Pinkie is best Pinkie. :heart:

Very good take on the opinion of an immortal I think I prefer it too

Very good thoughts pinky/DualThrone.

Okay?? Confused...


It's about time we had council for the other side, given the endless and long-since-tiresome stream of Twilight/Spike/Celestia/whoever- is-immortal-and-miserable-forever stories. (Especially since they tend to ignore, by and large, things like family, children, the ability to make more and new friends throughout life, the basic fact that sometimes you loose track of someone and never see them again regardless of mortality, in favour of being as maudlin as possible.)

It would be nice if rather more people followed your lead, rather than apparently trying to drown the fandom in For-The-Sads...

A sound philosophy. What he forgot, however, is that people only bear an evil so long as they believe it necessary. An unnecessary evil is resisted by all with the power to do so.
To paraphrase Machiavelli, the wise prince ensures that in every situation, his subjects will have need of him.

Yes. Just yes. I cannot adequately express my delight at hearing that immortality may, in fact, be a good thing.
Although - a pirate queen? A brigand? An outlaw? A felon? Really?

I can't help but find the idea of a serious, deep and insightful Pinkie Pie somewhat unnerving. Not because I don't beleive she _can_ be, but because Pinke Pie being deep and serious, by dint of their infrequency, must be portents, or reactions to, _bad things_. Heck, it's even indicated right there, that she does this because of bad things.
However, pretending this is a diary entry, or to a fellow purveyor of goodwill - just something where Pinkie doesn't need to be ... Pinkie, then yes these are good thoughts to have.

I find it hard to disagree with this.

She’s so smart with flight that she can sleep all day and still get work done. Now that’s an impressive use of knowledge!

And I will forever wish to attain this level of knowledge.

Uhm - yeah, that's not necessarily 'my room is a mess', more 'my room is a health and safety risk'. If having an organised room were the same as having a tidy room, and if having a tidy room were the same as having a _safe_ room, then my room was never once untidy or unorganised throughout the entirety of my teens.
Back on topic, though - I'm afraid I can't really see how this fits in with the theme. Sorry.

Overall, a nice little collection.
And when you look at how it's less than 5k words, even I have to admit its quality/time value is extroadinarily high.

It's the light-hearted and fun kind of piracy. I actually recycled the idea during Zombie Gerbil Horde. There, she mostly plundered "rum, cakes, attractive stallions, and rum cakes" plus Luna paid off all the damages/bought the crews silence. More 'themed vacation' than 'reign of terror'.

2177530 All make way for the wiles of the charming rogue, the fearless Celestia the Aurora Bearded, and her dark sister, the Dread Pirate   Woona   Luna!!! Their rowdy bunch of merry mares sail the high seas, seeking adventure, booty, and also treasure!

Cadance: "They left me out again... Aww, nuts!"

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Of course! Isn't that how it works? :duck:

Er, what? I was talking about how Applejack apparently thinks that hard physical labor is the only thing that counts as 'making an honest day's living', how delegating and organizing and diplomatizing and all the other Princess stuff Celestia does doesn't qualify. I don't see where 'taxes are theft' comes into that.

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