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Berry Punch writes a strongly-worded letter to Princess Celestia speaking her (very crude) mind about some nuisances in Ponyville. What's wrong with a little drink once in a while? Huh?

Warning: this story has a lot of swearing, strong language and hints of mature themes.

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This is BRILLIANT! :rainbowlaugh:

What i would give to see Celestia's reply...

That was great. was laughing the whole time.

really want to see Celestia's reply.

Oh my gosh, PLEASE write Tia's reply! :trollestia:

The hell? This was fun. But still why British?

everythin' is better British!

3471201 But.but...not drunks! Those should be from...well one of them yankee states or something

Irish people are not all drunks, stereotypes. Also, I have no idea what a yankee state is, I just read in a book about how the irish are thought to be drunks...I have no friends by choice IRL.

3471216 Its a U.S. thing. Yankee states are anything north of the Mason/Dixon Line. i.e. Norherners, compared to Southerners. The Southerns being mostly those states that were in rebellion during the War of Northern aggression. Also I'm joking around for anyone that understood this.

I am in the north...one of the oldest American states to be exact. Massachusetts. I learned about the mason Dixon line in school a few years ago, and am learning more about stuff now. Like...a certain group is still around, and I do not want to enter the south ever. The south has a stronger hate then the north still...

3471237 -shrugs- Its all in the communities. My circle of friends is open and loving to all. Then again I pick my friends well. No hating. And besides the Klan are idiots who will die out due to their own bigotry and ignorance.

They have kids in it...my teacher showed a picture of present day kids...it terrified the whole class. Yay for reading To kill a mockingbird...*sarcasm* They don't seem to be dying out at all...or the black group either...I am terrified.

3471258 Don't be giving them fear is what they want. Let them keep going as the world leaves them behind. Still its is saddening to know your reaction. Trust me. A vocal minority is not all that we are. Southern Hospitality is a real thing.

Racism will never be left behind, also, I know that it is a real thing, there is a horrible group here as well...I think its here, or maybe its in westbero...that stupid family.

3471296 Stop thinking about it. Live and make the world a better place around you.

I have two incredible morbid blogs about how my mind works. I really cant just forget something, I think about it over and over, about so many different futures I can have, and cant forget. I am weird.

Well somebody is going to the moon.

3470937>>3470626 Haha. I'm glad you liked it. Hmm.. If I get more requests I will gladly write Celestia's reply.

3471192>>3471201 Because I'm from England and seeing a British people totally drunk is hilarious. And I just pictured her that way. I donno why? :twilightoops:

Guys I wasn't prepared for the feels in the comments.. lol :raritydespair:

That’s right, that so called student of yours. Twilight Sparkle. Jesus Christ.

When you wrote a story with the sole purpose is to bash on characters, at least make the effort to avoid this kind of things. When reading this i don't see a pissed off pony, I just see a rant by the author.

3472879 Em... I "bashed" on every character. Why would I do that? If I hated them all I wouldn't be watching the show. 0_o...

And I like all the characters anyway?

It was just meant to be a funny story mate.

3472879 oh are you referring to phrases like "Jesus christ" and "God"

Mmm... I can see where you're coming from. Yes . might change that...


Yes I was referring to that.

3473391 Thanks for pointing that out. It was very out of place now that I look. :derpyderp2:

I read this in a Welsh accent, for some reason.

All that I can think about right now is :trollestia:
And there's Berry Punch, just raging.

I do enjoy fics like these every now and again; they point out the negative things and make the show seem less... Well, positive. I'll be giving this a thumbs up, and favoriting. :pinkiesmile:

3515724 Thanks. I'm glad you liked it... :pinkiehappy:

I think I just wanted to show all the Berry Punch abuse. But also how funny it is that nopony cares even when the mane six cause complete disaster. :twilightoops:

She didn't seem british to me.... :pinkiecrazy:

response letter? Please?

I might get round to it. Hehe. But I do already have a backlog of story ideas :/

I demand a reply. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I read this in my head with this voice:


3805926 Hahaha. That's perfect! :rainbowlaugh:

Now I don't feel quite so bad for what I did last New Year's. :applecry:

Makes me wonder, though, how she talked Spike into sending this. Does the 'toothpaste-maned bitch' get trolled like this all the time? Hm...

Anyway, loved it to bits. Berry Punch as a lager lout! Hee!

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