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A long time ago, in the magical land of Equestria, there was a country called Neighpon. It was a land of conflict and war, but also one of honour and chivalry. And there was a shy vagabond who roamed looking for people in need of help. This a tale about her adventures and exploits and how a fortuitous encounter changed her life.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 41 )

Why not, indeed? Good story, I don't know why no one upvoted it, but you have a reader now.

Just to point it out, you changed Curiosity's name for Charity in one paragraph.

Interesting story, my only problem is the word 'samareai'... that pun is too terrible for creation...

1934042 wow, too much FiW it seems. Thank you,it's fixed now.

why does Curiosity strike me as a princess Rarity?:unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie:

Curious about this. She's clearly a samauri, but that's a violent life style. You gonna have action scenes in this? How is that gonna go with FS's character?

neighpon.... that sounds somewhat familiar, nippon! i know it's an actual japanese word, but i feel like i heard in a game but i don't remember which one. either okami or XBLA's "dust".:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

1944238 Nippon is the japanese word for Japan :P

1945000 i know that, i said i did, i know i heard it in a game, either okami or XBLA's "dust"

I simply adore this story, and am bursting with anticipation as to where this is headed.

Curiousity IS Rarity.

“She got some unexpected help. A pegasus swordsmare knocked up the bandits and saved her.”

Lulz flutter had some fun.

Umm all jokes aside i think you want the term Knocked Out not up.

why does this make me think of kenshin

2001256 Oops... Thanks for noticing that :P

2001281 It's one of my inspirations :P

Merc Dash, Flutterblade, Princess Rarity( have to say, they are exactly the same), and a
tavern owning AJ. Also, Twilight sounds like she is going to be some kind of scholar/fighter.
All we need is Pinkie.

schoolwork or Flutterblade? well I need to-

*ding! Flutterblade has been updated*

meh, I've got an A. more please

The most deceptive people and ponies are always the ones that say nothing but the truth.

Oh man, Traitorous Viper.
He's now my favorite semi-background OC character ever.
I want a side story focusing entirely on his unwavering devotion to his lord.
Did you make this story for Bluewater? Because it's pure gold. Everything is awesome and funny and perfect.

"Traitorous Viper, my most trusted advisor"
:rainbowhuh: something wrong here....

So we have this:
Rarity= Curiosity
Fluttershy= Flutterblade
Applejack= Applesack
Rainbow Dash= Rainbow Smash
and finally
Pinkie Pie= Pinkie Sai
This is a very interesting story so far. I say keep it up and let the adventure continue!:rainbowdetermined2:


And who might be that Nightfall Flare that Emperor Magnificent told us about?

Palace's librarian... :P

Please for the love of God keep writing this!

3168517 I'm on it. Next chapter should be done soon.

Four has become five, now we just need the sixth member of this team.

I am loving this story. It's really well done, it's funny, and it has a version of Fluttershy as a complete badass and a mare with a good heart. Can't wait for the rest. :pinkiehappy:

Badass flutters ftw. Thank you for writing this story.

Traitorous Viper, his most trusted advisor


Can't Wait for Nightfall Flare/Twilight Sparkle to make an entry!

This is the version of Fluttershy that I love. She's still shy but when push comes to shove and she has to fight, she defeats almost everyone in her path and is badass while doing it.:yay:

I don’t care about the Neighponese way, Sword Shift!

Do I look like a barbarian to you, Sword Shift?

He is. :pinkiesmile:

Yay!!!! Now the Mane 6 of Neighpon are all here!

Nightfall Flare, Rainbow Smash, Princess Curiosity, Pinkie Sai, Applesake and of course, Flutterblade!

Flutterblade stood in her place, hiding behind her own mane, watching Nightfall Flare with a goofy smile and burning red cheeks.

This made me grin like a loon. I hope you'll continue this story soon!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say FLUTTERSHY is based on Himura Kenshin.

“That’s not what I mean!” Flutterblade shoved Curiosity’s hoof and galloped to the window. “This is just the first floor!”

Had me laughing there.

oh god this is hilarious, i can't wait for the next update

3200348 your profile picture made it so much more funny

This hasn't been updated since November of last year, but I really hope it's still going.

3846602 I figured as much. If the romance tag was added, this would be a Twishy fic.

Y no more samushy 😢

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