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Through trials and tribulations, we grow. The sadness though, remains.

This story was written for the May challenge of the Competion Arena, the prompt was 'the first time'.

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-A wild Gnoll story appears:moustache:

-Inew uses: Shit brix

Sadness flows through my mind. I must now go and obliterate an entire country in ETW to remedy this... :fluttercry:


Whoa, this story is amazing. Fave'd.

Well written. Simple enough.

Short and sweet, but still very powerful. I tip my hat to you good sir.

I found this in The Writers Group and just wanted to say I liked it quite a bit.

A suggestion: for the sake of convention, replace your ellipses with commas or em-dashes.

were to painful.

That should be a "too". :twilightblush:

Beautiful one shot. Simple, long enough and well written. Descriptions of characters emotions and feels was things that I loved a lot.
Keep good work.
Ofcourse thumbs up and fav :pinkiehappy:.

Wonderful. Great story.

Am I the only one who thought of the movie "Tears of the Sun" when they saw the title?

2558246 yeah, that may have been a bit misleading. I apologize :twilightblush:

A very well-done story. You can feel Celestia's loneliness, and how much it will grow over the centuries.

This was a really interesting story for me, because I am working on a fic set at around the same time and this is very very different as an interpretation. It was really cool to see the choices you made about this scene since it's one I've been thinking about a lot. Celestia in this is so kind and sad and you really capture her emotions well.

I was really worried when I saw how short this was. Glad I did anyway. What feels this contains :pinkiesad2:. Approved for Twilight's Library :twilightsmile:

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