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Idea I had rattling about in my brain.
I got the idea from watching some old youtube videos of mass effect, and found the conversation you can have with Sovereign interesting and worth writing about.. So i pretty much typed what he said in response to Shepard's questions, and came up with questions that the ponies would/might say that are along those of Shepard
Hope you have fun reading this one shot!

Getting a message from the Princess to check out a newfound crater in the middle of the Everfree, Twilight and her friends go out to investigate... Only to find a red and blinking hologram of a large insectoid (but metallic) like creature.

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First person POV.

Badger is half horse, half griffon. He is taller then most griffons and a lot stronger then said griffons. He has an outstanding military career in the small 4 years he was in the ERA (as well as his entire kind has). He was sent back to school on orders from Celestial herself... To learn a new trade, other then war. Along with school, comes the inevitable, drama, bully beat downs, epic reactions, parties, magic, and jackassery.

Join our solider as he uses what he learned in his time in the military and previous schools to fight off bullies, challenge unicorns, fight back against the rules, and get into some awkward conversations and situations.

I am currently looking for and accepting OC requests. My brain is too full of tiredness to make them all myself, and name them.. Fuck that shit. Why not give the bronies a shout out and include their character? Give them some publication?

Tl:dr. Badger is a tough mo fo, hoping to survive in school like he survived his military career. I need any and all OC's to help.

Rated T for teen..
Horribly Written Jokes
Meme use

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