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Solar Eclipse


First person POV.

Badger is half horse, half griffon. He is taller then most griffons and a lot stronger then said griffons. He has an outstanding military career in the small 4 years he was in the ERA (as well as his entire kind has). He was sent back to school on orders from Celestial herself... To learn a new trade, other then war. Along with school, comes the inevitable, drama, bully beat downs, epic reactions, parties, magic, and jackassery.

Join our solider as he uses what he learned in his time in the military and previous schools to fight off bullies, challenge unicorns, fight back against the rules, and get into some awkward conversations and situations.

I am currently looking for and accepting OC requests. My brain is too full of tiredness to make them all myself, and name them.. Fuck that shit. Why not give the bronies a shout out and include their character? Give them some publication?

Tl:dr. Badger is a tough mo fo, hoping to survive in school like he survived his military career. I need any and all OC's to help.

Rated T for teen..
Horribly Written Jokes
Meme use

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The Diabolic Gnome Claims First muahahahaha


i like it but what i want is him to do a dynasty warriors on there ass where you has like 10 on 1 and just kicks ass

It shall be done!! Unfortunately though it may be in 3 or so chapters, seeing as I already have most of the next chapter written down and idea's for the one after. But he will be a juggernaut for a battle. This I swear!

419927 sounds awesome and i know the best sound track for it use dynasty warriors 3 lubu theme battles always are more awesome with that music

419947 I'll YouTube it when I get back on my computer, my iPhone is really acting up right now:(

419967 alright but trust me if your mind gets blown by the awesomeness not my fault lol :rainbowlaugh:

419981 it's ok, I have my helmet ready and on hand*salutes* if i still don't make it... Tell badger... Mushroom, snake. Okay?:scootangel:

419995 okay oh and if i my mind gets blown away after i listen to it agian tell bager i said hi

420000 I shall my comrade:moustache: Godspeed mah boi

420017 and i have to say i survied but still tell badger i said hi and whats weird is my XBL name has badger in it lol :rainbowlaugh:

420035 Xbox. Two words. Fuck yeah.

420048 sweet another brony who play xbox i have one more think to say if i get draged into this story with the ideas i give you i would not mind lol :rainbowlaugh: but i never have good idea well beside the lubu theme for the fight comeing on later

420055 if you got some ideas, sent it to me in a PM, I'll see what I can do:D

Interesting idea, I give it that, never even thought about hippogryphs in the world of ponies, I look forward to reading it, and if it's as good as I'm expecting, I look forward to seeing even more from you in the future. :twilightsmile:

Please credit the original artist when you can. Source Year of the Griffin

Also, I believe that is a common griffin, not a Hippogriff in the image.

i will once i think of a few i have 1 or 2 depending but i will wait for more chapters so i dont kinda re run what you just wrote

420077 I can't take the idea all for myself, the diabolic gnome was my prereader and suggested hippogriff(still not sure if spelled right, same goes for griffon)

thank you for the positive feedback:pinkiehappy:

And your new mustache:moustache:

420083 haha, ok. Anyways, here is mustache as promised by authors notes:moustache:

Always remember children
unless i don't like you:pinkiecrazy:

420080 I shall edit it Tommorow when I'm on m computer, and I know it is a griffon, I jut couldn't find any art I liked of a hippogriff (still not sure if I'm spelling it right)

420099 YAY but i know what your storys needs since they are meat eaters they need more bacon strips and some applejack daniels up in there son what that haters you haten :rainbowhuh: lol gotta love epic meal time

420118 actually there is going to be plenty of both haha:rainbowkiss:

420128 yes bacon strips and applejack daniels son dont be haten its gonna be sweet i think i found an awesome new fan fic writer and fan fic for that matter :pinkiehappy:

420117 It's cool. I'm just kind of picky. Don't mind me. I'm just a little:derpytongue2:

420140 it's no that your picky it's jut that I comPletly forgot to give credit, and I respect that you pointed It out and help remind me

If I could post pictures it'll be the fuck yeah meme right now lol

420152 if i could do the same it would be an awwwwwwww yeaaaaaaa meme

420153 haha, and badger would be all like 'watch out we got some bad asses over here'

420161 hell yer he would because im a badass lol :rainbowlaugh: can you make a new hipogriff to join badger known as shadow and he is mostly black besides his neck up to his face

420173 ok I'll try, give me a pm with personality and such and I'll Ty my hardest, and if not hippogriff then definetly a griffon about his size

420171:rainbowkiss: rainbow dash makes everything better!

424302 hehe, I'll be posting a link to your fanfic when I get on my computer in the morning, returning the favor lol

424302FUCK! I Hit delete instead of reply! Repost please *headdesk*

424519The recent post abou something and new pic, I tapped reply but my iPhone said'fuck you I do what I want'and deleted the post you made:raritycry::raritydespair:

424555 o well then
Cool bro thanks for the publicity also i love my new pic

The pic is awesome lol, I gtg to sleep, I'll edit in a few things Tommorow and get to work on the. Ext chapter so everyone knows how badly badger might have screwed up

you used one of my ideas now for the rest lol :rainbowlaugh: APPLEJACK D

426420 haha, shadow will show up in the next chapter

oh and you missed out an e in little early in the story :twilightsmile:

426442 yay the one i made up is in the story i feel proud of myself

426443 where at?426444 and he is haha, thinking of a good way to introduce him

426472 I can't find it, give me the edited version so I know where

426485 wings once more to get a little bit more air, and started flying downwards. I spotted a huge forest on the other side

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