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The Bronies have now infiltrated the police, prepare for love and tolerance you criminal scum!

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The Reason for Lack of Story Updates · 2:37pm Jul 20th, 2020

As the months have gone on, I'm sure that there are a couple thinking as to where the next chapter of Dying Embers is and why I have not done any sort of update at all this year. (Probably only about 10 people, but who is counting :pinkiecrazy:)

There are those in my Closed Discord group who are aware as to why I have not posted any updates, and it's about time I made those aware on here as to why it is the case.

As my Avatar and username imply, I am a serving Police Officer in England and have been in this role for the majority of the time I have been writing Dying Embers, using the opportunity to write the story as a sort of 'distraction' from the unbelievable and vile things I encounter on a daily basis at work.

And everyone knows what a mess 2020 has particularly been, with the Covid-19 virus.

Throughout the current Covid-19 crisis, I had been working on the front lines carrying out lots of overtime to enforce the lockdown and to assist the NHS on frontline roles for those affected by the disease. This has been a truly testing time for the emergency services, especially the Ambulance service, and many of us are still struggling with the mental strain put onto us, all while facing increasing attacks because we wear a uniform and someone (wearing a similar uniform in a different country) did something that quite rightly disgusted many across the world.

On top of these struggles at work, I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to an attack I sustained on duty prior to the Covid-19 crisis. I have been signed off work for a period of time and this is likely to continue as I attempt to recover, as day to day activities, particularly sleep and social interactions prove to continually be difficult as I continue my treatment.

I have, however, been drafting plans for Dying Embers and preparing for the future chapters as I recover. It may be some time before the next chapter is released, but this is due to my ongoing mental health issues. In order to raise the issues presented with PTSD, a future chapter would also closely explore it, shining a real light onto a dark topic and to provide a look into the condition rather than the typical movie and literary portrayals.

My plan, upon recovery, is to get back into writing and get Dying Embers to the finish line.
I had mentioned previously that I also had a sequel planned in the future, due to issues this may be pushed back if my mental health doesn't improve fully. But if Dying Embers is supported and those who read the story to completion want a sequel, so long as my health has recovered, I aim to deliver.

I hope to be back and writing soon, and hope you will want to continue reading when I return.
If anyone wants to message me, feel free to do so, and I can also send a link to a discord group where there are a number of readers present.

Thank you,

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Comments ( 21 )

Look after your health first and we'll await your future chapters when you're ready

Oh, that's why you haven't updated in ages. You are serving for a better place :) So stuff does not get out of hand again

the number 1 thing stay safe friend.
we the readers and fans of your story's are here supporting you in your time of need.

Stay safe, buddy.

Weaving in experiences is good for your mental health, and allows others to see what we see. That is why good police shows get canceled.

Too close to the truth.

Your health comes first and foremost.
I hope you get better soon :heart:

Health always comes first, I along with many, I'm sure, have waited for chapters on many stories before, and a little longer will not do any harm. as a fellow Englishman, I have great respect for your work and heavily sympathise for you lot with the current crisis. Take your time, do what you need to do, I certainly will not pressure you for a chapter, and I hope others have been abiding by that too.

Stay Safe.

Health comes first & real life, even though it sucks ass at times, is more important than online stuff. *Boop*

Take care of yourself yeah updating the story is good but that can't happen if something happens to the author. Most people agree it is better to wait for something good then to receive something rushed or bad. Plus if the author is in good health they can focus more and make something incredible like you have so far. All ways remember The Emperor Protects.

Thank ya for your service, hope ya get better soon dude. I've had my own battles with PTSD but I've overcame them with time, sure I'll get the rare drawback but it's just something I've learned to live with. I hope you win your battle with it soon enough mate,lord knows its definitely a struggle.


Stay well.

The only reason you police officers are getting shit on is because it fits a narrative. Funny how you guys only a few months ago are seen as hero's then seemingly after a certain incident involving a prior convicted felon gets blown out of proportion you guys are now instantly enemy number one. I am truly sorry to see uniformed police officers get so much hate. Especially given how much you guys deal with on a daily basis. Up to including risking your lives. So many of you guys already having been injured or died in the line of duty! It's just disgraceful (This coming from someone whom lives in the US). Sorry to hear you are suffering from PTSD my friend. Get well soon and thank you for your service! They should just let you guys club the dirty bastards that are constantly shitting on you day in and day out.

I hope your doing a bit better and that some of the stress and craziness has died down for you. I can’t really say more than that sense I don’t know a whole lot about what’s going on over there in Britain.

Dude I understand completely . mental health is no joke take as long as you need the story will always be here and so will the fan. We're here if you need us.
Edit:sorry to say this but I didn't know you were/are a cop . That's cool.

No worries! Do what ya need to. I'll be waiting!

take your time on recovering ,we can wait .

I shall look forward to the next chapter with great enthusiasm.

Your stories are a treasure that I can't express on that you have gifted the community. You helped me through my time in ait and my first duty station, serving my nations military. I am beyond grateful for how you have helped me. Thank you so much.

I hope things get better for you

Hope things are going well!

Stay safe and stay on the path to recovery <3 We love your story, but without the author we would have nothing to love in the first place. Take as much time as you need, and keep on trudging on through these rough times. Everybody has been affected by Covid (obviously) and nobody blames you for taking a break. Good luck on fighting and managing, we're all here for you

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