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Meet Maverick, a 19-year old motorcycle racer as he meets the Main 7 and becomes good friends with them. As they get to know him better, he shows them what he does for a living. (There's a human Starlight Glimmer and she's friends with the Main 7 and Trixie's there too)

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I love this story but unfortunately I'm more stock car and autosports than motorcycles.

Fifth Generation of racing right here :rainbowdetermined2:

That's cool, I like 4-wheel and 2-wheel racing

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of both my intros, Any suggestions to improve it?


Nah, I'm dealing with proper motorcycles. Besides, I don't think ATVs go on circuits

I figured it was circuits. My uncle IRL used to do that.

I was thinking motocross

You know. If 4 speed and crrw need a place to work on bikes my OC has a custom shop in Canterlot they could work in. He actually has a custom BMW 1100R that has been extremely modified. Stretched rear swingarm with a large street slick on the rear. Sequential 6 speed transmission. And a modified Harley Davidson four stroke engine that pumps 350hp.

Cool! I'll consider it

What's his name?

Glad to see 4 Speed liked Avaraus. Maybe my chopper has a chance at the circuit. She's a great all around bike but is shit in offroad.

Why is the four in 4-Speed typed as the number and not the word?

He was a character from the early MLP generation and that's how his name was written

Too long and not really a proper closed circuit

But still a good test of reaction times and handling blind corners. I always wanted to go there and It's my dream to compete in the annual hill climb.

Maybe I can use that as an exhibition event like Goodwood FoS

Or maybe when they get home Speedy decides to take them and some cars and bikes up to PP for them to practice

Why is there an Equestria Girls tag and a human tag?

Whoops, my bad. This is kinda my first story so I'm still a bit of a rookie regarding things like this

My guy didn't make it....
Oh well!

Nah, my racer was voidheart he didn't make it at all.

There were many names and I had to limit them to 20


And now the nightmare up next for both Speedy and 4 Speed.

Nice to see that you used past racing history for our characters and their problems. Granted I'm a little confused due to the fact the Le Mans disaster was in 1955. But I'm gonna go on a lomb and say you made it more recent for story purposes.

Next stop: China then Goodwood. Afterwards: SSCC..........maybe

Goodwood I'll save for the mid-season break

What's SSCC? I'm not familiar with it

Excuse me.... but why is this story even in the Canterlot Adventures Group? I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the Group. :/

Maybe they should go the GTA option for this journalist.

Hang him out the side of a moving helicopter till he pisses himself.

Goes to show money won't save your ass from the track. Just imagine if this was GRC, he'd turn the track into a demolition derby

Manning the bike is Maverick, an 19-year old guy with a light grey complexion only obscured by his helmet.

Maverick... Is that by any chance Maverick Vinales?

Well, apart from that, it's so far a good read! :twilightsmile:

Maybe... He's my favourite rider

Its just the name

Losail, Philip Island and Laguna Seca

Also, is it too late to submit an OC?

I see you're doing the rider's championship, but why aren't you doing the team's championship?

Nah, you can send in one

just PM me the details

Would be a little too complicated, plus I haven't sorted out the other riders into teams. So I just kept the focus on the rider's championship

I'm using the PM you sent to me, when you wanted to add your OC to my story.

I literally thought that the Le Mans Disaster was just a plot point for this story, but when I searched it up I didn't realize it was real!

Seeing that his friend couldn't speak anymore, Speedy quickly cut in, "Since that horrible day, the entire Le Mans course was never used again. But now, this is the circuit that you lot raced on"

Also, Mercedes Benz left the racing circuit until 1989.

"I'm absolutely sure, they all deserve to unwind and have a bit of fun. Besides, there's no race for a couple of weeks and Round 5 is in Shanghai. Also, it'll be a great way for them to train" answered Maverick, who was dialling a number on his phone.

Oh boy. Oh boy. OH BOY!!!!!! The Shanghai Track is here!

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