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While I was really glad that Spike FINALLY got wings I was a little disappointed by the ending. I'm currently experiencing a little bit of writer's block for my first story so I figured, I'd write a one-shot until I get back that muse.

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Not bad, pretty sweet little story, however I must admit that them asking all the princesses and Rulers of the Crystal Empire to drop everything to come see Spike's wings is a little odd.... but that's just me, it's still a good story overallđź’š

Okay. I like this ending where they decided to surprise everyone. Very nice.

This needs an AU tag.

"Good point", she turned to Rarity. "Could you get the girls and Starlight and ask them to meet us by the Friendship Map room?"

"Of course Twilight" and then Rarity galloped off.

Rarity shouldn’t be able to hear Twilight.

This is how it should've ended, not with Rarity taking advantage of Spike's wings to make him feel taller to model her outfits.

Spike could visit the Crystal Empire and the Dragon Lands to show them his wings.

I found this story when it popped up in the accusation fic group feed...............how is this an accusation fic?

Anyway. Cute story overall.


Wondering a similar thing; granted, I didn't watch the episode yet, but I heard and read much enough to get the gist of it...

Nice work.

That’s a good question.

Someone must have accidentally put it there, It wasn't me

The best part of this story would have to be Rainbow Dash's reaction to Spike sprouting wings and that was something that was so very sorely missing from the actual episode. I also loved how Spike asked her if she could teach him how to fly and she agreed, with also revealing that she was currently teaching Scootaloo how to fly as well. I wanted to see Rainbow Dash show Spike how to fly as she did with Twilight and Hasbro even teased this at the beginning of the episode, 'Father Knows Best,' but didn't give us what the majority of us wanted to see. It would've been awesome to see Rainbow Dash in that instructor kind of role with teaching those closes to her on how to fly, whether this be Scootaloo, Twilight, or Spike. We saw her achieve her goal of becoming a WonderBolt and it would be great for her character if she'd passed down her craft of flying down to her friends, or hell those that consider her family in regards to Spike and Scootaloo. Everything that I explained is just a idea of what those who makes this amazing show could do in regards to character development for these characters we love so much, if they achieve their goals then it makes sense to give them new goals to strive to achieve and if they don't do that then they really have no purpose that adds onto the overall show. It would also be cool see the interactions of two beloved characters like Rainbow Dash and Spike with Rainbow Dash teaching him how to fly, I mean it's always beneficial when two fan favorite characters are interacting with each other and it's a whole new thing of awesomeness when they work off each other to move the plot forward and it's meaningful to either the overall plot of the story, the characters development, and in the best case scenario is if it can achieve those two elements that I had just mentioned.

This alternate ending was pretty good. But, Fluttershy and Celestia are like a bit out of character. I've never seen Fluttershy tackle anybody in the show. And Celestia tackled Spike as well, what kind of elderly princess tackles somepony?

Fluttershy has tackled plenty of ponies.
Literally the first time we see her, she basically rams Twilight out of the way to speak to Spike.

As for Celestia?
Well, she has known Spike since he was literally born and very likely took part in raising him, as it would be dumb to let a small kid, Twilight in this case, raise a baby on their own.

Yes, Celestia is a 1000 years old, but I wouldn't exactly call her frail

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