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Anon-A-Miss... Those three words ruined my life. My so-called friends hate me, the whole school hates me. No word from Twilight, I am all alone here. I don't know how to access the portal so I'm stuck here, or am I? Those girls don't want to see me again? Fine! I'm leaving for good!

Those thoughts fester in Sunset Shimmer's head. The girls' hurtful words make her question her own existence. Maybe if she just disappeared, everyone would be happy.

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After winning the Super League, the Supa Strikas are bored out of their minds until a new opportunity comes their way. With new friends and old rivalries ignited in a new tournament, will the Strikas prevail?

Super League Teams

Supa Strikas
Invincible United
Iron Tank
Club Palmentieri
Barka FC
Nakama FC
FC Technicali
Grimm FC
FC Cognito

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While I was really glad that Spike FINALLY got wings I was a little disappointed by the ending. I'm currently experiencing a little bit of writer's block for my first story so I figured, I'd write a one-shot until I get back that muse.

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Anon-a-Miss has struck and Sunset Shimmer just has to get away from it all. Fortunately, help has arrived to whisk her away from all her problems, as she indulges in one of her passions

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