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Hello, my fellow Discordians! As many of you probably know, our favorite Chaos God has gotten a LOT of hate after the season finale. I initially wasn't going to do this, but as it seems unwilling to die off, I figured I'd found my own group: The Post-Finale Discord Support Group.

Unlike many, I loved the series finale. Yes, even the part where Discord was Grogar. So, this group is for all those that are still Discord fans either in spite of the Finale or, like me, it made you like him even more.

This doesn't mean you have to like the finale or what Discord did, just that you still like or love the character. Blame it on bad writing, Discord's plan failing in just the right way for this to happen, or maybe he really did plan all of that, etc.

The point of this group is that we're still fans of the Draconequus and this place serves as a place for those of similar dispositions to come and know that, yes, there are still plenty of Discord fans.

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I was disappointed that Grogar wasn't Grogar, and think it was stupid of Discord to lead the villains to the bell, if nothing else. But until just now I thought I was the only one who had it in me to forgive him. And he did run all the way from Grogar's lair to Canterlot ON FOOT to try to make things right.

The existence of this group is helping with the Discord half of my Season 9 disillusionment. If I can just get by the Celestia thing now...

It’s nice to know that there are people who still love Discord no matter what.

In my opinion, Discord pretending to be Grogar in Season 9 was a better move than having the real Grogar around, particularly because of the larger focus on the Legion of Doom and how wasteful having the real Grogar around would’ve been.

Hey guys, decided to post my new fic here as the first in the group. If its not obvious, all Discord fics are welcome.

Discord is best chaos for, period:twilightsmile:.

Discord's been my favorite character since I was like 11. I'm not gonna stop obsessing over him because he decided to cosplay as a goat.

While I personaly would've liked for Grogar to have been Grogar, I hold no ill will to our dear Chaos Lord.

Well here I am. I think trouble always starts when people try to force Discord into a predetermined role.

As if he'd ever abide by such a thing.

We had this same problem after he had his reformation.

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