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The Final Blog · 6:01pm Oct 8th, 2016

Well... I guess it's finally time to say this, but after you read this blog, you will not see anymore updates from me.

It's been a good few years but I strongly believe Amor Vincit Omnia was my swan song and I would never want to ruin that by making other types of stories. For over two years I've worked on the story of Clyde and his relationship with Rarity and there's nothing but happiness whenever I read all of the comments I've received from everyone who took time to read my story.

Honestly, my love for this show has faded extremely within the past few years as the last episode I've seen was around the end of Season 4. The only ties I have with MLP in general was my story, my friends, and my obsession with the fashion goddess herself :raritywink:. But I don't think I'll ever dislike Rarity at this point and I used my love for the character and my own and their love story to give the best ending I possibly could have. While I'm honored to be regarded as a wonderful author by many of you, I wish you all luck in your future endeavors. If I can do it, so can you. :)

But anyway, I want to keep this short, but I want to thank every follower I've ever received on here for being a fan of my work and myself personally. My follower count never reached 150, but to think I'd even get 1 was a blessing. I know I haven't really talked to many of you on a one-on-one basis, but thank you nonetheless for believing in my stories. I won't exactly be leaving this site, as I do plan on lurking around and reading a few stories my friends have wrote, but if you desperately need to contact me on here, for help or maybe you wanted to say something to me or just talk, my PMs are always open. Drop a message to me if you'd like and I'll surely respond. :)

And with that, I wish everyone the best. BlueSun made me the perfect drawing to finish off this last blog post, and I hope you all enjoyed Clarity as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

Goodbye. :)


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Comments ( 18 )

What? You're leaving?

4246428 No, you clearly didn't read the post then.

Phew, I thought that you'll the site. My bad. :twilightblush:

4246452 Hold on that gave me an idea for future readers of this blog.

TL;DR - No more stories from me, but I'll still be around just less actively on here except for PMs

For a second, thought you were leaving. Thank goodness that isn't the case. :twilightsheepish: So, any other stories you plan to make ahead not regarding Clyde and Rarity?

Good to hear. :twilightsmile:



Erhem! Anyway...

In all honesty, a part of me would want you to continue writing stories, because I found your style to be very enjoyable. But I understand needing to step away, especially once you feel you've done what you needed to do.

So, thank you, BRye. I loved reading both stories with Clarity to the very end. I hope things go smoothly for you from here on out.

Thanks for putting up with a guy like me this entire time. It was an honor to be apart of the world you and the other guys helped create.

Also, i may need your help with a character design in the next update for my story. If you would be so kind as to read my recent update of a Punks Love, YES I'M BACK, you will understand why.

4246467 I don't think so. I think I'm done with writing unless it's for college.

4246532 It's all good. :) And thanks for the kind words and just know I'll still be reading your story.

4246543 It'll probably be easier to PM me about the details so I won't forget.

I'm sorry I know you said you weren't leaving for good..but.....:fluttercry: WAAAHH! Thank you for all that you have done for this group and thanks for inspiring me to join. You are awesome, Clyde is awesome and you both always will be.

4246645 And thank you for being a fan. :raritywink: Let me know if I can help with anything

I knew this would come. *Sigh* I'm gonna miss your story updates BRye. Out of every PoME story I've read....I read your stories the most. I'm glad that Rarity and Clyde are married now and have 3 wonderfull children. I wanne thank you too for writing these amazing stories. Hopefully until next time my friend! :raritywink:

4250375 Thank you for being a fan! :D

If it makes you feel better, The Clyde and Rarity family will be in BlueSun's new story.

Well I'd say it's a good way to end a wonderful series. Still it's a shame we can't get more stories from you anymore. I would have loved to see at least one more about their kids, but hey it's your decision. Either way you did a fantastic job my friend.:pinkiehappy:

4257921 Thank you. :)

While I'm not writing it, the kids will be in another story on here eventually

Comment posted by GunsRGreat deleted Nov 4th, 2016
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