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Coming this week... [AF2 Finale/Epilogue] · 1:54pm Jul 25th, 2016

It is time.

As promised, I have one last chapter to upload for my long-standing and well-received story of Amor Fati and its sequel Amor Vincit Omnia. I have already stated the wedding of Clyde and Rarity was the last chapter that involved them as the main characters. This chapter is set 20 years into the future, so, without further ado, I (along with the aid of BlueSun's quick drawings for those who just love visuals) bring you the next three characters to finish this story for good. :raritystarry:

Jade Belle
Age: 17 (Senior at CHS)
Best Friends: ???
Romantic Interest(s): ???
Appearance: Silverish-white skin with bright green eyes. Long, normally styled/curly black hair
Description: Just like her mother, Jade is very keen on fashion and beauty due to being raised around fashion and clothing since she was a little girl and plans to heir Rarity's fashion empire in the future. Jade is very charismatic and is very flirtatious due to her confidence in her beauty and her very outgoing personality. While she is the oldest of the kids, she cares very deeply about her siblings (as long as her brother isn't trying to pick a fight)

Altair (pronounced All-tare)
Age: 16 (Junior at CHS)
Best Friends: ???
Romantic Interest(s): ???
Appearance: Light-grayish skin with black hair and deep blue eyes (Basically... Clyde with Rarity's eyes)
Description: Named after his father's favorite star in the sky, Altair is the middle child of Clyde and Rarity. Altair is more outgoing than his father ever was due to his mother's personality but follows his father's love of sports very well. As the quarterback of the school's football team and the starting point guard for the basketball team, Altair strives to be as good of a quarterback and point guard as his mother's father and his own father, respectively. As the team leaders in both of those sports, Altair normally carries a serious attitude around unless he's with some friends. Altair isn't particularly one for fashion himself, but he knows when and where to dress up due to many lectures from his mother. Even though there might be a few arguments, Altair always puts his sisters above him and will always care for them and protect them if needed from troubling guys. Altair is a casual video game player in his free time.

Seryn Belle (pronounced Ser-en - like 'Seven' but with a 'r')
Age: 14 (Freshman at CHS)
Best Friends: ???
Romantic Interest(s): ???
Appearance: Silverish-white skin with brown eyes. Hair's base is black but she has various deep violet purple highlights too
Description: The youngest of the three, Seryn, like her name's meaning is a very peaceful, carefree, and mostly calm girl. Like her father and brother, Seryn is more into athletics than fashion, but she can easily manage both of them if needed. Due to enjoying playing basketball a lot with her family, Seryn keeps her hair mostly in a bun or ponytail instead of down like Jade. Seryn is the first one to tell you she isn't about violence or conflict and will mainly try talking things out instead of letting the situation get worse. Seryn enjoys video games, a lot more than her brother, and tries being more of an assist role in team games she plays with friends more than anything.

So there you have it!

I made this a personal blog instead of posting in the group for several reasons, mainly because the people who are more interested in me and my stories will see this better on this and because dealing with the kids of Clyde and Rarity is a major spoiler that I didn't want other authors to start talking about their OC offsprings when their stories are not even close to being done.

Anyway, expect this chapter to be up around the weekend, hopefully Friday evening. While this chapter involves the three kids of Clyde and Rarity, there are also some more future PoME OC offspring in the chapter as well that I had my very good friends from here help me with. None of AF and even being this far was possible without all of their support along the way, so of course I wanted to repay them for their kindness and support and for being my friend for so long. I won't spoil which author owns what OC, but maybe the super amazing detectives can analyze the chapter fully and make a theory thread about which OC kid is who's. :raritywink:

Hope you guys enjoy the very first taste of Next-Gen material! Thanks for reading AF and Clyde's love story, whether you first read it back in April of 2014 or just a few weeks ago.

I thank each and everyone one of you for caring about my material on here. You guys are awesome. :heart:

Report BRyeMC · 306 views · Story: Amor Vincit Omnia · #AF #Clarity #Rarity #Clyde #kids #Jade #Altair #Seryn #OC #next #gen #woot
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Comments ( 18 )

I smell a next gen series coming on. It's the EqG version of kilala97 next gen series.

The next generation of our little group...i think im going to cry:fluttercry:. I can’t wait this will be awesome, I just know it.

Huh. Jinx. I too was gonna say the same thing about everyone's OC's and their offsprings things and their unfinished stories. No worries lad, gonna do some purging in the group soon.

My story is almost done... Does that count?

So, that is the fruit of Clyde's loins is it? Man must be proud, though I don't envy him of the times he had to go to the Hospital with Rarity. *chuckle*

Seriously though, congrats on making it this far Bre.

4111927 Thank you. Also, I've been meaning to ask where this Bre name comes from lol. Do I have a nickname I'm not aware of?

I like their designs. :yay: And Seryn looks awesome. :yay:

4111948 You mean Bre's not your nickname? I thought it was.

4111981 Normally people call me BRye or Brye, not Bre. :raritywink:

4111979 Thank you! I personally like Seryn's decision to have purple highlights since all of them have black hair so she wanted to stand somewhat out. Lol

but maybe the super amazing detectives can analyze the chapter fully and make a theory thread about which OC kid is who's

There are two ways I see this happening.

1) the authors work to try and figure out who's kid is whose.
2) the rpers try to work together to figure out whose kid is theirs.

Either way, looking forward to reading your story. Here's hoping it brings back some of my own, missing motivation from the brink.:raritywink:

Who drew them? BlueSun?

4112290 Yes, as stated in the blog.

Looking forward to the final chapter of your story Brye. I'm going to miss the updates on your stories tough. :fluttershysad:

To see it all end with a final epilogue with Clyde's and Rariy's children.... it will be amazing! :yay:

Oh one more thing: Your stories were actually the first ones I ever read on fimfiction. (Really no joke!)

4112496 Thank you very much. I feel honored my stories helped you find an interest in this site and everything about it. :)

While I may not have anymore future stories, it doesn't mean I won't be helping others still. There's been talks of a certain collaboration I may or may be involved with in the future.

I really enjoyed your story, but now that it's over. What will you do now?

4184422 As of this moment, nothing.

I'm not sure if you'll ever see any new stories/chapters from me.

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