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Cancelled · 1:07pm Sep 16th, 2014

Hello everybody! I know its been a while since I posted anything, and I am sorry. School has been in the way and I'm really, really sorry to say that I may have to cancel my series. I'm sorry to everyone who waited this long. This is the last blog I may[key word may] post. Until next time, see you guys!
~N Harmonia Greatfield~

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1105621 And so, so little time to do so.
Yeah, I know your feels. :twilightsmile:

Kay. I'll look when I have the time. I've got to finish my saga and other story in deviantArt. So much work to do...

Hey Greatfield, if you enjoyed my story "The Author of Breath" thus far you may want to check out my latese blog post entitled PESTERBLOG #001: Ponystuck? :twilightsmile:

Yo N. How's Reshiram

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