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I am a new brony. I usually read manga. Yet I feel strangly drawn towards MLP. Therefore, I have decided to investigate!


Should I return? · 2:08am Mar 26th, 2014

Good day people of FIMFiction. Many of you may not remember me, but I am the BronyInvestigator. Wow, I can't believe it, it's been about a good year since I last posted on this site. funny how sometimes time just get's away from you. XD Anyway, I was revisiting some of my Read later stories and discovered how....acceptable my art was back then. Looking at it now it kind of feels like my work has down graded...I don't think I will be returning to FIMFiction as a writer. But....I don't know. I

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If you ever log in again, I just wanna let you know that you did a great on the artwork for "The Queen's Revenge".

sooo... what happened to the story?

I can't find the preview comment or reply buttons, so I am seeing if this works.
I think it might be my Ipad though.

From what? I took down my ARRIVAL ARC story for revision....did you mean the cover art project?

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