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The last place one might find a friend is in one who says nothing at all.

This is a group for those who are looking for the version of Lyra that is mute and without a voice other than that of her lyre and heartstrings.

Send me a link to your story if you want it added here and I'll see where it shall go.

No clopfics please; trying to keep this group as accessible as possible!

Love and Tolerance,


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Yo Dawg, I saw this group and then I realized that it's sequel was missing, so I figured I'd do you all a favor. Do forgive me if this is not something appreciated, but hey, I had to do something.

I feel like a damn foal, but I just realized that the story I've been writing for quite some time and will be submitting soon includes a Lyra that speaks as a fairly major character... So, yeah, as much as I love silent Lyra, I'm going to have to break the promise I made back at the first Operation: Lyra conversation. My apologies, boss.

Good to know, good to know :raritystarry:

Mayhaps I'll write a silent Lyra..... Although I do have to work on Chocolate Rain and Eternal Darkness :pinkiecrazy:

281911 it's alright. :P

MWA ha ha ha ha! I added it first! :rainbowlaugh:

Annnnnnnnnnnnyway, just saw thus and figured I'd join and then later on I was like HEY I read something with Silent Heartstrings and right after I clicked add I realized the maker of this group and the writer of the story were one and the same. :pinkiegasp:
So, sorry if I screwed something up here :fluttershysad:

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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