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During a match for the World Title, Sheamus slams his opponent so hard it shifts space and time! Now he is in a world full of talking ponies. Will The Great White Sheamus survive Equestria? Or will he never get home and get his title?

Warning: Unless you watch World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) this will not make very much sense.

Rated Teen for strong language and mild violence.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 74 )

As a fellow WWE fan, I'm giving this a thumb up on principle. :pinkiehappy:

Now all we need is a RKO "out of nowhere", Sheamus running into the lime cart vendor in the town square, and Mayor Mare showing up to hold the whole thing in abeyance! :derpytongue2:

Hahaha this so funny sheamus is gonna win against rainbow dash Go Sheamus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3470998 I was hoping to make this a series... lol

Like Randy Orton in Equestria. Randy is second best wrestler so he will be next. :pinkiehappy:

3471019 It's freakin' Sheamus mate! :pinkiehappy:

He is the Irish Chuck Norris! But better! :rainbowlaugh:

3471022 Randy is next!

Great story, onward to next chapter!:twilightsmile:

CM PUNK IS the BEST in the world but sheamus is good to dont get me wrong :scootangel::pinkiehappy:

3471062 Woah! Woah! Slow down there high roller. Lets not get carried away, we all know Cm Punk is in fourth place.

Top 5:


4.Cm Punk


2.Randy Orton


Im guessing your a sheamus fan

3471080 No, no definently not... My fav is Heath Slater!

Hey get off my computer Heath! Nobody likes you!

3471013 I like sheamus and all but he is not my fav. My fav is Goldberg but hey all I care about is that this is funny

With a couple recent exceptions, I haven't seen an episode of Raw in years thanks to no longer being able to watch it on TV or online. Back then, DX was still trolling Mr. McMahon like no tomorrow, Ron Simmons was shouting 'DAMN!' to everyone, and Carlito was spitting in the face of people who don't want to be cool... Good times.

That all being said, while I don't know too much about this Sheamus character, I already like him. I know whatever you are going to go with this story, it's gonna be lodsa fun! :pinkiesmile:

(speaking of Carlito, could you have AJ spit apple chunks at Sheamus? I'm sure you could make it work somehow) :unsuresweetie:

3471218 meh.. Goldberg is good but do you remember Wrestlmania 28?

He won in 18 seconds!!!! Brogue KICK!

For some reason I find this gloriously retarded. That's a compliment. Procede.

Ya I remember my friend likes him when I asked y all he said was that the only reason was he was from Ireland

3471257 I may be a fellow Irishman but it is not the only reason. Here are just 5 reasons he is awesome.

1.He has a sweet stache

2. The Brogue Kick is, in my opinion the best finishing move

3.He has really good mic skills

4.He is arguably one of the best attitudes in WWE right now. He can make people like or hate him by saying one sentence

5.He is a great performer overall.

Hell talking about this makes me can't wait for survival series the Big Show vs Randy Orton for the WWE championship

I like Randy but with what Triple H put the Big Show through I have to go with the Big Show

3471344 Randy took the opportunity he needed for the title. I mean when he first cashed in he didn't know about Triple H, soooo I still like orton.

3471356 true Randy did take the opportunity to cash in the money in the bank but during hell in a cell he took advantage of the situation after HBK did sweet chin music on Daniel Bryan I saw hesitation in HBK but I would of done the same thing if I saw my best friend high knee in the face

3471426 Well, wouldn't you? I mean I would use everything to my advantage. Randy would do anything to win, thats why I like him.


and personally, I like Ray Mistario (is that how you spell it? I don't even know)
However I haven't watched WWE in like 4 years........ No TV is a sad life...:ajsleepy:

OK now that you know that, I'm going to read this thing!

3471226 Ah, those were good times... you brought back some good memories. :pinkiehappy:

Oh god that was funny!:rainbowlaugh: don't get me wrong, I love Applejack she's best pony, but it's just so funny! Like how he thinks he can beat Rainbow because she is smaller then him but that's probably what The Big Show thought about him and look what happened with that.

This is a wonderful story, I'm really liking it. I can't wait till he meets Pinkie!:pinkiehappy:

3471721 HA! I just thought about pinkie when you said that! Oh, don't worry I got something juicy for all of them. :rainbowlaugh:

hes irish hes going to swear alot plus more brouge kicks and a white noise

3471173 what about talking it out? Talking about your feelings? I'm sure applejack would--

*gets a brogue kick and hits the same tree*

3472895 I was thinking "Irish Curse" but I think I can get a few white noises... :pinkiehappy:

3473162 I'm really screwing AJ ain't I? :scootangel:

I lost it when he punted Applejack:rainbowlaugh:
God damn this is great

I'm not sure what I think about the various wrestling crossovers that are 'kayfabe'. It might be something else for the wrestler to end up in Equestria... and well... they're just an average dude, albeit one of the best athletes on the planet. Still... I'll read it.

Comment posted by Brohgue deleted Nov 14th, 2013

3483805 I didn't get to read your reply since you removed the chapter I posted on.

3483947 sorry, what did you say again? :unsuresweetie:

3483953 I believe it went along the lines of : The Legend killer takes out Hogan, but then Edge cashes in the Money in the bank and steals a win.

3484015 Lol, I said if I end up doing both Edge and Orton, I may do that if that's alright with you.

And that that made me laugh when I thought about it. :rainbowwild:

3483805 I choose 2 as it would lead to more story.


Nice chapter dude

I dont even...

Finally another WWE/MLP crossover, faving just for that, ill be reading this later

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