• Published 21st Mar 2021
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Racing Hearts - Lazzari

Rainbow Dash is late to practice, and she hasn't returned any of Soarin's Calls or texts. What's going on?

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That Sick Feeling in Pit of your Stomach

"Should we call the Headquarters?"

"Yes, call them immediately, and get the Captin on the line ASAP!"

"On it!"

"Where's her chart! I need more information!"

"Dear Celestia... She's O negative!"

"WHAT! You're sure!"


"Good god, see if you can get ahold of anybody, look over the team's files, we have records of all of them here. We don't have any in supply right now because of the shortage. And hurry!"


Soarin looked at the clock as he sat in the mess hall, it read 12:40 p.m. He quickly pulled out his phone and checked it still seeing no response from Rainbow Dash. He started to worry even more now. Something was up and he had a really bad feeling. If she was running late she should have been here by now. He suddenly flinched as someone slammed their tray down next to him. He looked over to see Lightning Streak. He gave him a flat look as he turned his head back to his phone and started to text Rainbow again.

"Still freaking out about Skittles eh?" Lightning said, nudging Soarin in the arm gently. Soarin gave him an annoyed look and growled under his breath.

"Come on, dude, you can't tell me you wouldn't be freaking out if it were Fleet. So don't give me any shit!" Soarin snapped at him, causing Lightning to recline a bit.

"Geez bro, touchy much?" Lightning sighed and looked at his food, he took a moment to think about it. He can't deny that if it were Fleet that he would probably be in the same boat. Fleetfoot and he had been going steady now for two years and it was a wonder she hadn't dumped his ass yet for how stupid he could be sometimes. He was sure Soarin felt the same way about Dash, and he wouldn't deny that it was a bit strange that she wasn't here yet. "So if you don't mind me asking, why are you so worried? Maybe she's just sick or something."

Soarin looked at his phone again still seeing no response from Dash. He sighed and pushed his food away and placed his head on the table and groaned loudly. Lightning just stared at him patiently waiting for his answer. While Soarin had his head down on the table, Spitfire, Wave Chill, Fleetfoot, Misty Fly and his brother Fire streak had all come to sit at the table with the two of them. Soarin hadn't noticed any of them sit down as he continued, and ran his fingers through his hair. "I honestly don't know why, but I just have this really bad feeling that something bad happened. It's not like Dash to ignore me, she would have plugged her phone into a portable battery that she has stashed in her car. And even if she had gotten a flat or had car troubles she would have called me the moment her phone was charged enough. If she was sick she would have plugged in her phone to call me or text me to tell me so I could let Spitfire know. I've thought about every scenario in my head about shit that could have happened and it's killing me that she hasn't even opened a single message from me." Soarin was quick to ramble all his feelings out, it felt good to get it off his chest. But when he looked up from the table his eyes widened and he saw several of his friend's concerned eyes staring right at him. They all wore looks of worry and curiosity as they stared at him. He felt a small hand on his shoulder and quickly snapped his head around to see Fleetfoots hand gently rubbing his shoulder.

"Soarin... you know the more you think about to worse it's going to get. You should take the rest of the day off or something, you were already distracted enough to mess up one of your perfected lightning handling techniques today, and your hand paid the price for it." Fleetfoot laid her head gently on his shoulder and reached her arm to his opposite shoulder and gave him a squeeze. Soarin reciprocated, leaning his head against Fleet's and she comforted him. "None of us want to see you get hurt because you're too distracted to focus. And it'll only get worse with Element training after lunch." Fleetfoot continued to gently rub his shoulder as Spitfire spoke up.

"I know I told you that your relationship with Dash wasn't to get in the way of your duties, but I have to agree with Fleet here, Soarin. This is the first time you've gotten so worked up over Dash that it's broken your focus this hard. Not even when you guys had that ridiculous two-week-long argument. I would hate to see one of my best flyers get put out of commission because of a stupid accident." Spitfire said in a caring tone. It was her job to make sure that the Bolts all knew their duties, but the mental soundness and safety of all her flyers was also her responsibility. Soarin would have to work on his fire handling during element practice, and he kinda sucked at handling fire. The last thing she needed is for him to get severely burned or worse because he couldn't focus on controlling the fire.

Soarin looked to all his other friends as they all looked to agree and nobody objected. "Well... I mean, I guess I should. It would give me a chance to-" Soarin was cut off by one of the office staff rushing over and shoving the mobile compound phone into Spitfires' hands, and whispering something inaudible to her. Her demeanor wavered very subtly, but only for a second as she nodded and stood up and took the phone and walked over to the janitorial closet and walked in, closing the door behind her. The rest of the table all stared at where Spitfire had gone, but Fire Streak quickly turned to the Office worker who was still standing there waiting.

"Excuse me, but is everything alright?" Fire asked. The male office worker looked to Fire and stuttered a bit. Fire noticed and saw he looked incredibly uncomfortable. He was doing his best to keep his gaze away from Soarin who was sitting across the table from them. Fire kept a calm demeanor as he saw this, the last thing they needed right now was Soarin freaking out. He said nothing more and held his hand up. "It's alright I'll get the details from the captain when she returns." Fire said, getting a nod and a salute from the man.

"Yes, commander, sir"

Soarin wasn't listening at all. He had his eyes trained on the closet for the whole 10 minutes Spitfire was in there. Once she came out, all eyes from the table were glued to her. She calmly walked over, not changing her professional captain air even once. She looked at all the eyes on her and looked towards Fleetfoot.

"Fleet, Fire, come with me I need your help with something important." She quickly walked towards the doors leading out of the mess hall, Fleetfoot and Fire Streak following her.

Soarin watched as the three left the mess hall. What was that all about?


"Ok Spitty, what's going on?" Fleetfoot asked as she stood in front of Spitfires desk with Fire Streak next to her. Spitfire sighed and groaned and rubbed the bridge of her nose between her eyes.

"Fleet, you're better with him than I am, you have known him forever so I'm trusting you with this information. Fire, you're here because I need you to spread the word around the compound." Spitfire paused and looked both of them in the eyes in a very serious gaze. seeing that she had their full attention she continued. "I just received a call from Cloudsdale Memorial Hospital. Rainbow Dash was in a very bad car accident on her way here." She paused to let what she had just said sink in. Fire seemed to be waiting patiently for his orders but Fleetfoot had flinched very hard and had her mouth hanging open. Spitfire continued, "Fire, her doctor has informed me that Rainbow Dashs' condition is critical, I want you to go around the compound and inform everyone about what has happened. Inform her squad first and foremost, but avoid Soarin, that's why Fleetfoot is here. Second I want you to cancel the lead squads show for The Crystal empire, without Dash filling in for Rapidfire the lead squad is down a member and we will have to wait until he returns from Whinneapolis. Make sure to mention in the notice that the tickets already purchased will be good for the next show we do there. You are dismissed Fire." Spitfire said. Fire gave a salute and headed out the door and closing it behind him. Spitfire turned to Fleetfoot who looked incredibly shocked and worried. Spitfire sighed and got up from her chair and walked around her desk to Fleetfoot and placed her hands on her shoulders. "Fleet, I know this is hard for you too, I know that you and Dash are very close, but right now Soarin is going to need you. I'm not expecting you or him to stay here at all, but I need you to break the news to him. You have known him for far longer than I have and he needs somebody close to him to comfort him right now. And I also don't trust him to drive there himself, I need you to take him there so he doesn't get himself in the same position."

Fleetfoot stared at her captain, baffled at the trust she was placing in her. What was she supposed to say to Soarin? How could she tell him that the woman he has been worried about the whole day is in the hospital and possibly in the biggest fight for her life? Soarin was her best friend, so she would do it no matter what. Fleetfoots gaze quickly turned to determined and she nodded. "Yes, mam!"


Fleetfoot had gone back down to the mess hall but Soarin wasn't there. Misty Fly told her that Soarin had left to go to his room and do some paperwork and file some reports on his computer. She quickly went up the stairs, stopping at his door. She hesitated to knock. What would she say to him? This was his girlfriend and the love of his life she was about to tell him about. How would he take hearing that his suspicions that he had throughout the whole day were true? She had known him for a very long time, but she hadn't a clue how he would react. All she knew is that she had to be there for him. She sharply looked at the door and the steal plate on it with Soarins name and knocked four times, pausing after each knock. This was their secret knock to let the other know they were at the door.

Soarin heard the distinct four-knock pattern. he leaned over from his chair, his door just in arms reach for him, and unlocked it. "Doors open, Fleet." He said through the door as he went back to looking at some papers and typing away at his keyboard. The door opened slowly and Fleetfoot looked at him and quickly shut and locked the door behind her. Soarin gave her a quizzical look and noticed her very uncomfortable look. "Fleet? What's up?" He asked obliviously.

Fleetfoot stared at him for a few seconds, and then went over to his bed and patted the spot next to her. Soarin looked at her even more confused, tipping his head to the side. But he followed her gesture and got up from his chair and sat down next to her. Fleetfoot stared at him, opening and closing her mouth several times as if trying to get out what she wanted to say. Instead, she knelt up on top of the bed to match him in height and hugged him as tightly as possible, pulling him as close to her as she could. Soarin didn't hesitate to return the embrace gently but with confusion.


"Soarin..." Fleetfoots voice cracked heavily while saying his name causing him to tense up and shiver a bit. "Spitfire got a call from Cloudsdale Memorial Hospital. Rainbow Dash was in a car accident while trying to get here." Fleetfoot turned her head to look at the back of Soarin's head. She couldn't feel anything from him yet and he wasn't moving at all. He just sat there, motionless in her embrace. "Soarin?" She spoke his name softly. Suddenly she could feel Soarin's grip on her tighten, it almost felt like he was crushing her. He was... Shaking! He didn't say any words, he just clung to her as tightly as he could. She couldn't see his face from this angle, but she was sure it was an expression of pure terror. She pulled him in closer rubbing his back gently as she let him grip her tightly. She could hear the soft whimpering in his voice as it began to break.

"I... I was right... I was right this whole... god damn... time." Soarin's voice was higher and squeaky and cracked with every word. He was now trembling. He let go of her and looked down at his hands. Fleetfoot got a clear look at his face now. His face was plastered in fear and terror and tears were flowing freely now, unhindered and not stopping. His hands were shaking uncontrollably as he looked at them.

"Soarin, Spitfire has given us permission to leave to go to the hospital. I'm going to drive us there... Okay?" She spoke to him in a soothing tone, rubbing his back gently. Soarin didn't say anything he just let his hands fall to his sides and he nodded. She stood up and gently helped him stand and let him lean on her. She trusted him not to put his full weight on her, knowing he could easily crush her.

Soarin did his best to support himself as he walked alongside Fleetfoot. she propped him gently against the wall next to her room. She went inside returning moments later with her bag and keys. The two walked down the stairs and to the main doors leading to the parking lot. They passed several Wonderbolts on their way down, some of them rubbing Soarin's shoulder and some giving sympathetic looks as they passed. He was sure he looked absolutely crushed. Hell, he was crying the whole way down. No sobbing, no uncontrollable wails or cries, just... tears.

They quickly reach Fleetfoots car and Soarin slowly got in the front passenger seat as Fleetfoot got into the driver's seat.

Nothing was said the whole way to the hospital...