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My Rainbow Dash

I love Rainbow Dash and nothing can change that!


Insults are very painful, especially if they come from friends and the entire school. That what happened to Rainbow Dash. She felt hurt by what her friends had called her. One day her parents told her that they were returning to their hometown, Cloudsdale before they had moved to Canterlot because they had a better job opportunity and ended up getting paid more money. But then something hit the rainbow-haired girl. (Not literally). She'd be seeing people that she hadn't seen since preschool. People that were going to Cloudsdale High School. Not just ordinary people though, they were her friends. The Wonderbolts. She knew all the Wonderbolt students due to her growing up there and befriending them. After joining the school, what will the students at Canterlot High think of her? Will they realize their mistake, or will the rainbow-haired girl not forgive them for what they did. Another problem approaches though. The Friendship Games are coming up and the two rival schools must prepare. But, is it just one Friendship Game, or is it two?

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I like this a lot. It's funny and interesting. I'm a big Soarindash Fan! Keep it up!

Ok this si interesting but also confusing.
What happen to make everyone do that even the Rainbooms?

Maybe Rainbow will explain it to the Wonderbolts once she is reunited with them.

Ok that was a mess...I'm sorry but did you have to put everything in one paragraph?
It very hard to read when it all squished together, and we all know the history and story lines of EG.

you didn't have to put in some much stuff, just made it alot smaller.

Also still no idea what happen to make everyone turn n Rainbow, you ended the chapter like everything was fine and dandy and she just up and moving no reason.

Ok, now I'm really wondering:

What did she do/what was she rumored to have done?

Good chapter!

Sorry to have be a negative critic here, but a huge chunk of this chapter was a retelling of the first chapter and we have yet to find out the whole understanding on why the Canterlot High students and her friends or for friends there betrayed her.

The third chapter was a great chapter!

THANK YOU! I mean seriously it is the first chapter all over again and nothing is different there no reason given or explained what so ever.
I thought the story got screwed up and the chapter was reposted


Wasn't upset grateful as would said something stupid in frustration and such.
i also did think for a moment the site screwed up and didn't get a new chapter, till i finished.

The chapter is really good and I’m enjoying the story. It’s just that nothing was really explained and there’s a part that literally seems copy and pasted from the first chapter lol.

I hope this doesn’t make you feel a type of way! <3
You’re doing great!

Great fifth and sixth chapters!

Is there going to be an explanation on why the Ponies of Equestria are not humans in the human world and Spike a dragon instead of a dog?

"No, it's fine. I'm good on my own." She then turned around and headed for the door. She opened the door. "Alright, who is it and what do you whaaa......." Rainbow stared at who was standing in front of her. They looked like strangers but had something very familiar. Then it hit her. Six ponies and a baby dragon. "P-P-Princess Twilight?!?!" The violet alicorn princess smiled and waved at her with her five friends behind her as well as Spike. The rainbow haired girl fainted. The rainbow maned pegasus looked over at Twilight.

... I suggest you explain why they're ponies.

Great chapter!

Is there going to be a reason that Rainbow Dash missed the meeting with her former friends?

“Pfft. Lame teens. We should be accepting our differences. They’ve different. So am I. What’s so bad about that. I guess that’s just the rhythm of friendship. We’re chained to it.” Rainbow Dash, (EQG), stared at her before snapping her fingers. She looked over at Surprise.

Is Pony Rainbow Dash implying that EQG Rainbow Dash can’t hang out with her friends all the time? Just wanted to know what she meant by that.

That’s Rainbow Dash for you. What did you expect?

Start: Poor Dashie

Middle and end: SOOOOOO cute!

I found the CHS bit funny, because My dad went to Montana state and my mom went to Murry State. So they both went to MSU.

P.S. Go Bobcats!

Sorry. School's been busy. Just the way it is. But hey, I'm back.

Great chapter!

Should Princess Twilight and her pony friends help Rainbow Dash out?

The answer to the math question is “1”.

I know the answer to the question. You'll learn more about these powers and the whole magic shit in the next chapter that I'm working on right now.

I don't think Twilight and the others would be able to help Rainbow in this situation. Sorry.

Don’t worry. I’m just fixing up the next chapter. :raritywink: School’s been slowing me down. :raritydespair:

I love the CHS Rally Song updates! Friendship games is my fave EG movie!

Btw, I study in a CHS too (not Canterlot or Cloudsdale.)

Now the story is based on frozen!

Awesome + 20% cooler x infinity = this story!

Sorry, its not awesome + 20% cooler x infinty, its actually

AWESOME+AMAZING!!!+:rainbowdetermined2:+frozen x infinity + SoarDash

I'm thinking about how I should edit ACADECA from The Friendship Games. Got any ideas? I have a few, but I'm still not sure. Also, which one came first in the EG world. Canterlot or Cloudsdale? I mean seriously. Did Canterlot High take the Wonderbolts name and change it to Wondercolts? It makes absolutely no sence.

Hey, uh, Indigo is spelled with an I, not an A.

Great chapter and the previous two!

Is Spectrum Crystal the Sci-Twi of this story or story arc?

No. Just an OC to fit the story. It’s basically to replace Twilight. But, yeah.

Comment posted by My Rainbow Dash deleted Mar 31st, 2021

"Welcome to the first event." Dean Cadence spoke as the schools glared at one another. "The academic decathlon. You'll be scored on chemistry, homik, and everything in between. But remember, only the six students from each team with the most points will move onto event number two. Good luck."

Its actually Home Ec, not homik.

The streak is lost, for a school that always wins Maybe you should just stop 'fore you even begin We are Crystal Prep High and we have a reputation Every little moment is about our education Put your ear to the ground Listen to that sound Lot of gravity And it pulls you down (pull down) Pull you down (pull down), hit the ground You've got nothin' on us Na, na, na-na-na, na Let's go, Shadowbolts! You've got nothin' on us Na, na, na-na-na, na Let's go, Shadowbolts!

The first line in this verse was my idea! :pinkiesmile:

ikr! I can point out 3-4 moments in season 4 only! And I saw a meme with the pie thing in season 1. (Not Pie as in the pink pony, pie as in the food item)

What other cute moments do those two have? Not many really. Sad. I need more cute Soarindash scenes!


1. The Best Night Ever
2. Sonic Rainboom
3. Newbie Dash
4. Rarity Investigates
5. Rainbow Falls

I guess, 5 then? From seasons 1-6. I haven’t fully watched 7-9.

Right. Though "Best Night Ever" was kind of shitty. Sorry, but it's true. Sonic Rainboom had a very short connection between the two. Newbie Dash had some embarrassing moments until the end. I think my favorite moments are in Rainbow Falls and in Rarity Investigates.

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