• Published 21st Mar 2021
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Racing Hearts - Lazzari

Rainbow Dash is late to practice, and she hasn't returned any of Soarin's Calls or texts. What's going on?

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wtf Fleet?...

Author's Note:


Contains sexual content. being, inuendos, talk about sex, and mentioning of nudity.

Anyway kinda a short chapter, but the next will be longer I promise.


Rainbow Dash groaned as she reached her arm up to turn the alarm clock off. She grunted as she tried to reach it but her hand came just short of it. Before she could even try to get up and reach it, a larger hand pressed the button on top of the small device. She looked up and smiled seeing Soarin there, already dressed and at her side.

"Morning, hot stuff." She said, earning a chuckle from him.

"Good morning beautiful, are you ready to do your stretches?" He asked. Dash pouted at him and gave him sweet puppy dog eyes as she sat herself up slowly and carefully.

Soarin smiled as he watched her move on her own. The doctor had warned that she would be tender for a day or two after being in the hospital for so long. He had said to not put the brace special made for her on until she was able to move her lower body on her own. It had been five days since Soarin had brought her back home and she was eager to get moving again. The brace made it easier for her to move and change positioning on her own, but she couldn't wear it when she slept. The stretches in the mornings and at nights had made her muscles accustomed to slow steady movements without pain. And of course, even if she did have pain, she was too stubborn to give in to it.

He gently reached his hand forward and grasped her good shoulder, helping her the next few inches up. She didn't resist his help, she knew all that would happen is another lecture about taking help cuz she needs it. She gave him another cute pout and grabbed the sleeve of his long sleeve shirt and gave him the biggest puppy-dog eyes he had ever seen. Soarin knew this look, she wanted something, and she only ever used this look when she wanted something that he wouldn't agree with.

He tried his best to avoid her gaze and grumbled, "What do you want now?"

Dash smiled and pulled him closer to her by his sleeve and motioned for him to join her on the bed. He grumbled a bit as he obeyed, not able to resist her cute eyes. Dash laid back down with him beside her and caressed his shoulders and chest, blushing slightly at the touch. Soarin looked at her, seeing her blushing and touching him in the places she liked.


She was... in the mood. He wasn't sure If this was the best timing for it, especially with her still healing. He hesitated to touch her, knowing full well that if he did, he wouldn't be able to resist her.

Dash looked back up at him and gave him a very warm and loving smile. She reached her hand up to caress his cheek, which was now clean-shaven, and she caressed it with her thumb gently. "What are you thinking?" She asked in a soft tone, keeping the mood gentle.

Soarin scrunched his nose slightly and placed his hand over hers gently. "I'm thinking that if we go for it, I'll end up hurting you. I know how you like it and I'm not willing to do that, it's too risky."

Dash laughed and blushed a deep red and turned her hand around and grasped his, pulling it towards her lips. She smiled as she kissed the palm of his hand and moved it to her waist gently. "Then just be gentle, slow, and passionate. I'm in the mood, yes. But I'm not in the mood for what we usually do. I want you Soarin, and not in a lustful way. It's more of an 'I want you because I love you and you mean the world to me' kind of way."

This made Soarin's heart melt. She looked so content, and happy. And it was fruitless to argue with her on anything when she felt this passionate about something.

So he didn't, he leaned forward and kissed her gently, locking lips with hers and running his fingers up her waist and to her back and into her hair. He was going to make sure she enjoyed this.

Spitfire growled as tried and tried to reach Soarin. She had been calling him for hours and he didn't seem to be picking up at any point. She knew he had to be busy with Dash, but she had been calling since 7 a.m. It was now 10 a.m and she hadn't gotten more than a text telling her 'im busy.'

"Spitty, come on, leave the poor guy alone. I'm sure he's helping Dash with something right now. He is her caretaker after all." Fleetfoots voice came from the corner of Spitfires office where she had beanbags and books, and entire gaming set up. Fleetfoot was quietly reading one of the mystery novels and hadn't looked up from her book.

Spitfire had wanted to make her office as comfortable as possible for the force. Meaning her 'chairs' was a large, plush couch the sat adjacent to her desk and beanbag chairs, and the corner of her office was dedicated as a hang-out spot for when she and her squad had a free day. More often than not though, she would catch Dash and Soarin playing video games. Well, Dash was playing, Soarin would be losing over and over again to his practical gamer girlfriend, at almost everything. Every now and then Dash and Fleetfoot would be in here talking or Rapidfire and Soarin would be there reviewing and going over the routines together.

"I know he's her caretaker, but is he really that busy helping her for three hours?" Spitfire grumbled as she sat down on a bean bag chair across from Fleet. Fleetfoot smiled and looked up from her book at Spitfire.

"How much you wanna bet he's getting hot and steamy with her?" Fleetfoot asked in a sly tone while bouncing her eyebrows. Spitfire groaned and blushed.

"Fleet, I really don't want to think about Soarin's sex life. I know he is a brother to you and you guys talk about everything but I happen to like keeping private matters, private." Spitfire crossed her arms and looked at nothing in particular. Fleetfoot grinned devilishly and put her book down.

"Oh Spitty, you cant sit there and tell me you weren't curious when we were younger." She paused and giggled to herself. "I mean, I'm in a committed relationship with Lightning, but even I have to admit, Soarin is one sexy tall drink of water."

Spitfire blushed and glared at Fleetfoot, but she didn't reply. Fleetfoot gave her a cocky triumphant grin, "HA, I knew it! You WERE curious!" Spitfire blushed even more and sunk into her seat.

"Fleeeeeet, I was only curious for like a few days, once I got to know his personality I wasn't into him that way. He is a great friend and will always be a great friend. I just haven't ever seen him that way after I met Wave. Besides, are you saying you were curious?" Spitfire asked, raising an eyebrow.

Fleetfoot scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Spitty, Me and Soarin have known each other for fucking years, ever since we were toddlers! You think I haven't seen him in his birthday suit before?"

Spitfire looked at Fleet with a flat look and sighed. "Why have you seen his dick? Seriously Fleet? Isn't that weird to you?" Fleetfoot laughed heartily and rolled her eyes.

"Spitty, Soarin is my best friend, I trust him with everything, absolutely everything. I've seen him naked and he has seen me naked. Once we got a certain age, it just wasn't something we were too concerned about. We have no problems getting dressed in front of each other and we have no problems seeing each other that way because we just don't care anymore. Hell before I got together with Lightning, I had Soarin be the one to feel my breast after I thought I felt a lump in it." She paused and chuckled a bit, "Heh, he didn't want to at first because he said he didn't want to make me feel uncomfortable, so I told him to stop being a sissy and to feel my tity." Fleetfoot started to cackle and laugh while sitting in the bean bag chair. Spitfire just stared in bewilderment.

"Wouldn't that make you uncomfortable Fleet? He's a guy, even I would feel uncomfortable with that." Spitfire gave Fleetfoot a curious look as she continued to laugh. Fleetfoots laughter died down as she sat back up.

"Spitfire, I don't see Soarin as a man. Well, I know he is a man as he identifies as one, but we are just that close of friends. When your friends with someone that closely then gender isn't really something you think too much about. He is my friend, and I don't see him as a 'guy friend', it's hard to explain the feeling really." Fleetfoot smiled warmly and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Spitfires phone rang.

Spitfire reached to answer, "Hello?... Soarin, what the hell were you doing for that long? Does Dash really-... Oh..." Spitfire paused, a deep blush covering her face. Fleetfoot smiled as wide as she could and lost it laughing, falling over to the floor.


Spitfire shushed her and growled under her breath "Ok, well ask... Fleet and I will be there in about 2 hours... Ok, see you then." Spitfire hung up and glared at Fleetfoot, "Was that really necessary Fleet?"

Fleetfoot wiped a tear from her eyes as she calmed her laughter. "I can't believe the guy had the brass set to actually do that with her."

Spitfire rolled her eyes and chuckled, "Anyway, he and Dash have invited us to go to Dashs house for dinner tonight, they invited the rest of her squad as well as Rapid. You wanna go?"

Fleetfoot beamed and shouted, "HELL YEAH! A chance to see Dashie, never passing that up!" Fleetfoot got up from her chair and bounced excitedly and glided out of the room. Spitfire rolled her eyes again and laughed.

Fleetfoot barreled down the hall, having one place in mind to get to. She was heading towards the infamous squad four room. They were known for their shenanigans and roughhousing, it was always a blast with them around. Fleetfoot stopped at the door and knocked, the moment she did she heard clattering sounds and rushing feet towards the door. She backed up just in time as the door flung open to reveal an out-of-breath Thunderlane and Eclipse. She laughed knowing the two always roughhoused amongst themselves.

"First commander, how can we help you?" Eclipse asked in a professional tone. Fleetfoot laughed as Thunderlane nudged him aside and leaned against the door frame.

"Whatsup, Fleet?" Thunderlane asked in a swav tone. She laughed even harder and pushed him gently.

"Soarin and Dash have invited us to their house for dinner, do you guys wanna come?" She asked, still giggling.

"And see our captain again! for sure!" A voice shouted from inside the room. Fleetfoot peered her head around to see squad fours, third member, Jade Feather. Jade smiled as she walked up and shoved the two boys out of the way and came eye to eye with Fleetfoot. "What time is the dinner? I'll make sure these boys are ready to go by then."

Fleetfoot chuckled and looked past her to see the two men of squad four roughhousing again in the background. It was Dash and Jade keeping the two of them in line most of the time, but they all saw Jade as the mother figure of the bunch, being a whole 10 years older than them all. "Dinner is at 6 p.m, but Spitfire and I are heading there early to spend some time with them. It's up to you guys what you decide to do." She said, still chuckling at the cacophony in the back.

Jade's eye twitched a bit as she heard a crash from behind her. Fleetfoot looked back again to see the two men had rammed themselves into a table and it was now broken. 'THANK YOU, COMMANDER. We will be there." and as quickly as she said it the door was closed. Fleetfoot smiled and giggled to herself as she walked away from the room.

She smiled as she walked the halls having another person in mind to find. She passed by many other staff members and other Wonderbolts never actually spotting who she was looking for.

She grumbled in disappointment as she closed the door to the gym, "Where the hell is he? Rapidfire is impossible to miss with that freaking bright red hair and neon orange feathers." She said to herself. She rounded the corner on the top floor and she saw some orange feathers go into a room. She flinched and flew in the direction of it and knocked on the door as quickly as she could. She heard scrambling inside the room and she raised an eyebrow preemptively.

The door swung open and Rapidfire revealed himself in his everyday clothes but he looked very angry. Fleetfoot internally groaned at the sight of him. Rapidfire was always hot-tempered and easily angered, as well as most of the time being a complete jackass. But he was part of their squad so she had to put up with it. As much as she couldn't stand him, he was still a productive member of the team and had great strengths that complimented their flying and combat skills, all four of them complement each other's abilities and that is why the previous Captin stuck the four of them together. Even though the guy himself was sometimes a jerk he could also be sweet if he knew it was needed. When he came back from his vacation and made that horribly timed joke he felt awful after learning what had gone down, even going as far as to comfort her when she started to cry about it all that same night. Underneath all his hardass exterior, he had a soft side.

Fleetfoot took a deep breath and smiled at Rapidfire as best she could, "Hey, Rainbow and Soarin have invited us to Dash's house for dinner, you in?"

Rapidfire looked back into his room for a moment then grumbled something to himself before replying. "Sure, what time?" He asked quietly. Fleetfoot gave him a quizzical look and tried to look around him into his room, but a wing blocked her field of view. She raised her eyebrow again and gave him a questioning look.

"Dinner is at 6 p.m, me and Spitty will be there before everyone else. Dash's squad will be there too." She answered carefully. She tried to peer through his wing feathers at what was up but Rapidfire slowly started to close the door.

"K', see you tonight then," he said before closing his door fully.

Fleetfoot stared at the door for a moment before rolling her eyes and walking away. Rapidfire was always hiding something, why would she think now was any different.

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Nice chapter! Love the dynamic you've created for the 'Bolts. :)

I Bassed it completly off of 1.) Calm Wind and his version of the wonderbolts. and 2.) The dynamic of the teenage boys I'm forced to babysit at work lol

lol i love those boys cuz even though im their manager im still like the older sister of the bunch cuz i mess around a lot too and me and the other manager just have so many jokes and inuendos. (which will be apering in the story at some point lol) but tbh most of them will show up in my story OtMaTtF

also for others who didn't know lol I wrote half of this Drunk soooooooo

Awe that sounds really sweet! And I can't wait to see the references lol.

Pls Update plsplspls please 😢

Working on the update. I'm gonna make a blog entry in a few days explaining the delay

But the chapter is being written lol I will finish this story

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