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Flying Sky-High - Calm Wind

Sequel to Head in the Clouds. Rainbow Dash and Soarin are unsatisfied with how they decided their friendship would work. An approaching event gives Rainbow Dash a chance fix that. Love is a powerful thing, and no barrier is strong enough to stop it.

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Chapter 2

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Flying Sky-High
By: Calm Wind

Chapter 2:

Rainbow Dash flew rapidly through Ponyville, making her way between the buildings swiftly and with a purpose. How had she not thought of this sooner? Probably because it was a massive long shot and something she'd definitely have to keep quiet. She loved her friends to death, but she only felt comfortable revealing this to two of them, namely Fluttershy and Twilight. As for the rest? Applejack would use it against her somehow, Rarity would find a way to butt into it, and Pinkie Pie… well, Pinkie would do something. Who knows what? It wasn't worth the risk.

Thankfully, the pony Dash had to talk to did not fall into the category of “avoid at all costs”.

She put on the brakes and slowly glided to the ground as she approached the Ponyville library. She touched down a few paces from the front door and thought about how she would go about this. She didn’t have the luxury of time. The event was only two weeks away and she needed time to prepare. More importantly she wanted to make sure Twilight had enough time to pull strings for her, should time be an issue.

She reached up to knock, but hesitated and put her ear to the door first. Despite the urgency, she still wanted to be discreet. Sounds of activity were heard, but very little. Perfect. She knocked on the door, glancing over her shoulders as she waited for a response.

The door opened and Dash looked forward, expecting to see Twilight. There was nopony at eye level. It didn’t surprise her, Spike often answered the door. She looked down slightly, but saw nothing there either.

“Huh?” She looked further down and stared into the eyes of Angel Bunny, who just stared back.

“Angel, dear, you shouldn’t answer the door in other people’s homes.” A very quiet voice came from inside. The door nudged open slightly more and Fluttershy poked her head around it. Upon Seeing Rainbow Dash she smiled and fully stepped into view.

“Oh, hello Rainbow Dash, sorry about Angel, he likes to take control of things.” She explained. Dash gave her an obvious look.

“You don’t say? Anyway, is Twilight in?” She asked as she cautiously moved into the library. Books were strewn everywhere in both piles and stacks. The books were organized, labeled stacks on one side of the large room and piles of random books on the other. It looked like some massive reorganization was going on.

“Oh yes, Twilight and Spike are in the basement, they should be back up shortly. I’m just lending a hoof.” She explained before looking around for Angel, who had disappeared quickly. Dash internally sighed in relief. Talk about luck of the draw. When she saw Fluttershy there she was worried that more of her friends would be there too. Thankfully the only two she wasn’t worried about were present.

Spike came up from the basement first while brushing dust off his body. He quickly noticed Dash and waved.

“Hey Rainbow Dash, what brings you—” he was cut off by a knock at the door, which made Dash flinch, “hold that thought.” He turned towards the door.

Dash panicked. She turned her back to the door and contemplated what to do. But she stopped mid thought. She was worried about it being one of three bad scenarios, but there were lots of ponies in Ponyville, what were the chances of it being one of her friends? She was just being paranoid.

“Hello Spike, my I come in darling?”

“Of course Rarity!”

Never mind. This was a bad scenario, but it could be worse. While Rarity was the one most likely to figure out her motives, she was the one Dash was least worried about. Dash remained calm and played it cool as if she was looking around the books. She avoided all contact while Rarity spoke to Spike about a designer’s manual she needed for a project.

The sound of hooves came from the basement stairs. Dash turned, ready to move in, ask Twilight her question, and then fly off before any other surprises.

“Rarity!” Twilight exclaimed right before Dash spoke. Twilight trotted over to Rarity and gave her a hug. “I haven’t seen you in weeks!”

“My apologies Twilight, I’ve been a bit busy with my dresses for the Canterlot show.”

Dash slinked back out of sight. This wasn’t too bad. Rarity would most likely find out, but she wasn't as bad as Applejack or Pinkie. Now she just had to wait patiently for them to finish. If she was lucky, Spike would end up distracting Rarity. He had a tendency to.

“Anypony home?” A farmer twang came from the door left slightly ajar.

Scratch that. It just got a lot worse.

“Applejack? Come on in!” Twilight eagerly welcomed Applejack in as well, “I haven’t seen you in forever either!”

“Well, ya know, I've taken over a bit at the farm recently. This is my first time off the farm in a week-r-so, I thought I’d pop in and say hi. Looks like Rarity finally left her workshop too!” She nudged Rarity in the side a little too hard, earning an “OOF” from her. The conversation began as Dash contemplated her options.

“Please Applejack, I’m sure you can appreciate what it means to be dedicated to your work.” Rarity flipped her mane around.

“That’s one thing we c’n agree on.” Applejack joked.

Dash had a couple options. She would clearly get questioned if she “emerged” so she could go with some sort of Daring Do book excuse. She could also find a way to get Twilight away from them, but how could she do that inconspicuously?

Then suddenly, as she inspected her target and obstacles, Applejack and Rarity began to bicker about something right after agreeing. How typical. Fluttershy was already trying to dispel it as well.

Opportunity acquired. The two problems distracted themselves. Now all she had to do was pull Twilight Aside for a second and ask quietly. She acted casual as she trotted over.

“Hey Twi,” Her voice made Twilight jump and her wings flapped open.

“Rainbow Dash? When did you get here?” She asked, surprised.

“SHHHH!" Dash shushed her quickly, "I actually got here before Rarity, I was looking at some books,” she stole a quick glance at Fluttershy trying to pry apart Applejack and Rarity. Dash took her chance, “Look, come over here I need to ask you something. It’s a little personal.” Before Twilight could question anything, Dash was pulling her over behind a pile of books that slightly hid them from the rest.

“Why all the secrecy? What’s wrong?” Twilight asked, curious about Dash’s odd behavior.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just… wanted to know something.” She peeked over the pile of books to see the scuffle still going on.

“Well? I’m listening.” Twilight tapped her hoof.

“You’re a princess now, so I was curious. In two weeks—,” as she spoke, unbeknownst to them, a periscope slowly emerged from the pile of books beside them, “I was wondering if you could get me a ticket to—,” Dash froze as she glanced to her left and saw the periscope looking directly at her from the books.


“To the Grand Galloping Gala?” Twilight finished for her. Dash was screwed, she knew exactly what was going to happen next, and no force in the universe could stop it. Pinkie Pie burst out of the pile of books and grabbed Dash by the face.

“YOU’RE GOING TO THE GRAND GALLOPING GALA?!?!” Pinkie yelled out as the slight cover provided by the pile of books collapsed. Everything else had stopped and all eyes were on Dash now. So much for keeping it quiet.

“Oh. Great, I had completely forgotten about the annual ass kissing event.” Fleetfoot rolled her eyes as Spitfire shrugged from behind her desk.

“I don’t like it either, but we’re the lead squad. It’s all part of the publicity.” She explained to Soarin, Fleetfoot, and Rapidfire as they all showed their own form of discontent. Fleetfoot plopped down into a chair and sighed, Soarin made a motion as if he was being choked by a noose and stuck his tongue out, and Rapidfire just scoffed. Spitfire had a “casual” policy with the three of them specifically. Anypony else who came to her office was under strict order to stand attention. She let them be at ease as long as they still respected her as captain in a professional setting.

“Do we have to wear our spandex the whole time again?” Soarin whined, “Seriously, last time I chaffed so much I’m surprised I still have skin down there.” Spitfire flattened her ears and eyelids and stared at him uncomfortably.

“Thanks for that lovely bit of info Soarin, but you’ll be happy to hear that the Gala is being run differently this year.” This caught all of their attention. Except for Rapidfire, who seemed to be giving less and less of a damn as the meeting went on. He hadn’t moved from the back corner of her office near the door. Spitfire continued. “Luna is in charge of the gala this year, due to reasons Celestia has not disclosed to me. I’ve already spoken with Luna about her plans, and it looks like this year it will be both better and worse.” She reached into her desk and pulled out a little note pad. She flipped through the pages briefly until she found what she was looking for. “This year the gala will be referred to as the Grand Galloping Ball, and the dress code for us is formal.”

“A ball? Wait, that means—” Fleetfoot’s eyes widened in horror.

“Yes, that means dancing.” Spitfire finished for her, keeping a professional attitude despite how she felt.

“What?! I’m a terrible dancer! LUNAAAAAAA!!!” Fleetfoot threw her hooves up.

“You don’t have to dance if you don’t want to.” Soarin chuckled. Fleetfoot lifted an eyebrow at him. She hovered slightly into the air and got in his face.

“You don’t seem too worked up about it. Do you know how to dance?” She smirked at Soarin. But when he remained silent and avoided eye contact awkwardly. Her eyes widened, her jaw dropped, and she slowly floated back down onto her hooves, “Wait. YOU know how to ballroom dance?!”

“Well, yes, I do.” Soarin answered slightly embarrassed. Rapidfire snickered in the corner, earning a glare from Spitfire.

“Oh Rapidfire, I didn’t know you were there. Got something to say?” She was being stern with him because he had been nothing but trouble all day.

“No, I don’t,” he pushed off the wall, “are we done here? My life is being wasted.” Spitfire instantly pointed towards the door.

“Just piss off.” She spat. He flipped his mane over, scoffed, and left. She shook her head, “the shit I put up with.”

“So, formal attire? I guess I could go—” Soarin tried to bring the conversation back but Fleetfoot grabbed him by the face and pulled him back towards her.

“No. You are going to tell me right here, right now, when you learned to ballroom dance. Of all of us, you are the LAST pony I expected to know how.” She demanded. Soarin avoided eye contact again.

“Does it really matter?” He desperately tried to get away. Spitfire let her head fall to her desk as she started laughing, turning Fleetfoot’s attention to her. She answered for him,

“When we were teenagers and next-door neighbors our parents forced us to take dance lessons before attending a wedding,” she motioned a hoof towards Soarin, “big-manly-stallion here was so nervous about dancing with the other fillies that he only danced with me. He actually fought off a few that wanted to cut in.”

“Spitfire!” Soarin turned bright red and his wing feathers all puffed out. Fleetfoot fell onto her back, laughing while clutching her stomach and kicking her back hooves in the air.

“Why is that so easy to picture?!” She forced out between fits.

“Alright, alright!” Soarin grit his teeth and tried to hide his face behind a ruffled wing.

“Wait.” Fleetfoot sat up in realization, “that means.” She pointed at Spitfire.

“Yes, I know how ballroom dance too.” Spitfire said without any embarrassment at all. In fact she sounded proud of it.

“GAH! What am I supposed to do?!” Fleetfoot fumed while putting her hooves on her head. Spitfire waved a hoof at her.

“Relax Fleet, I can show you some basics if you want.” She smirked. “We don’t want you tripping over your hooves in case some hunky stallion wants to dance with you.” She used Fleetfoot’s own dreamy words and tone of voice.

Soarin had been subtly edging towards the door. If he made an escape while the mares were talking, he could avoid any questions about Rainbow Dash. He was almost home free. When he was close enough, he turned and took a step, but Fleetfoot zipped in front of him.

“Ooooooooh no you don’t!” Fleetfoot firmly placed her hoof against his chest and pushed him back in. “Nice try, but no more mysteries.” Soarin sighed and moved back into the office.

“C’mon Soarin, you’ve gotta open up,” said Spitfire as Fleetfoot pushed him back into the room, “We’re your teammates and your friends. Plus you used to always tell us what was on your mind.”

“Yeah,” Fleetfoot pouted, “frankly, I’m hurt.” She put a hoof over her heart and looked away dramatically.

“Says the mare who can’t keep a secret.” Soarin rolled his eyes at her.

“In the past, now talk.” Fleetfoot put herself between him and the door in case he got any ideas. “Start with the train, what happened there?!” She bounced a little as she pried. Soarin let his head sway back and forth and droop.

“Sheesh, nothing really. I went after the train, told her she was important to me, and then we—” he hesitated.

“Kissed?” Spitfire added with a smirk making Fleetfoot look at him eagerly.

“Well, yes.” Soarin looked at neither of them, but Fleetfoot found a way to get in his face again with her hooves pressing against her cheeks so hard they squished her face.

“AWWWW!!! That is just precious!” She squealed. Spitfire was laughing more at how ridiculous Fleetfoot was being, but she would admit it was amusing to see a big strong stallion like Soarin fidget nervously.

“Yikes Fleet, don’t torture him more than we already are.”

“Then what?” Fleetfoot eagerly asked. Soarin shrugged.

“Then I left.”

“WHAT?!” Fleetfoot’s expression turned almost completely upside down. “That’s it?!”

“What was I supposed to do?” Soarin looked at her quizzically.

“More than that!” Fleetfoot reached her hooves out towards him.

“What did you expect? Did you think we were just gonna do it on the floor right there?” Soarin fought back. Fleetfoot turned bright red for a moment as she thought about it, but quickly responded.

“No, but you really didn’t do anything else?” She continued.

“I told her she was important to me, and that I hope I get to see her more, but not much beyond that.”

“I’ve gotta admit,” Spitfire cut in, “I kinda agree with Fleet here. Soarin, after all that soul searching, over emotional brooding, and near death experiences, that's all you said to her?"

"Gosh!" Fleetfoot groaned, "the way you talked about her gave me the impression you were legitimately in love with her.”

“I am!” Soarin yelled out while flapping his wings down hard, causing a gust that blew a few papers off Spitfire’s desk. Spitfire and Fleetfoot just stared at him. He folded his wings back up and his ears flopped down. “Sorry. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.” He turned to the door and walked right passed Fleetfoot, who let him go untouched.

“I think I may have annoyed him a little.” She admitted.

“YA THINK!?” Spitfire’s voice blew her over.

“The Grand Galloping Gala?” Applejack looked curiously at Rainbow Dash, not sure if she heard it correctly, “Why in Equestria would ya ever wanna go back t’that awful thing?”

They had all gathered around Rainbow Dash, who refused to make direct eye contact with any of them. This was supposed to be a smooth, silent plan. It had turned into a nightmare.

“I must say I’m surprised as well,” Rarity spoke up, “of all of us you were the last one I expected to go again.”

“I have my reasons okay!?” Dash suddenly lashed out, throwing her hooves into the air and extending her wings out.

“You can tell us,” Fluttershy tried the gentle approach.

“No, I can’t.” Dash refolded her arms and wings and looked back down to the floor.

“Rainbow Dash, I can get you a ticket,” Twilight placed a hoof on her shoulder, “But we’re just curious, it’s so unlike you.”

“YEAH! What’s floggin’ your noggin’?!” Pinkie was right beside her, bouncing eagerly.

“Pinkie, please.” Twilight pushed Pinkie away to give Dash space.

Twilight had a knack for making her feel better. In fact Twilight did that often for all of them. Dash looked around at all the concerned looks from her friends. She had to look at this differently. Besides, she was stuck and unless she told them all, they’d be curious and she'd never hear the end of it. She took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh.

“I want to see—”

“EEEEEEHEHEE!!!!!” Rarity suddenly squealed with starry eyes and rapidly tapped her front hooves against the floor. They all looked to her but she waved them off. “Oh nono, ignore me, I want to hear her say it!” She said giddily. Pinkie popped up in front of her.


“What?” Rarity leaned back from Pinkie, but she reached forward and grabbed her shoulders, pressing her nose against hers.


They all of them turned back to Dash. She was sure she’d get laughed at, but she had no choice.

“I want to see... Soarin.” She said quietly.

She didn’t look up, worried about what she would see. She heard Rarity squeal again, but beyond that she had no clue what their reaction was. She slowly peeked up, and was surprised at what she saw. Twilight was giving her a friendly smile, Fluttershy looked very happy, Pinkie had her “Oo!” face going, and Applejack was flashing a small smirk, but not a snide one.

“You were worried about that?” Twilight asked innocently. Dash just nodded and hid her face behind her wings.

“I think somepony’s in love.” Applejack cooed to her. She quickly felt the need to defend herself. Dash removed her wings from her face and leapt towards Applejack, planting herself right in front of her.

“You trying to start something?! I’m not some softy that—” She was cut off as Applejack took off her hat and pressed it down on Dash’s head.

“WHOA THERE! There ain’t nuthin wrong with it sugarcube!” She said with a hearty chuckle. Dash tipped the hat up to see Applejack smiling back at her. She glanced around and the rest seemed to be giving a similar vibe. Maybe she was acting too tough. She pulled the hat back down to cover her eyes.

“PUH-LEEEZE.” Pinkie wrapped a hoof over Dash’s shoulder, “If you think we’re ever gonna think you aren’t the roughest and toughest of the bunch, think again!”

“That’s for sure,” Twilight agreed, “It’s not like we’re very surprised Dash, you and Soarin spent so much time together when the Wonderbolts visited. It wasn’t that hard to put it together.”

Dash had great friends. She abhorred showing a little weakness, but she was beyond glad that she had friends who could read her, see her emotional signs, and not think differently of her for them. She was still a little embarrassed, because as Rarity said, of all of them the rough talking athlete wanted to go to a formal gathering? She would always try to keep her image no matter who or what was in front of her.

“Thanks,” she removed the hat and handed it back to Applejack. She was still blushing, but she felt comfortable knowing she could rely on them all.

“Although I should give you fair warning,” Twilight spoke up, catching all of their attention, “The Gala is a little different this year.” Dash blinked, not quite sure if she should be curious or worried. “Luna is running it and she decided to make it into a ball instead of a gala.” Dash stared in thought for a few moments before turning to Rarity.

“What’s the difference between a ball and a gala?” She asked.

“Only the best difference darling,” Rarity fluttered her eyelashes with a wide smile, “A gala is but a gathering of important individuals and their guests. A ball is a formal party that includes lots of dancing!” She clapped her hooves together. Dash was not nearly as amused.

“D-d-d-d-dancing?!” she stuttered. Rarity rushed up beside her.

“I know! Isn’t it exciting!? I’m sure Soarin knows how to dance, being a high ranking official of a major organization and all.”

“No, that makes it even worse! I don’t know how to dance!” Dash yelled, extending her wings and accidentally knocking Rarity over. She began to wonder if this would be more than she could handle. She really wanted to see Soarin. Really wanted to see Soarin. But she didn’t want to be humiliated in the process, or go and look like she clearly didn’t belong.

“I can’t dance either Rainbow Dash, but I’m still going. I can find some books for you on ballroom dancing.” Twilight offered. Dash shook her head.

“I don’t have time to read through a book and teach myself something like that! Also you’re a princess, you’ll probably be standing on a pedestal the whole time anyway.” Said Dash.

“Um, excuse me.” Fluttershy quietly spoke up behind them. Dash ceased her worrying and turned her, "I know how to dance. I could show you, if you’d like.” They all stared as she looked away from them.

“You know how to dance?” Dash asked with disbelief. Fluttershy nodded. “Since when?” She prodded. Fluttershy fidgeted.

“Um, I learned from, Macintosh.” She said while brushing a hoof against the floor and her face turning a similar color to her mane.

“Pardon?” Applejack looked more perplexed than any of them. “Mah brother knows how to ballroom dance?” Dash was still worrying, but the look on Applejack’s face was utterly priceless.

“Seriously Applejack, do you know anything your brother can't do?” She continued to chuckle.

“Ah’d probably know more if he talked more.” She rolled her eyes.

“Then it’s all settled!” Rarity was beside Dash again. “Twilight will get you a ticket, Fluttershy can teach you how to dance, and I will fix up your old dress and help make you all pretty the night of!” She explained happily. Dash backed away slightly.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don’t need any of that make-up stuff.” Rarity pushed a hoof over Dash’s mouth.

“Oh hush darling, you want to look perfect for Soarin right?!” She asked with wide, begging eyes. Dash looked away and nodded with a slight blush crossing her face again. “Then I’ll make sure you stand out so radiantly he can’t take his eyes off of you!”

“I—, I suppose.” Dash gave in. Her friends all just wanted the best for her, and they were all willing to help and support her.

“AND I—” Pinkie knocked Rarity aside, “CAN HELP YOU GET USED TO TALKING TO HIM!” She pulled a comb out of her tail and swiped it once through her mane, making it match Soarin’s mane style instantly. Then she inhaled sharply and held her breath. Her face became more angular like a stallion’s. She looked like a pink Soarin. She pulled a horrified Dash close to her and said in a deep seductive voice, “Talk to me babe…”

Art by: eveyannie

“PINKIE!” Dash yelled as she shut her eyes tight, her face nearly turned completely red, and she pushed Pinkie away.

Almost all of them were willing to be helpful.

Soarin trudged down the hallway of the Canterlot Wonderbolt compound. His body language and demeanor caused all who came near to get out his way. Normally he didn’t mind Fleetfoot’s girlish squealing and prying for personal info, but this time it was too personal. The feelings ran too deep and her questions struck deeper than he was willing to play along with. She had no way of knowing that, so he wasn’t angry at her. It was just poorly timed, and this wasn’t just another mare they were talking about, this was Rainbow Dash. His Rainbow Dash.

Despite having just passed out from some magic related stress reaction, the only way he could think of getting his mind out of this funk was by working out. Plus he didn’t feel tired, as he hadn’t for the past couple of months. This side effect of having his life restored was another thing he couldn’t stop wondering about. He had to let off steam and free his mind so he went straight for the locker rooms.

Along with multiple flight courses, the Wonderbolt compound also had a standard gym complete with weight training and cardiovascular equipment. A Wonderbolt’s primary skill was flight, obviously. But due to many tricks, maneuvers, and their secret function as a combat force during emergencies, it was important for the Wonderbolts to keep their bodies in shape as well. On top of that, the lead squad wasn’t the only squad who had a “power” member. Every squad had their own unique styles, but more than a few of them had a member who could catch and throw teammates with ease.

It was way past peak training hours, so Soarin was happy to find the gym completely empty. He wasted no time, grabbing a towel and a bottle of water before beginning his personal routine. Lifting weights always helped him get his mind off things bothering him. Moving from machine to machine and focusing on forcing the heavy weights up, down, or whatever direction it called for instead of whatever was eating at his mind.

The magic he had been exposed to seemed to negate being tired, but at least his body wasn’t invulnerable. Like a good workout should, it eventually caught up to him. He pushed through one more rep on the chest fly machine and exhaled, letting the weight slam back down. He didn’t feel tired, but his body sure felt tight and hard worked. He nodded in satisfaction as he wiped the sweat from his brow with his towel.

He didn’t know what the deal was with his wings. Whenever he did flight training, he felt like he could go on forever without rest. It took a full body workout to feel like he had accomplished something.

“You really push yourself hard don’t you?” Spitfire’s voice suddenly came from behind a nearby machine. Soarin’s ears perked up and he glanced to his right as Spitfire emerged from behind it. He sighed and took a sip from his water bottle.

“I gotta do something to get a decent workout. How long have you been there?”

“About fifteen minutes. You looked super focused, I didn’t want to interrupt,” she pulled a nearby bench towards him and sat down on it, “so you really never feel tired huh? Even now after all that heavy lifting and drenched in your own sweat?” She asked.

“I know I at least look it now, but no. It only feels like I had a good workout. I feel like I could go more, but my body wouldn’t have it.” He exhaled and slumped against the seat of the machine.

“Well, I didn’t come to stalk you while you pump iron. I was wondering if you wanted to talk about anything else on your mind.” She tried to segue to a different topic. Soarin groaned and slumped further into the seat.

“Come on Spitfire, I came here to forget about all that. Now I’m thinking about it again, thanks.”

“Pff, like you wouldn’t have just thought about it again afterward.” She whisked her hoof around comically. “I made a point to come ask you alone without little miss giddy Fleet. If you want to talk about Rainbow Dash, you know I’ll take you seriously.” She gave him a sincere look. He blinked, looking directly back at her.





“Okay, okay.” He chuckled as she eyed him sternly. He sighed and glanced up at the ceiling. “Boy how do I even start?” He leaned forward and rested his head in his hooves.

“How about, just how you feel? I’m not interested in every personal tidbit or what you did and/or didn’t do with her. I just want to know what’s on your mind, and help you get it off your mind.” She explained. Once again, Soarin was glad he had Spitfire in his life. He’d be a constant nervous wreck without her.

“Rainbow Dash,” he began, “is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” He leaned back, “you remember how I used to be, always chasing away any mare interested in me, always afraid of an extra commitment getting in the way of my career. Dash changed all of that, she took my argument as to why I couldn’t get close to her, crumpled it into a ball and threw it RIGHT back into my face!” He stood up, startling Spitfire. “It was unreal!” His excitement was very sudden. “For once I wasn’t being treated like a celebrity! She wasn’t afraid of me or what I was! She got right in my face and told me off! I couldn’t believe it!” He started pacing back and forth. “Spending time with her was also just so comforting. She was so casual and easy to talk to, I could speak my mind. I could tell jokes and be funny with ease. I found myself doing everything I possibly could just to see that mare laugh or smile. It’s all I wanted, and every time I was successful it made my heart soar! Pun intended!” Soarin stopped and pointed at Spitfire as he added that last little tidbit.

Soarin began walking circles around the bench Spitfire was sitting on as he continued to shower Rainbow Dash with praise. She had NEVER seen Soarin act like this before. He was really head over hooves in love with Rainbow Dash.

“To top it all off she saved my life more than once, and when I held her in my arms in the hospital bed I never felt more complete in my life. I wanted to keep her there with me and never let go! She’s rough, she’s tough, she’s sassy, and she’s a tad over-competitive, but that makes me like her even more! It makes her so unique! Speaking of unique, don’t even get me started on that rainbow mane. And Celestia kill me, those eyes, they look right through me, I just can’t resist them!” he sat down right in front of Spitfire suddenly, “She makes me feel so alive in every way imaginable! I would do anything to be with her! If she was in danger a thousand of miles away, you better bet I would fly all five-thousand two-hundred and eighty feet of every single one of those thousand miles to get to her! I can’t believe we parted on such a neutral basis, I should have told her so much more! I should have —”

Soarin stopped dead as he became aware of Spitfire’s state as he was practically yelling in her face. She was staring at him with wide eyes, at some point her wings had unfolded, and she was blushing?

“Oh, um, sorry. I kinda lost control there. Uh.” Soarin wasn’t quite sure what was happening, or why his childhood friend and captain was in her current state. Was it something he said? Or, and he absolutely hoped not, was she hiding something from him? About him? “Spitfire?”

“Ah!” She shook her head and refolded her wings. She immediately noticed Soarin looking at her very uncomfortably. She realized what had just happened, and quickly replied to dispel any misunderstanding. “No.” She swiped her hoof to the side. “Sorry, Soarin it has nothing to do with you.” She stood up, still visibly blushing. “You know our relationship was defined a long time ago, so you’ll understand it’s not because of you when I say I’m extremely jealous of Rainbow Dash right now.”

“Buh?” Soarin shifted which eyebrow he had up. Spitfire chuckled and turned away from him.

“Stallions.” She said shaking her head and looked over her shoulder back to him. “It’s just the way you talk about her. There was so much passion and excitement in your voice. You were so happy you couldn’t sit still! I’m just—” she sighed and looked away from him, “I’m just jealous that Dash has somepony that feels and speaks about her with such fire and adoration. I’ve never seen somepony get so fired up like that about a special somepony before. It made me wonder if there’s any stallion out there that would do the same for me, that’s all.” She took a few paces towards the exit, embarrassed that Soarin had to see his captain so flustered despite the fact that they were good friends.

Her pride was getting the better of her. She never expected such a radiant display from Soarin and the effect it had on her was frightening. She had to get out before any more of her emotions poured through. This was about him, not her. She didn’t want him to worry about her on top of everything else. She stopped briefly and turned to him one more time, flashing a smile.

“Rainbow Dash is a very lucky mare.” She said before quickly she left the gym. Soarin just stared at the exit as she turned the corner. Despite being her longtime friend, Soarin always had trouble reading Spitfire’s emotions. It became even harder when she was named captain of the Wonderbolts. To see her chains suddenly break like that made him wonder. Was she dealing with some problems of her own?


---to be continued---