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Witching Hour

This is my circus and these are my monkeys aren't they? Carp.



This story is a sequel to Chase the Wind

Monkey Wrench hasn't gone back to Cloudsdale in months, not seeing her parents and four older siblings since her accident more than 10 months ago...

Cinna's family only has four ponies to it, since her father's been disowned by his parents...

Squad Zero is new in town and they don't really have anyone to spend the holiday with beyond each other...

So Witching Hour takes it into her own hooves, with the help of Fancy Pants and Fleur, to make sure this year's holiday gives them something special, even if it's just somewhere to be with other Hearth's Warming Orphans like themselves.

Set approximately 2 months before the start of Calm Wind's Piercing the Heavens.

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So excited to see more of Witchy and Monkey and Tricks and all of the family!

love it this is a perfect story.
sorry it duped my post so I removed one.

Comment posted by harts fire deleted May 20th, 2016

Glad you enjoyed! Is not quite finished... But I'm glad you like! :twistnerd:

Duly noted! :scootangel: All good. I'm pleased with how this turned out, even if it's the shortest thing I've written. :twilightsmile:

awww I like it a vary good chapter to end a good story with.

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