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Sombra, Prince of the Crystal Empire and the adoptive son of Queen Amore, returns home after a long and hard fought war against the ancient Black Dragons and is eager to continue the budding romance that has started to flower between him and the radiant Princess Celestia of the southern kingdom of Equestria.

However, when he returns home he is swept up by a prophecy given to him by the Crystal Heart. A prophecy that foretells the doom of all he loves at the hooves of the Umbra. And so Sombra sets off once more into the wastes to confront this foe, determined to save his Empire and the mare he loves before it's too late.

Little does he know, he's playing right into fate's hooves.

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I feel like you should use the MLP: Comic tag since you’re using things from one of the comics.

Didn't this story used to be complete?

You might be thinking of The Fall of Roan... which was another kettle of shenanigans entirely. :derpytongue2:

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