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A college trained writer who is now back to honing his craft after graduating. Tends to write fantasy and science fiction. Also very shy! Who wants a muffin!?


This story is a sequel to Storytime

Luna, observing the ponies of Canterlot celebrating a holiday born from the traditions of Mexicolt, Luna decides to take part in the celebration and join her ponies in their holiday of remembering their loved ones. Together with her friends, the Guard Commander Amber Dawn, and the energetic foal Quick Gust, Luna goes forth and partakes in the celebration.

Before long, memories of ponies Luna held most dear surface, to be shared with her little ponies.

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Sombra, Prince of the Crystal Empire and the adoptive son of Queen Amore, returns home after a long and hard fought war against the ancient Black Dragons and is eager to continue the budding romance that has started to flower between him and the radiant Princess Celestia of the southern kingdom of Equestria.

However, when he returns home he is swept up by a prophecy given to him by the Crystal Heart. A prophecy that foretells the doom of all he loves at the hooves of the Umbra. And so Sombra sets off once more into the wastes to confront this foe, determined to save his Empire and the mare he loves before it's too late.

Little does he know, he's playing right into fate's hooves.

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Once, long ago, centuries after the deaths of her friends, Twilight traveled back in time to visit them with the intention of saying goodbye. She especially wished to say goodbye to Rarity, whom she had loved with all her heart, and had watched grow old and eventually die.

It did not go as planned. But, from the chaos, came a promise: Rarity would wait for Twilight.

Thousands of years have passed since that day, since the day Rarity promised that, and Twilight shall now see if that promise will be kept.

A fan-made epilogue to Monochromatic's Injuring Eternity because I read it and after all the tears were done, I felt I needed to write a short little thing which with Mono's blessing I am now publishing.

So, I hope you enjoy this Mono! You turned me into a dirty RariTwi Shipper!

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Many years after the fall of the Equus Empire, the Virtue of Hope has helped to establish the Crystal Empire. It is a city she protects with all her power, and with all her love.

One night as she sits in the company Amore, the pony who will one day succeed her as Queen of the Crystal Empire, she is asked by the young unicorn about their shared heritage. Amore, like Hope, had once lived behind the hallowed and shining walls of Roan. Hope, though saddened by the prospect of recalling the city she once ruled over, tells Amore of their homeland.

And of its fall.


A back-story and world building story for the Equus Empire that Witching Hour and myself are slowly building up.

Amore belongs to Hasbro.

Hope, Strength, Life, Compassion, Love are creations of myself and Witching Hour, as are the Alicorn Shiro and the Drake Jinsong, the Construct Doctor, and the City of Roan.

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A.K. Yearling, known as Daring-Do in the world of explorers and adventurers, and her friend Leaf Wind are assigned a task by Princess Luna to travel to Saddle Arabia and search for an ancient and presumed destroyed library. What they discover beneath the shifting and sweltering sands may very well redefine the history of Equestria, it might even possibly define its future. One thing's for sure, though, Leaf and Daring's relationship will never be the same.

Takes place around the same time as Witching Hour's story "Steady as She Flies" as well as the end of Calm Wind's story "Flying Sky High"

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A class trip by Graceful Learning's class of school foals to the Canterlot Castle has not been very interesting. Educational, yes, but very boring. That changes when they visit the Royal Library, and the foals run into Princess Luna, who asks the young foals if they'd like to hear her favorite story.

Written as a one-shot, side piece in Calm Wind's Wonderverse.

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Squad Six is an Upper-Tier Elite Squadron of the Wonderbolts. Its members are an odd bunch at best, and at worst like bickering siblings. They are above else loyal to each other and to their fellow Wonderbolts. However, tragedy looms on the horizon for one of them, the ultimate sacrifice that can ever be asked for any of the Mares and Stallions who wear the spandex.

Based in the Wonderverse created by Calm Winds and set in the days leading up to, and during, the second battle against the Shadowbolts.

Cover Art by Penumbra/Bonnama

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