• Published 21st Aug 2015
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Daring-Do and the Leaf in the Wind - Sylvian

Daring-Do, along with her friend Leaf Wind, are assigned a mission by Princess Luna. What they find may change Equestria's past and future. And, perhaps, their relationship.

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“I’d still want you confined to bedrest, Daring,” Bones grumbles as he once more makes sure the bandages around Daring’s middle are secure. “What you did, what all of you up there did. Should’ve made the Captain tell you to keep your plot in bed and rest.”

Chuckling weakly, Daring smiles to the doctor. “It’s okay, Mister McCoy.” She grunts as Bones pokes her in the side. “I’ve had worse, and I’ll take it easy. Not like Seaddle will be full of danger and adventure.” Bones snorts and stands up, going back to his desk and sitting down before he speaks again.

“Right, well that should hold.” He narrows his eyes and crosses his arms. “So long as you don’t go attempting t’fly, or getting into trouble.” He then grumbles under his breath, “I’m a doctor not a miracle worker, so best not get any more beat up.”

Daring gives Bones her most innocent smile. “Why, doctor, whatever would make you think I would go off and get into trouble in a city as old as the Crystal Empire?” In reply Bones opens a drawer in his desk, and pulls out a Daring Do book and points to it. “Ah, well you’ve got me there, Doc.” She then pulls a non-descript shirt on, and pulls her mane back with the headband she had worn when fighting the storm. “Now, unless there is anything else, I should go pay my respects to the Captain, and thank him for ferrying my plot this far.” Bones just waves a hoof dismissively, and opens the book and starts reading from where he had left off earlier.

Opening the hatch from the sick bay and into the hallway beyond Daring makes her way through the inside of the ship. Eventually, she reaches the door that opens onto the deck next to the stairs to the bridge, and pauses for a moment to catch her breath.

Going through, she goes up the stairs and stops at the observation post in front of the Bridge, where Akos is sitting on a stool and smoking a pipe as he leans on the metal half-wall. He smiles softly without looking over at Daring, removing his pipe from his beak and exhaling a cloud of sweet smelling smoke.

“I see you’ve escaped our good Doctor,” Akos says as he continues to look out over the harbor.

“I have indeed,” Daring replies with a small smile. “Not that he made it easy. I was afraid he’d lock the door and continue to tell me tales of his wayward adventures in the navy until I was as old as he is.”

Akos chuckles and looks over at her with one eye. “He very well might have, if you let him.” He puts his pipe back into his beak and speaks around it. “Not ‘very day ‘e gets a famous mare ‘ike ‘rself ‘n his sickbay.”

Daring shakes her head, but continues to smile at the comment. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full, Captain?” Daring replies as she limps over and sits beside him. “And, I got that impression. Though, truthfully, I did love his stories. I might suggest to Yearling to add someone like him into one of her stories.”

Akos nods at that and removes his pipe, “He would love that, I am sure.” He then looks over at Daring and sighs, “So, you’ll be taking your leave of us, then?”

Daring nods and offers a bittersweet smile. “I am, Akos.” She offers a hoof, which is gladly accepted by the captain with a smile of his own. “It was a pleasure and an honor, Captain.”

Shaking Daring’s hoof Akos nods. “The pleasure and honor was all mine, Reservist.” Releasing Daring’s hoof, he leans back and taps the mouthpiece of his pipe against his beak. “If you ever have need of a quick boat, and you can find me, I’ll gladly shuttle you where you need to go.”

Raising a hoof to her head, Daring salutes Akos. “I shall keep that in mind, Captain.” She lowers her hoof and smiles. “And, if you’re ever in Canterlot, be sure to look me up. After what you son did for me and the other pegasi out there, I figure I owe you and him, heck all of those who went up there, a round.”

Akos winks then waves the pipe out towards the city. “A fair trade, I think. Now off with you, go explore the city, get a ticket to Canterlot, find that stallion of yours and have more glorious adventures.” He shrugs and winks to Daring. “Or whatever it is the kids call it these days.”

Raising an eyebrow Daring scoffs, “Salty old sailor.” She then turns and walks off with Akos laughing around his pipe in the background.

Going down the gangplank and setting her hooves on the solid ground of the pier, Daring smiles softly as she trots down the wooden pathway towards the actual dock. At the end, attached to a cart with what Daring herself can’t carry, is Fion. He is a little less banged up than Daring, sporting his fair share of bandages and bruises. He is smiling though, as if he hadn’t just had his flank kicked harder than a recruit who’s gotten on Spitfire’s bad side.

Stopping next to him, Daring smiles, “Thanks for helping me get my stuff to the train station, Fion.”

The griffin waves a taloned hand dismissively. “It’s no problem. Better this than having Bones poke me and grumble about me having ‘inherited your father’s lack of common sense’ or whatever it is he chooses to argue about.” The corner of his beak curls slightly. “Besides, can’t let a good looking mare like yourself lug around all this stuff while you’re injured. That’d just be downright rude of me, and my father did not raise his chicks to ignore their debts!”

Smiling, Daring pats Fion on the shoulder. “Glad to hear it, feather brains. Now, let’s see about getting to that train station.” She starts off even before she is finished, Fion behind her chuckling at her comment.

As they walk off the docks, they enter the city proper, the streets lined with an interesting mix of Equestrian and Crystal Empire styled buildings. The city itself, although a part of the Empire, had at one point been a city under the rule of Equestria, and had only been ceded to Cadance’s rule recently. Evidence of the change is clear in the fact that, even with the presence of Imperial Guards and Citizens, there were still a fair amount of non-crystal ponies in the population.

As the pair make their way down the streets, they greet the early risers warmly, and are greeted in kind. Many, if not all, of the early risers are carrying cups from a coffee shop named ‘Moonbucks’, which seems to be on just about every bucking street corner as Daring looks around. Honestly, they love their tea in Canterlot, but these Seaddleites love their coffee way too much.

Eventually, they come to the Seaddle train station, which, as it was built by Equestria, is a large stone building with tall arching windows, its large double wooden doors standing open. There is already a small crowd gathered inside, some waiting for trains while others have just arrived on the latest -- seeming to have come from Phillydelphia -- with more still standing around the ticket booth apparently displeased with something. Unhooking himself from the cart, Fion ventures forward, the crowd splitting down the middle as he leads Daring up to the ticket counter.

“Good morning,” Daring says with a warm, yet wary smile. “I need a ticket to Canterlot.”

The mare behind the ticket counter sighs. “You and all of them.” She points to the crowd. “I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told them. Train is delayed as the tracks are obstructed.”

“Let me guess, sheep?” Daring says with a sigh as she leans on the counter. The mare behind the counter nods, and Daring just puts a hoof to her face. “Figures. It’s always sheep on the tracks.” Turning to Fion she shrugs and smiles, “Well, I won’t impose on you any more. I am sure I’ll be able to handle my luggage from here.”

“Alright, Daring.” He rolls a shoulder, a few loud pops echoing from him. “I think I’ll go walk around, work some of the kinks out.” He then starts off without any further ado, leaving Daring at the ticket counter.

“So,” Daring says turning back to the mare, “can I still purchase a ticket, and put my luggage somewhere while I wait? Or am I just going to have to stand around until Celestia knows when they usher the sheep off the tracks?”

“You can get a ticket, and deposit your things on the platform to be loaded.” The mare points towards an area of baggage that is near one of the platforms. “Other than that, I’d say standing around with the rest of this… herd might not be the best idea. They’re already getting on my nerves, and I’d really love not to have any others added to it.”

Daring smiles and shrugs. “Fair enough. I’ll purchase a ticket then, go add my stuff to the pile, then get out of your mane, okay?”

“Sounds like a better plan than most of these foals.” The ticket mare replies as she rings up Daring for her ticket. “That’ll be seventy-five bits, please.” Daring’s forks over the required amount of bits and is handed her ticket in return. “Have a nice day, ma’am.”

“You too, try not to let this crowd get to you too much, ‘kay?” Daring says with a smile as she turns and heads over to the cart where her stuff is. She hooks herself up and slowly, and not without a small bit of pain, gets the cart over to the baggage area where she unloads her stuff.

Wiping sweat from her brow, Daring sits down next to the baggage pile and looks around, wondering what to do now.

Perhaps the underground city? She had not visited it in some years, and the museum there had likely made progress in its endless restoration project. As it’s on the other side of the city, though, and Daring’s wings are not exactly up to flying at the moment, it's looking like it’ll be a mid-morning walk to pass the time.

Standing and walking back out of the station, Daring takes a moment to get her bearings. The train station is on the edge of the city, while the Seaddle Underground entrance is in the marketplace closer to the docks. Starting off again, Daring heads towards a large park-like area her and Fion had passed on their way over to the station, as the streets had been somewhat of a roundabout route due to the fact the cart’s wheels were not made for soft earthen trails like in the park. Walking into it, Daring is instantly subsumed by a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The park, which is full of towering, and apparently ancient, evergreen trees is a regular meeting place for the Equestrian Rare Animals Association, as next to the Canterlot Gardens the sight of Seaddle’s Equestria Fair has the largest collection of rare animals in the world. At least, publically, Daring has a sneaking suspicion that the Librarian at Life’s Temple has quite a bit more, and they’re a fair bit more on the rare side. And at its center, visible from any point in the entire city is the Star-Needle, the closer she comes to it the stronger the feeling of peace and tranquility grows.

The large structure -- which is a crystalline pillar with a large structure at the top and three arches supporting it -- had been a gift from Princess Celestia and Luna to Cadence upon returning the city to the Crystal Empire. Its unveiling at the Equestria Fair had been a moment the city would never forget, as it had marked its final victory over Sombra. Daring had been present at the historic occasion, and even she could see the pure joy in the faces of the crystal ponies, although the party afterwards was sort of a blur as somehow the Element of Laughter had wormed her way into the group planning the Fair.

Daring is brought back to the present, and comes to a stop once she reaches the other end of the park. The district that the Underground museum sits in is known as the ‘Pike Street Market’, the large sprawling market district which is made entirely of ancient emerald crystals. Here, even at the early hour, the red brick streets are packed with ponies of all kinds going about their business. Walking into the fray with a warm smile, Daring easily navigates the crowd of ponies, stopping only once in front of a large display of fish where a group of pegasi -- crystal and otherwise -- are tossing fish around as they are ordered.

Moving away from that spectacle, Daring heads deeper into the market, passing booth after booth containing local and exotic wares in equal measure. Quite a few times, Daring nearly stops at a botanical booth, her thoughts turning to Leaf and how much she’d love to give him something special, like the rose he had pinned to her vest back in Saddle Arabia. Her botanical expertise is very… sparse however, even with all the years she has spent with Leaf, and she is unsure of what exactly would make a good gift for him. Shaking her head, she continues on, determined to get to her destination, perhaps she’ll find the answer within.

Going down to the lowest level of the market, which is two stories below the floor the entrance is on, Daring navigates enclosed shops and more than a few ancient murals and statues. The air down here is thick and feels as if it has not felt a breeze in centuries. Coming to a stop before a large pair of ornately carved crystal doors, Daring sighs at the Guards standing beside it.

“Good morning,” Daring says with a somewhat forced smile.

“Good morning,” the Imperial Guard says flatly. “If you’re seeking entry into the undercity, the museum is currently closed.”

Reaching into the pocket of the sailing shirt she wears, Daring produces her passport, and shows it to the guards. “I’m friends with the curator of the museum; I’m sure he would want to know I am visiting the city.”

The guard that had spoken to her opens his mouth, doubtlessly to protest, but is stopped by the guard next to him speaking. “Go right in, Daring, I am sure the staff inside would love the reprieve from the old bag of bones.”

Smiling, this time genuinely, Daring nods. “Thanks, Crystal Shield.” She then walks over to the doors, which swing open on their own, and heads inside.

Beyond the doors are more buildings like the ones she has passed on the lower levels, but these are well lit, and although empty of living ponies, are full of period wares and displays showing off Seaddle in the early days of its founding. Banners with Queen Amore’s heraldry, which is quite similar to Princess Cadance’s, hang from many a building side-by-side with other decorations, as if to show some sort of celebration had just happened.

One banner hangs from a few of the truly ancient buildings that Daring has never seen before, it’s a blue banner with three circles in a triangle with rays coming out of them. All in all the banner is very friendly and easy to look at, but Daring has never been able to figure out, nor pry the information from anypony, on who or what the banner represents.

Wandering down the tunnel-like streets, Daring smiles softly at being back in her element. Sure, this isn’t a tomb, or a dangerous temple, or even some epic adventure, but she is amongst history, so close she can reach out and touch it if she wanted. Not that she would, the curator here was quite a stickler on preserving artifacts, and if he got his way no one would even walk on the flagstones beneath their hooves. But, then he was the kind of pony who valued these ancient buildings more than he values living things, like his workers.

Which isn’t to say he is fickle or does not care for them at all, far from it. His employees are well paid, and well looked after should an accident occur, he simply grumbles more if something is damaged. Otherwise, he was fair and well loved by all who are in his employ.

“For the love of Celestia, TO THE RIGHT!” A voice echoes from around a corner, causing Daring to roll her eyes. Turning the corner, Daring comes nearly face to flank with the very subject of her thoughts, and the one yelling orders. “That banner should be further to the right, you lame excuse for a equine!”

The pony, a crystal pegasus, getting yelled at is positioning a banner-staff on top of what seems to be a barricade. Quite a few poniquins in period armor are manning the make-shift fortification and defending against what seem to be darker versions of normal Imperial Guards. Sitting down behind the yelling pony, who is the curator, Daring studies the efforts of the pegasus in relation to the overall fortification.

“No, Viridian, I think it needs to go a little more to the left. Imperial Military Doctrine of the time dictated that the banner-staff and carrier needed to be left-center, with the officer in charge front-right,” Daring says loud enough to be heard by the poor worker, and the curator.

Turning to her, the curator raises an eyebrow and smirks. “So, you weaseled your way past my guards again, did you?”

Putting a hoof to her chest, Daring looks shocked, “Why, Uncle Viridian Archives, I would never do anything dishonest!”

The curator just waves a hoof and then steps forward into the light of one of the lamps. “And Sombra was an upstanding pony who only had the Crystal Empire’s best interests at heart.” Daring smiles and shrugs as she looks her friend over. He had aged slightly in the three years since she’d last seen him. His glossy emerald fur had lost some of its shine, though that might be the light. Likewise, his long jade and silver mane looked a little stringier, like hay almost, than last time, his face slightly more gaunt, body thinner. His eyes, though, like pools of liquid sapphire, had not aged a day.

“Well, there is something to be said about his economic model being efficient,” Daring says, gesturing off-hoofedly, “even if the methods were abysmal.”

Viridian frowns and flattens his ears. “Watch your tongue, Yearling. I was one of those ponies under the yoke, you know,” he points to the barricade behind him, “and I know if you’d been around, you would’ve been standing on that barricade with all of us.”

Holding up her hooves and smiling, Daring gives a friendly smile to Viridian. “I would be holding the bucking banner, Viridian, you know that!”

“Good filly,” Viridian says with a wide smirk before turning back towards the worker. “Come sit next to me, Daring. We need to catch up, and I can’t leave this foal alone to do his job.” Daring walks over and sits down beside him, the old stallion looking at her with one eye and smiling. “You’ve grown.”

“Shorter, perhaps,” Daring replies with a smirk. “Sort of like you’ve grown older.”

Viridian scoffs and waves a hoof dismissively. “I’m hardly a day over a thousand.” he says dryly. “Being stuck in Sombra’s time-bubble did me no favors, you know.”

“Fair enough.” Daring comments, then gestures with her head towards the barricade. “So, finally got to the spot of that battle you were always talking about?”

Viridian smiles a sad smile, and nods. “I did,” he replies softly. “Finally got to the place my brothers and sisters fell defending our humble little fishing town.” He sighs and looks to Daring, his eyes downcast, “I was there, you know.” He points without looking towards a poniquin that wears hastily assembled armor. “Right there, more scared than I’d ever been with the exception of the day I told my parents I’d not follow the family business and join the army."

Nodding, Daring reaches over and pats her old friend on the shoulder. “Yet, when the time came, you grabbed your father’s sword, donned his armor, and stood defiant in Sombra’s face.” She smirks and winks, “What I wouldn’t have given to see you spit in the eye of his soldiers.”

Viridian smiles widely, showing off a few missing teeth. “Well, you would’ve ended up like me, no doubt.” He then gestures towards the barricade again. “We lost, though. This, among so many other, barricades failed against the onslaught of Sombra’s loyalists. Finally stopped them back at the Market.” He gestures with his head over his shoulder. “Damned spawns of a timberwolf burned the whole city, just to try and smoke us out. If not for Celestia and Luna?” He shivers. “I’d not be sitting here talking to you.” Reaching over and poking Daring in the shoulder with a hoof he smirks again. “But, enough about me. What brings my favorite adoptive niece into my neck of the woods?”

Daring shrugs and sighs, “I just got back from Saddle Arabia. Luna had me exploring a temple there, came back with some interesting things, not the least of which is a few new insights into the Equus Empire.” She smiles and winks. “I’ll have to send you some of my notes when I am done writing them out for my next book. I am sure you’ll get a kick out of them.”

“Saddle Arabia, eh?” Viridian says scratching his chin with a hoof. “I hope you took somepony with you.” He looks up at the worker who has started to lower himself to the ground. “You are not done, mister! THOSE BANNERS WON’T HANG THEMSELVES!” He then clears his throat. “I hope it was that Leaf fellow, you and him seemed to work really well together when last I saw you both.” His smile grows as Daring starts blushing. “Ah! You did, didn’t you. Good. I like him, and I am sure your mother would approve.”

“Uncle!” Daring replies, unable to keep a small whine from her voice. “It’s not like that!”

Viridian nods, his smile never leaving. “Mhmm, and your god-mother says otherwise.”

Daring narrows her eyes. “She didn’t…”

“Oh yes, she did.” Viridian says as he pulls a letter from a shirt pocket. “Distant was her usual self, and quite lengthy. This is page one.” He smirks as Daring takes the letter and starts reading it, eyes wide and ears against her head. “Of twenty-five.”

Daring looks up, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. She looks to Viridian. “Twenty-five!?”

Viridian nods. “Oh, yes. Yes, she was quite specific on what I should do.” He sighs and scratches his chin again. “I believe she suggested I ‘tie you to the train if need be’, but I find that a bit excessive, don’t you? I think I’ll simply hand you some bits,” he produces a small bag of bits, “and tell you to go to the ‘Evergreen Wonders’ booth, and tell her you’re there to pick up a delivery from Archives.”

Daring puts the letter down and puts her hooves over her face, groaning loudly. The crystal pegasus stops hanging a banner and looks over. “Hey, you found a special somepony? Good for you Daring!”

Daring points at the pegasus stallion with one hoof, the other staying over her face, “YOU. BANNERS. NOW!” The stallion yelps as if struck by a whip, and goes back to hanging the banners, quicker than he had before.

Viridian laughs, “My my. We really do seem related sometimes, don’t we?” He shrugs and looks to Daring. “Look, Daring. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You found somepony you care about, and he was right under your nose the entire time.” Daring mutters into her hooves, and Viridian leans over. “What was that, dear? I fear my hearing isn’t what it used to be, took a blow to the head from one of Sombra’s goons.”

“I said… Stop rubbing my nose in it.” Daring says, her golden fur glowing a bright scarlet on her cheeks. “It’s bad enough I had to put up with this from Distant. I was hoping you or my parents wouldn’t find out. You, at least, should understand; work comes first! But my parents…” She trails off, her eyes growing wide again, “Oh no… did Distant write them too!?”

“She very well may have,” Viridian says with a sigh and a shrug. “Personally, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t put it past her.” He then pulls a pocket watch from a pocket and looks at it. “Now, as much as I wish to torment you with your love life, and I do love tormenting you, my dear niece, but you have flowers to get, and a train to catch.” He stands and takes Daring by the tail, dragging her along. “Come along now, no time to waste!” He drags Daring a few feet before she gives up trying to resist and gets up to walk with him.

They walk through the streets again, more workers arriving at work to start the process of opening the museum to the public greeting them as they pass. It is nice, really, all of them know who Daring is, but none of them swarm her for autographs or try and ambush her and fan-filly at her. Here, she was just one of many famous explorers and archaeologists who have visited this place. It also didn’t hurt that she sent signed copies of all her new releases to Viridian and his staff as a thank you for their work in the field of archeology.

They reach the doors, and Viridian pauses long enough to tell the guards on watch that he will be back shortly once he is done with his errand. The two on duty nod, but otherwise remain at their stations and continue to watch the doors.

Heading back up into the crowded upper stories, Daring cannot help but marvel at how the sea of ponies part around Viridian. He is well known as a veteran of the War of the Crystals, a living piece of history and legend. As such, he is well respected, but also held at a distance from everypony else, especially for the other crystal ponies he is a reminder of a dark time in their past that many, Viridian included, do their best to put behind them.

Stopping in front of a large collection of booths that are covered in flowers, Viridian turns to Daring and gestures to the mare behind the counter. Sighing, Daring walks over and stands at the counter awaiting her turn to be noticed.

“How may I help you?” The mare, a sunflower-colored earth pony wearing an apron, asks.

“I… am here for an order placed by Viridian Archives,” Daring says slowly, putting the small bag of bits onto the counter.

The mare’s eyes light up and she smiles warmly. “I’ll have that right out for you, dear!” She then turns and walks down the counter, winking at Viridian as she passes. She stops in and gets something from beneath one of the wooden counters, coming back up with a plain wooden box. As she comes back over Daring eyes the box curiously. “Here you go. Viridian said you had to go back to Canterlot, and you’re going by train, so no need to give you living flowers.” She opens the box, showing off the contents. Inside is a collection of tulip bulbs, but they’re brilliant colors, of almost every shade in the rainbow. “These flowers grow here in the Seaddle area only. Though, if what I’ve heard is true from Viridian, your coltfriend will have no problem with them up in Canterlot.”

Daring starts to protest, then sighs. “I am sure he’ll love them,” she says with a small smile that isn’t exactly forced. “It seems, once again, my uncle knows what I need better than I do.”

“Of course I do! I’m over a thousand years old! I should be wise by now!” Viridian huffs from behind. “Now, say goodbye to Sunflower Seeds here so you can get on your train.”

Daring sighs and smiles sheepishly to the mare behind the counter, “Thank you, and have a nice day.” She then turns and starts walking off, hearing Viridian exchange a few short words with the mare.

“Thanks for getting those so fast, Seeds, I was worried they wouldn’t be ready in time,” Viridian says with a chuckle.

“No problem, Viridian! Daring seems like such a nice mare from what you’ve told me. How could I not help!” Seeds, the mare, replies.

“You couldn’t, because you’re good like that.” He then sighs, “Now, I need to make sure she makes the train. I’ll see you for lunch later.”

“See you then!” Seeds reply is the last thing Daring hears before the din of the crowd drowns out anything else.

Daring and Viridian start out back towards the train station, Daring going slow due to her injuries and the box she is carrying in her mouth. They go through the park again, Viridian making comments every once and awhile about this being much nicer than the ugly black crystals that Sombra’s forces had raised when they had swept through. They make it back to the station right as the first whistle sounds, the train being loaded up and passengers ushered aboard.

“Right, looks like you’re here on time,” Viridian says smugly as he looks at his watch again, “and not a moment too soon. If I hurry back, I can make it before one of those blasted foals I call my staff mess anything up!” He pulls Daring into a hug and then kisses her forehead. “Stay safe, kiddo. I expect an invitation to the wedding.” He then turns and trots off, leaving Daring standing there quite stunned.

The second whistle breaks her from her thoughts, and she rushes over to the platform, quickly showing her ticket to the conductor, and boards. She then finds herself a nice compartment, as it is an overnight train, near the back and settles down near the window. Setting the box down on the seat next to her she sighs as she rests her chin on one hoof and stares out the window.

Tomorrow, sometime in the afternoon, she’ll arrive in Canterlot. Somewhere in that city, is Leaf. Her Leaf.

As the train lurches forward, one final whistle sounding, Daring cannot help but smile as she thinks about how much she’ll enjoy simply being in his presence again. Perhaps, she’ll get to hear him say he loves her again.

And, perhaps, she’ll tell him she loves him too.

Author's Note:

And here is chapter 5, set in a city very near and dear to my heart, Seattle!

Hopefully, I did a good job on this chapter, its really just a short rest-stop between the next real informative chapter, which will be her arriving in Canterlot and interacting with some ponies we all know.

Anyway, I did a little world building, with the help of my ever helpful collaborator Witching Hour, and fleshed out some of the Crystal Kingdom and the war against Sombra by adding in the sleepy little fishing port of Seaddle as a major battleground.

For those of you who know Seattle, I hope I did our fair Emerald City justice with this chapter, and I hope you all enjoyed it!

Next stop: Canterlot!

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