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Quoth the raven: "CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW" (Patreon)


If there's something Daring Do hates, it's fancy Hearth's Warming parties.
If there's something Daring Do loves, it's saving the world.

Combine the two, watch how long she lasts.

As seen on EQD.

Originally written as the Secret Santa gift to Razalon The Lizardman.

Edited by Octavia Harmony and Themaskedferret.

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Dang, the full image of that cover art is really well done.

“You’re Daring done! Say your prayers, it was ice meeting—!”
“I’m going to stop you right there and save us both the embarrassment, Doctor.”
“…Yes. Sorry. It wasn’t my best.” Caballeron cleared his throat with a cough. “Uh. I’m going to win!”

I'm confused, what makes that one pun so much worse than every other one?

Yippie-ki-yay motherbucker.

I am going to have to read this later.

Of all the things, this is the best one.

I enjoyed the side-kick banter between Luna and Sugar. Absolutely great!

Brace yourself feature box.

Aragon is coming.


The others are, at least, somewhat original. As in, Caballeron thought about them and all.

"Ice meeting you", on the othe rhand, is the bottom of the barrel of ice puns. Everybody and their mothers have done it. Daring, her job being what it is, takes puns seriously.


Nah, not happening. I appreciate the sentiment, though!

This was exactly what I was excited for when I saw you'd published a new story. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much man. I needed a great laugh.

You're the best Secret Santa ever! :pinkiehappy:

A mare of intrigue, she lives for the thrill.
Always has places to go, and ponies to kill.
Danger is the game she plays, and she holds every card.
'Cause if you wanna win, you gotta fly hard.
A mare of the world, so suave and so smooth.
She trips over the stallions piled up at her hooves.
But evil is lurking, so she is always on her guard.
'Cause if you are gonna fly, you better fly hard.
She is always there when the chips are beginning to fall.
She would not care if they kicked her and grabbed her
And shot her and stabbed her
And nailed both her wings to the wall.
Facing death every day is a tough job for any mare.
But her hours are flexible, and she has got great dental care.
By the way, if you walked in late,
Allow me to reiterate:
The name of this fan fic is "Fly Hard".
They call it "Fly Hard".
You are reading "Fly Hard".
It is the theme from "Fly Hard"!

And now, to actually read the damn thing.

“Your Majesty!” she said, elbowing a noblepony so he would give them room and then nodding Celestia.

There seems to be a word missing between these.

“It’s much nice to see you, indeed.”

"Very" may be better here.

I’m also a little bit annoyed at her lack of Hearth’s Warming spirit, to be honest.”

That is the kind of talk that gets a pony visited by four ghosts. It was four. Do not forget about Marley. Or should I say Mare-ley?

Caballeron, the only.

"The Only"? That is an odd title.

The Royal Guards all looked at her,

Being useless as bloody ever. I mean, come on, what is the point of them anyway?

Your Guard is supposed to be frozen!

There is only one, now?

Maybe in more cold blood, even. Sugar Song hadn’t even let the glass of champagne fall – she was sipping from it and still looking at Daring Do and Caballeron throwing shiny rays at each other.

Aw, snap, Sugar Song is River Song.

“Where did you even carry that?”

“This dress has pockets.”

“That rapier is over a meter long.”

“Really amazing pockets, let me tell you.”

They are bigger on the inside!

Caballeron, on the other hoof, could shoot as much as he wanted, fly in that cloud, and keep the glass floating around.

Unless he is inside of the cloud instead of atop it, "in" should be "on".

Her drawing first blood had been a fluke

This sentence may be pregnant because it did not get its period. I will continue to make that joke until the day I die.

Parry, riposte. “I knocked you out,” Song said.

Counter-riposte. “You threw a hammer at my head!”

Duck, thrust. “Yes. And I knocked you out.”

Duck, twirl – was that necessary?

When you are holding swords in a magical grip, all this dodging and whatnot seems pointless.

You’re Daring done!

Ah, the self-references. This would not be an Aragon story without them.

“You stopped to talk instead of winning,” he said, awe and amusement in his voice. A small smirk crept to his face. “I can’t believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book.”

Yeah, and you stopped to gloat instead of killing her, so you are both stupid.

Song finally got her breath back,approached the stallion, and kicked him in the ribs.

Missing space.

Well, this was fun. I am glad I read it.

By the way, if you walked in late,
Allow me to reiterate:
The name of this fan fic was "Fly Hard".
They called it "Fly Hard".
You just read "Fly Hard".
It was the theme from "Fly Hard"!


"Wait, why are you smiling like that?"

Found The Librarian and the Quest for the Spear reference. :ajsmug:


An accidental reference, though! I'm afraid I'd never heard of that movie before you commented on the story. The line is actually a reference to the story's very first paragraph.

oh boy this was fun

Before reading:
Another story from Aragon?
Guess I'd better put on some pants.

After reading:
I'm glad I was wearing pants for this one because otherwise my chair might have been ruined after that one moment when. She. Swung. On the chandelier.

Hee hee. This should be more popular than it is.

"you're daring done"

im gonna, stab you

another epic story i knew i saw the die hard refrance in the title thanks for recomending it

“You’ve been training!” Last Laugh said, forcing Song to take a step back.

The way this is written makes it sound like what Last Laugh said is forcing Song to step back.

I came here for the puns. I was not disappointed. :rainbowlaugh:

Good work, you brilliant, authory person, you!

Oh god, I HAVE to read something this obviously pun-filled. :rainbowkiss:

Heheh, very nicely done (or perhaps icely done? Eh eh??? No? Okay then moving on). A wonderful spin on the old pulp adventure style story with more than the daily recommended dose of wit. Can't wait to read your other works!

Wonderful! This had me laughing out loud in a couple of places and grinning through most of it! Instant headcanon!

Yippie-ki-yay, party-pooper.

“So,” Song finally said. “Thank you for saving my life.”

“Yeah. Thank you for saving my life, too.”

“Shame about the chandelier.”

“Yeah.” Daring sighed. “Well, at least one of us got to swing on it before it went down.”

“Right. It was really fun. I can see why you’re hooked.”



“Happy Hearth’s Warming, Sugar.”

“Happy Hearth’s Warming, Daring.”

I love the dynamic between these two. Sugar Song so needs to be canon!

I don't even know why I was so entertained by this...but I definitely was...even if there was a bit of "what the heck did I just read" in there.


Ridiculous, over the top, absurd, and so so SO damn fun.

This needs a sequel.

One-two-three, counterbeat, Song took another step backwards and suddenly she was on the stairs and had the high ground and two-three flick right thrust swipe left – no, a FAINT, swipe right – and then left!

So... all appropriate curses directed toward automatic spell-checkers but the underlined word there is meant to be feint.

Author Interviewer

You're a maniac. :D

The Ifrit’s Last Word that Song had kicked it towards Daring Do

Found a thing. :B

“When you smirk with your narration face on, you look like you want to assault me.”

“I know her surprise is a little exaggerated, but I don’t think assaulting your secretary is the right way to go, Daring Do.”

That's one of the things I love about your writing.
You use these little descriptive bits -- an amusing turn of phrase added in much the same way that the fancy chef sprinkles his salt -- and then you revisit that turn of phrase.
It's like your head is a conspiracy-theorist's corkboard in the best possible way.

NGL the fact that you clearly come back to this story and re-read it every few months is funnier than anything I've ever written. But, like, in a good way. I appreciate it!

Also yeah all my stories are full of details like that. This story alone has like a million -- so it's neat to see that people actually catch them!

One of the advantages to having the memory of a dead goldfish is that I can enjoy a good story multiple times and regularly discover something I'd not noticed or failed to properly appreciate the first time.
(Truth be told my memory's not quite as bad as that, but I'm rather fond of exaggeration.)

Daring's "narration face" is something I never knew I needed, but now desperately desire in everything

Which, well, had no real purpose in the fight aside from looking cool, Daring Do supposed. But they did look really cool, and Caballeron still had an unfair advantage.

From atop his magic cloud, Doctor Caballeron crowed triumphantly, "My dear Daring, it's the rule of cool!"

Sugar Song spat out her champagne and nearly tripped over her own hooves in shock. "Bastard! Was that a layered pun?"

Last Laugh wiped away a proud tear with his hoof as he deflected Sugar's rapier into a nearby table. "I'm so proud of him," he said proudly.

I don't know exactly what qualifies as a layered pun, but I think the 'rule of cool' bit qualifies. I'm very pleased with myself about it.

Another blur, another slash to the left, and Last Laugh fell to the ground with a heavy thump, his sword broken in half.
Then she picked up the hammer that had just landed square on Last Laugh’s forehead.

I'd forgotten that bit with the hammer. It reminds me of those people in the Star Wars universe who'd just use shotguns when fighting Jedi. "Parry this, you casual."

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