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I am not much of a writer as i used to be but i promise i will upload old stuff and if anything new comes to mind.i ususally wrtite shipfics XDD

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Generally you have to click publish when you finish a chapter. It should be a button next to "Edit" that says "Publish", and you have to manually click that before your chapter will show up for the public.

Im having a hard time Sharing my story (war) with people
do you know how i can fix it? dose the site not publish chapters
as i finnish them?

There are dots like this ?
On some of my chapters

People can see a story once the first chapter has been posted and it's been approved.

And what red dots?

2315729 so no one can read them until their fully published? and what do the red dots mean?
:ajsleepy: sorry imma noob XD

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