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I don’t know what to put here


Sunset and Wallflower have been dating for a while now. Wally’s recently moved in, and Sunset figures it’s time to introduce her lover to her fan base. Plus, it would help Wally break out of her shell a little bit. But when the show is about to start, Wallflower’s fears rise to the surface, forcing her and Sunset to open old wounds.

Content warning: Transphobia

Proofread and edited by my good friend Ice Star

Cover art by Uotapo. If the artist wishes for me to remove the cover art please send me a PM.

Written for \o/ Scampy's SunFlower Shipping Contest \o/

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That what I call


Well said my mlp loving friend

Ah. You are Charles’s friend. He spoke fondly of you.

I'd say I spit straight facts, but this is a gaymer story, after all.


Those that mean you spit gay facts?

sorry of said anything offensive

As a flaming homoromantic, I do not spit facts, I radiate them.

Like the most cute Pegasus would say


Man, imagine transitioning, going through such a rough time, picking out a beautiful name, and going so far as to erase everyone's memory of your old self... and you get saddled with Wally as a nickname. Ouch.

This story is poggers Xbox Fortnite and so can you with this one easy gamer lifehack:

1) Be 🏳️‍⚧️!

2) If step one is not feasible for any reason, support 🏳️‍⚧️!

(I apologize; this is a really sweet little story and I love it. You have my attention!)

I'm curious, why have there been so many Sunset X Wallflower stories lately? Is there a contest?

Yeah, it is in the description of the story.

Im still debating whether to read or not because of the rating.
But I love how you named the title.

Gamer Lesbians.
I wonder if they really exisit.

10765482 while lesbians do exist, gamers are, sadly, a myth :ajsleepy:

Going into this, I thought Wallflower was going to have a little stage fright, but you tackled a bigger topic and I thought you did a great job.

Also, a battlestation, man. That's the dream.

Wow, I already didn’t like the students at CHS, but this just makes me hate them.

“I’m so, so proud of you, Wally,” she said softly into her ear. Letting go of her, she grabbed that damnable piece of electronic gear. “Just let me get this thing ready and we’ll begin. I’ll make a gamer girl out of you yet.”

“Wow, this game world is so big, Sunset! What’s that place called, Loot Lake? Can you take me there?”

“Unfortunately, no. And before you ask, we can’t go to Tomato Town, either. I just wiped it out.”

“Oh. Well, what about Moisty Mire?”

“Wally, my love, with you, everywhere is Moisty Mire.”

anyway, there should be a sequel to this where Sunset takes Wally to work with her at the Totino’s Fortnite Training Room, in the 100 Thieves CashApp Compound.

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