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In the middle of the fray, that’s all you can focus on. That thing, that event, whatever it is, drowns out everything else as it overshadows the rest of the world.

But when there is no fray, and the quiet returns, it’s only then that you can really pay attention to the details.

Sometimes, the most important things happen when nothing happens at all.

Written for Scampy's SunFlower Shipping Contest.

Thumbnail inspired by, and based off, a sketch by avirextin

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Excellent story keep up the good work

This was very good.

So introspective and sweet. These kind of stories "about nothing" are hard to write well, but I enjoyed this. :twilightsmile: Best of luck in the judging.

Thank you both for your comments!

Definitely! I kinda like them, though, almost as a challenge in exploring subtlety. A world-spanning epic can certainly feel... well, epic, but to evoke that same feeling through a simple dialogue between two characters hits a bit different. Best of luck to you as well, with training wheels!

You’re very welcome

If I were the type for hopeless romance, I’d say that she smelled like strawberry perfume, or had the aroma of a verdant meadow.


But no. Just slightly damp, day-old fabric.

Mildew Shimmer stayed in the washing machine just a tad too long.

Meanwhile, Mouldflower Bloom left the raspberries out of the fridge for too long i'm sorry no i'm not

Man, I love when they get all light and fluffy like that. There’s no better burst of flavor!

We have.

Blessed line and hard-hitting use of internal voice. The messages about recovery were swell too.

Thanks for bringing that up! That little line kinda sums up my thoughts on Wallflower as an interesting character: That she's stronger than she might first seem, but has just had that strength sapped and repressed over time. Thanks very much for your com-


Think of how warm and fuzzy you’d feel after eating those berries.

Author Interviewer

Daaamn, this was good! :D

a person who looks like she is the hedge that people get dragged through backwards

God, I love this line.

Thanks for your comment! Romance definitely isn't my strong suit, but we must all praise the blessed SunFlower ship.

God, I love this line.

And honestly, thanks so much for that feedback. I really enjoyed that line myself, but considering all the mental hoops I jumped through to come up with it, I did wonder if it'd be too convoluted for someone else to 'get'. Kind of like one of those memes-within-memes that take half an hour to explain properly :rainbowlaugh:.

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