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  • EBlack-on-Black
    There are few things that can divide the soulbound ponies of Equestria's first and only coal mine. In the midst of disaster, one such thing steeps in the darkness below. It can create. And it will destroy.
    Odd_Shot · 4.4k words · 104 views
  • ESea Dreams
    For all of Sea Swirl's quirks, ponies around don’t mind; they’ve seen and -are- stranger. And for as strange as her friends ‘Sergeant Reckless’ and ‘Screwy’ can be, Ponyville knows better. They’re a little out of place. But it’s the right place.
    Odd_Shot · 8.2k words  ·  17  1 · 128 views
  • EI Have Friends
    They're just not here right now.
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Black-on-Black · 4:21am November 5th

I withheld from making a post for this story because I thought I’d give it some room: it’s one of my more abstract pieces, though there is a clear-cut narrative. I like writing uplifting stories, especially when it comes to overwhelming odds. In the face of tragedy, you can still find hope and good. It’s through love and friendship that you get that.

That’s what I do best. This is more of that.

Go check it out.

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I write about friendship, and the bonds only ponies can form.

“You’ve made a lot of people happy tonight, and I think it’s safe to say you’ve made a lot of other people happy in the past. Miracles happen everyday, and ponies are bringing even more by the day.”

- Excerpt from Sandpiper

You’ve spoken to him before. Many times. He’s been in town for three years now. In that time, you’ve heralded the return of an entire empire, defeated and reformed a Lord of Chaos, brought peace to a corrupted and troubled diarch, saved your capital from an invasion, and most importantly, made some friends.

- Excerpt from Mason

Sweetly, his heartsong strummed through the cavern. It was an ethereal sound, distant, but not bleak. It swung from ear-to-ear with color and bravado. Amaranthine tilted her head toward his, laying her horn across his. Nothing physical came of it: there was only an increase in his murmured song. It babbled along, breathing freely in the face of a desolate end.

- Excerpt from Black-on-Black

She clambered up the steps of Canterlot Castle. Upward along the marble steps, reaching higher-and-higher toward the unreachable expanse of space. To the room closest to the heavens, where no other pony dared tread. She walked alone: there were no advisors, warning her of needy court-petitioners; no guards, alert for any slight against her safety; no family, just as eager to see reprieve from the rigors of courtly life. It was the stairway to the boundary of the celestial sphere, traveled only by one.

It was on this night in Equestria that Celestia felt most alone.

- Excerpt from Xenorphica


The O(ddly)rganized Blog Post · 1:02pm Jul 17th, 2017

This is my repository of blog posts, organized for ease of access and reading pleasure:
the main categories are organized alphabetically; following subcategories are organized chronologically from oldest to newest.

Keep on reading!

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Heck yeah man! I’ll be sure to give it another read- appreciate it a lot. I look forward to seeing more from you- enjoyed your newest stories and I’m going back through the older ones :)) cheers

Yeah, it's a bummer. Here's a link to the fimfetch page for it. If that doesn't work for you, I have some copies of the fic I can share.

I really wish people didn't take down such massive chunks of their stuff (I'm guilty of taking down some stories, but to be fair, if someone asked, in most cases I'd try to finish and bring them back), but what can we do. I'm also happy to hear someone was a fan of that story: I'm still very much fond of it. Thanks for reading my anthology, by the way!

I saw on Odd’s Oubliettes the chapter that was titled “Mark and the Bats” was based off an old story I used to read a ways back here on Fimfiction- man I came back recently just based off of thinking about it and knowing that it’s gone makes me sad, it was quite the favorite of mine. Glad to know it’s not just me that loved it.

The snowpity is the best part of a mare

Hee, that's great :rainbowlaugh:

You deserve a smile, friend-a-doodle! :raritywink:

Always here to spread good vibes. 😇💖

Hello to you too.

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“I think it matters what you stand for, and how hard you fight for it. If we all weigh our accomplishments against eachother, we’ll just get discouraged because we’re not all the same. That sorta thinking is how you make a flightless pegasus feel like she doesn’t matter at all, and she never will.”
- Synthetic Bottled Sunlight, Déja Vu (XV), by NorrisThePony