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2020 · 2:33am September 10th

I hate this year. And not for the most obvious reasons. Anyone who has been keeping track of my activity on this site probably remembers my choice words for 2018, which I still hold up as the worst year of my life. But if 2020 does not outright dethrone that year, then 2020 is at the very least the most miserable year of my life thus far. And the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t even a significant factor in it.

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My gratitude · 11:45pm August 6th

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a few shots this evening, but I just want to take the opportunity to voice my gratitude to a couple of friends I have made over the past decade in beyond that I do not want to imagine life without.

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Life Goes On · 8:04pm July 2nd

Roughly 9 years ago this month, The Lost Element began. And I have dutifully stuck to my guns the entire way, seeing the glorious rise, tragic fall, and crushing end of MLP FiM in the process. And even now, I still carry on with my work. And yet so much has happened during that time and not all of it is happy.

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Anxiety · 2:58pm June 29th

After one innocuous act of recklessness a week ago, I had a moderate anxiety attack Friday night. As a result, I have been frequently achy, constantly fatigued, and drained of passion. I just can’t find the will to write in this condition, even though I know there is technically nothing wrong with me.

Development of future chapters will be slowed down for a little while. At least until my psyche shakes this off.

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Back in Business · 7:40pm May 26th

While things have not entirely gone back to normal yet, I've decided I am not going to wait any longer and have begun seeking out means to help me find environments suited for creative writing. The next chapter is finally in development and I hope to have it out before long.


Quarantine Blues · 7:30pm March 19th

With this corona virus crap happening, production of future chapters will be slowing down for a little while. Most of my writing is done out of the house, with much of it being done during my lunch breaks, and the restaurants in the area going to carry-out and delivery for a while means I won't be getting out of the house as much for a number of weeks.

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Revised Patreon Tiers · 7:00am February 22nd

I have recently revised the tier functions on my Patreon account to hopefully make pledging to my account more enticing to my readers. It may take some time for me to get in the habit of checking my account more often, but I hope I do not fail to disappoint. Thank you all for your continued support.

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Improving my Patreon · 3:54am January 29th

I’d like to start this year off with a request. While I have had a Patreon account for a while, I know that the tier list has been a bit bare bones. And with so few patrons pledging to me at any one time, I do not have much incentive to check on it more often.

My request is this. For anyone with more experience with the platform than myself, what can I do to improve my tier list and make my Patreon more enticing? Any recommendations?

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Before Time Began to Flow · 5:36pm Apr 30th, 2019

The prequel to The Lost Element is now available on Lulu. Very small, barely more than 50 pages. I was very surprised by how thin the proof copy is. A little special something for all my readers.



Volume 4 complete · 5:48am Feb 11th, 2019

Well, that took a lot longer than I ever expected it to. At least 3 and a half years have been spent on the past 18 chapters and I am elated to finally have it done.

With that done, I would like to take a short breather and provide my readers with a little extra treat. I will be going through Before Time Began to Flow for proofreading to prepare for printing.

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