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YAY! Your back! I swear, that If this ever happends again, there will be hell to pay! Isn't that right boys!?!?!

What keeps happening to the story?



:flutterrage: we got a fluttershy

Aww mah gawrsh! :twilightoops:
I LOVED THIS ON FANFICTION :flutterrage::pinkiehappy:

But the story is amazing! Did you piss 'em off or something?

1170643 Now I'm only more confused.

Wait what happened to the story? This is the first time I am reading it. Good story by the way. :ajsmug:

1170643 Did Poultron take care of that hacker for you. I remember seeing your conversation with him. Also, when ever I went back to try to read this story, it was gone, and I know I wasn't crazy. Glad it's back, and it will be one of my number one priorities once I am free.:ajsmug:

I'm confused...what is happening? :rainbowhuh:

so your re-uploading them?
content rating... 'everyone'....
until chapter 6 XD

I am enjoying it very much. :ajsmug:
Why would they delete this amazing story. :fluttershyouch:

Hate... that is all really.:ajsleepy:

1170837 Aww, okay. Just as long as you don't have to deal with the hacker and all.

Even among the bronies there is hate... :ajsleepy:
I thought bronies all loved and tolerated...I was wrong...
Why must there be bate in this wonderful pony filled land of ours? Aren't we all the same...why hate each other? Anti-bronies cause enough hate...
That was my little speech there, hope y'all liked it. :twilightsmile:

I wonder why I didn't read this when it was up the first time... it's awesome!! :rainbowkiss:

1171058 Agreed, I don't understand why bronies are flaming, and causing hate, between one another. Lucky, for me, I just brush it off, and I forgive and forget. I don't care about insults enough to start an argument about them.:applejackunsure: By the way do you have any stories I can read? Recommendations or personal stories? I'm going to go to your profile to see if you have any stories of your own, so you don't have to tell me those. Unless you have a few and there is a certain one of your bunch that you want to recommend to me.:ajsmug:

I don't have any stories written by me...I almost start then I either get pulled away from it from something or I am just too lazy. :twilightblush:
Displacement is a good story, I can't remember the names of the others.

I have a good idea...But my computer cord is not working so I am forced to operate from my kindle...the pony creator is hard to do on a mobile.

Look at my fave's, I am sure you can find a good story.

good story so far :trixieshiftright: I like it:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:

I like all of it:pinkiehappy: it's awesome!!!!!!!

Great chapter!:pinkiehappy: oh diamond tiara when will you learn :twilightangry2:

I can't believe someone would take this down, Hacker be gone I say! Lol but was there ever a real reason they took it down other than they thought you were a pedophile? I mean the story I like, But I have a question about it, how old is the guy? He carries a DS around with him (Not gonna say anything bad about it, I to have sometimes play a DS at times for no reason) and he cries, but so do I sometimes, well forget what I said but his age I would like to know, because alot of things don't add up to me and I can't put him in a certain age group in my mind to get a clear image of him, like is he 12 or 13 or is he older but likes nintendo stuff and is sensitive to critiscism? Or did I readto fast and it explained that?

I've always found the bracelet scene touching.

When do you think you will have all the chapters re-uploaded? and when will there be more chapters?

why not a hiden blade gauntlet that would work for me :pinkiecrazy:

“Rarity, have you seen my clothes?” Really? Is he naked?:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::derpyderp1::derpytongue2:

Human and pony... AWKWARD SHIPPING :fluttershyouch::raritystarry:

Glad that your back and I hope now permanently. :pinkiehappy:

Well his credit card bill will be through the roof by the end of the month :ajsleepy:

I tend to read what I think is the main confession first seeing as how it wasn't there last time and the landlord was rarity I thought this to be a Human x Rarity now I can read this with no worries... also my real name is James so :heart: okay but try to get more out soon I don't want to read it with only a few chapters. must not read story yet:fluttershyouch: Edit: okay maybe will read it now because of the amount of words per chapter

nice sweet story so far......was a little put off by James' shyness prolly due to the fact i don't give a flying buck what the general public thinks of me if i like me and my friends like me the rest can go fuck them selfs but i've actually come to like the person you made and eagerly await the following chapters

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now get outta here, blank flank. Or do I have to introduce your flanks to my boot?”

Oi, that really makes me want to punch the guy. Especially since he gets to tell Rainbow to cut the pranks.

More than that: By using her 'blank-flankedness' to humiliate her, he's insulting all the other kids who don't have their Cutie Marks yet, too. (Not to mention that he shouldn't get to decide any 'punishments' for anypony, but that's another point entirely.)

As long as he keeps using 'blank-flank' as an insult, he's not not helping, because he's implying not having a Cutie Mark makes a pony less worth than others. Sure, not everybody can be as smart as Twilight in recognising things as she did at Diamond's Cute-ceneara, but I doubt he'll ever think about what he's doing unless somepony confronts him with that. So, that's one of the reasons I have the urge to smack him upside the head (or, more likely, politely ask him to have a talk about this)

This story is mother-bucking amazing.

1170735 Indeed...
I have no clue what's going on.
Anyways, great story so far! Gonna keep on reading. :pinkiehappy:

I know. However, he's still using it as an insult himself- as long as he does, things didn't really change, right? It's just someone else abusing somepony for being a 'blank-flank'.

It's surprising to me how nopony is pointing that out to him- or the fact that the joke is getting awfully cruel. Yes, she deserves comeuppance, but íf you push a little girl to physically attack you it might be a good idea to rethink what you've been doing. Well, the way it's now it feels a bit like a revenge fantasy.

Addendum: It feels that way to me which is,of course, a completely subjective view.

It was gone I got worried it came back Im happy:pinkiehappy:

holy crap a Innocent clop scene!? my love for this story just tripled and especially liked the chicken reference and now i want jawbreakers your prick:pinkiehappy:

So many feels this chapter. Cloppery isn't even my thing, but you wrote it well, and sweetly. :yay: More please!

I can dito that last comment bro

Wow I just finish the last Chapter and all I could say about this new one :twilightblush: Wow :rainbowderp:

PET THE CHICKEN PET THE CHICKEN. BUTTERED TOAST...My god it's been ages since I seen that. I must go find Edd Ed an' Eddy again.

1171058 They hate us because they do not know us enough, that is why we Love and Tolerate, but I tolerate haters to a certain degree, after that I just think they are acting like a bunch of ass-hats. And yes this story is best. Next to the other five I like best.

Rainbow dash: OM NOM NOM NOM

Read the chapter first, then you know of what I speak of.

Sorry I wrote a comment and I was like...WAIT!

because I thought it was a different story.

BUT RAINBOW IS COOL so leave some perverted comments for her at ALL times! :rainbowdetermined2:

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