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This story is a sequel to The Lost Element

Three years have passed since the first human in centuries set foot upon Equestrian soil. With public opinion of humans at an all-time high, the royal family prepares to take the next step in reintroducing humanity to their world. But will the next human to arrive in Equestria make an equally smooth transition as the first, or will history repeat?

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On hiatus until The Lost Element's completion.

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Oh wow! now I can't wait for the The Lost Element to finish. That has alway been high on my "I wish this would Update faster list"... You know I sould make that a bookself but now this is tied with Hero's Bane on Fanfiction

5339566 It's up already? I only just checked the site 5 minutes ago.:twilightoops:

5339590 FIMfiction can surpise you if your not careful

Hm... This has promise. Good luck, XD!

Well, this certainly changes the course of the show, which is pretty good.

I can't wait to see who James chooses! I guess this concludes that things will be getting back on track, once the darkness is overcomed.

This sequel has promises, and I'm DEFINITELY Looking forward to it! :pinkiehappy:

Ooh, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about what might happen next.

wow this chapter is really good I do like how you stopped twilight going alicorn that has never sat with me real well it just seams to tack away from the show some how.
also I love the new chapter on the Lost Element it is really good.
and this chapter just gives so much to think about it is almost scary how this code play out.
harts fire

5344467 The entire reason I'm having the story go this way is because the entire Princess Twilight thing has been a bad idea from the start, not to mention badly implemented. It was the first real nail in the coffin before the show started spiraling downhill, although The Crystal Empire part 2 and One Bad Apple could easily contest that. Despite this, there are diehard fans of the show who will praise anything Hasbro throws at them now like some form of fanatical brand loyalty as if they are terrified to even entertain the thought that something they dedicate so much passion for could become bad. It's quite sad. The fandom has proven itself devoid of integrity.

Well, crappy writing isn't something I'll tolerate in my works. I try my best to write my stories to the best of my ability, which is more than can be said about Hasbro by this point as they are clearly too dependent on the archaic practices that kept the series afloat in earlier generations to let go out of fear that it will result in a loss of toy profits. Tell me I'm wrong.

I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so promising.

5344551 U no like Babs? HAAAAAAAA- *gets magicked in the gut by NMM*
*Ahem* Well that was akward. Anyways, well written chapter. The flashback style isn't quite obvious enough in my opinion and I didn't figure it out until the very end apart from some sneaking suspicions at the beginning. Additionally, Celestia's change of heart just feels a bit rushed. I feel like it shouldn't have been an "Oh OK I'll stop all my plans right now because I was wrong hooray" moment. Other than those two critiques, though, it was a great read and I'm excited to see what lays in the future.
Edit: Crap, I just realized that this is Return of Humanity, not the price of failure. GO ME! Interesting choice on starting the sequel before the end of the original, but I won't debate your decision. :P

5636555 I don't dislike Babs. I just despise that episode. Awful. Absolutely awful. If she didn't come back a few episodes later as a much better person, she would've been my most hated character in the entire show. But as she stands right now, I like her. I just try to pretend that episode never happened.

And Celestia's change of heart was not rushed or quick. She had long been carrying doubts about her actions and just needed a push in the right direction to finalize her decision. I mean anyone can see that her actions in The Crystal Empire and beyond have been rather dubious, so I don't see why she, being the immortal Princess of the Dawn, wouldn't at least have some self-awareness over her plans' flaws. In this story, she is not acting on Hasbro's whim to make changes to her student that serve in the interests to a toy company's greed.

5636655 I like that episode TBH since I could relate to it a lot and it's a lesson that a lot of people need to learn. But to each their own. Like I said on my comment on your blog post, I may not agree with your opinions or views but it's a wonderful story so it really doesn't matter ultimately. I can't say that I still thing that the change of heart was handled with the greatest of grace since it seems to fall in with so many other situations in fiction where a push magically makes everything better, but it certainly didn't make this less enjoying to read.


There is plenty of proof if you decide to look for it. Just because you enjoy something doesn't automatically mean it is good or done well. After all, there are people who unironically like Allen Gregory.

Far too many people just don't see it. And this review was made by someone who actually does relate to Babs in the department, not to mention someone who really knows what he is talking about. He doesn't always get things right with MLP, but he definitely got this one right.

Furthermore, the entire bullying thing with Babs will be addressed in this story in a later arc.

Also, in regards to the 'change of heart' with Celestia, I handled that the absolute best I could while taking into account the only possible reasoning I could think of that could have caused Celestia to be manipulating Twilight's path in life like that without all that "destiny" and "chosen one" BS they introduced in Season 3 and 4. Seriously, to hell with the Tree of Harmony. I was merely doing my best with the material I was given and the potential reasons I thought up on why Celestia would do something like that is a hell of a lot better than what Hasbro came up with that is pushing the show away from it's original purpose. Destiny is cartoon shorthand for "make something sound epic here" and simply does not work with shows and characters we are supposed to relate to, which goes doubly for the whole Chosen One trope. This show single-handedly caused me to hate the word 'destiny' and see it as something that isn't even feasible. Who can possibly relate to or see themselves in that one special someone who carries the fate of the world on their shoulders because "destiny" deemed that she would?

By the way, what lesson was that episode teaching? That retaliating to bullying is also bullying even when justified? That it's OK and forgivable to become a bully to escape the teasing of other bullies? That you should sympathize with bullies because they are all victims of bullying? That telling your parents or guardian about being bullied will always solve your problems?

It seems that only the more immature or naive fans of the show just aren't seeing why this episode fails hard at what it's supposed to be doing. And considering the state of the fandom today, I can understand why.:ajbemused:

Why is there a sequel and chapter when the first one isn't even finished.

6241405 It was to address the heavily maligned plot line of Season 3, point out why the events were so detrimental to the plot and characters, and explain why this story will not be emulating them. I was able to write this chapter without revealing spoilers in The Lost Element, so I decided to get it out of the way for a change of pace.

5636749 Not to reignite 4 day dead flames, but have you considered that the episode Bad Seed could have been pushing the lesson to be the better person, and find out why your bully is acting the way they are, so you could help fix the problem at its source, or at least be it's catalyst? With that frame of mind, I could see their foundation in Diamond Tiara's redemption. From the lesson in Bad Seed, they learned to find out Diamond's motives, which led to them redeeming her, and earning their Cutie Marks.
And, in regards to the "destiny" thing, it could be regarded as the machinations of a millennia old princess. Of course, this is just speculation, but she's proven to be rather knowledgable to events, and I think I can only chalk so much of that up to literal foresight... A Changeling Army being the reason why. Of course, that vision might be the reason why it was declared that there was a threat made against Canterlot, because she saw an invasion in her visions. That might clear up my misgivings on the clear evidence that they are supposed to be a race of stealthy infiltrators, and should, thusly, never resort to such an action... Regardless, I couldn't say more without sidetracking further from my point.
Regardless, there is always a mathematic sort of "destiny", where you plan ahead and use contingencies for events, when there's a board of chess. I suspect that, should ever Discord and Celestia ever play a game together, we'd see one frustrated Chaos God...

6241586 In any case, this is your story to do with as you please; I just haven't been able to whet my debate skills for some time, and thought I'd give my two cents, to spark an interesting and intellectual discussion. :)

6843921 There's really not much to say by this point. The unfortunate implications of both episodes and their execution have already been torn into down to the bone marrow by this point all over the fandom, so there's nothing I can add. If you're not seeing the problems with these episodes and the show in general, it's probably because you don't want to see them for the sake of your personal attachment to the series, as that is a common issue with most stalwart fans who have been with the fandom since the start. I'm not necessarily saying that's how it is with you, but it's quite rampant in the fandom. Anyone with any integrity and grasp of quality know that the show has not been great since season 2 and is no longer worth watching aside from the occasional gem like Amending Fences. If you still find enjoyment in what the show has become, then more power to you, but it's worth remembering that how much you personally enjoy something does not translate into the quality of the product.

Furthermore, even the episode involving Diamond Tiara's reformation was botched in a way I did not immediately notice. The reveal of DT's mother should have been saved for a separate episode entirely and aired no later than Season 4, probably replacing Rainbow Falls in the process. And even then, the CMC's cutie marks carry some very frustrating implications with them. I was originally going to implement them in The Lost Element at some point, but now I see I shouldn't. However, I'm not going to get into a debate here because, frankly, this isn't the place for it.

6844142 That is a reasonably sound retort, and I shall press the issue no further. While slightly vexed at the implications that I'm letting a bias get in the way of fairly and accurately judging the show, I will do no more than point this out. I see that you do not wish to continue this discussion, so I will no longer persue it. Have a wonderful day, and good writing! :)

6844142 very nice start, and i honestly never thought about twilight that way with the whole alicorn shit. Twilight definitely has the ability for it but ya, if her friends were to die of old age while she lived she'd turn into a mini discord eventually or like in remembrance somehow give up her alicorn magic and wings to bring them back (how that would work i don't fing know). Anyways i can't wait for more of your chapters man. Keep doing your best.:twilightsmile:

With that spell gone, there is an alternate price. If the Crystal Empire returns and Celestia never assign her and her friends to go, what will the results be? Celestia and her sisters seal Sombra again along the empire and citizens? Or will Sombra somehoe overpower them and it is up to the Mane 6 and human (possibly plus 1) will stop him? As so, this might get brutal and sad. But who knows? This is just my theory and hypothesis.

7569117 Way ahead of you. Already got that planned out.

How much longer? And I sure hope the next human is at least a little bit more wary at first.

7919368 How much longer for what?

7919451 Before the lost element is complete so you can start on this one? Plus, you're hinting at the possibility the Discord ain't dead here.


Hey man is Gladesong older now🤔

Yes, but not by much. Still a toddler.


Hey man are you putting mean 4 sombra cozy glow chrysalis and Tirek to fight the mane 7 please say yes😬

Comment posted by C20 deleted Oct 23rd, 2019

The 4 villains main 6 defeated

I’m not going to answer that.


Why 😕

There's a difference between being displaced and The Displaced.

My apologies. I was not entirely certain how the trope works, so I decided to let you be the judge.

Read the lore page and you'll understand.

I'm considering doing a tie-in with this story.

Would there be a change in the main character here? Im too invested in my boi james and it would be sad to see him become just a side character...

Not exactly. He’ll still be around as a central character.

Thats reasuring to know.. would your writing style change to this? I mean we are not reading james journal anymore in this sequel?

You’ll see. I don’t want to spoil too much.

If this is going to be as good as TLE is, Humanity, I cannot wait to read the first official chapter of Return of Humanity! :D

I haven’t heard from you in years.

But as I contemplate how we came this far, another thought comes to me. Alongside this grand project was another more personal…and possibly selfish project I have been secretly working on unbeknownst to all but my dear sister. One involving my faithful student. Twilight Sparkle. For so long, I was certain it was the right choice to make. And yet now…as the Crystal Empire’s return draws near, I am beginning…to doubt myself. Why? I was so certain of myself when I devised this plan years ago when she was a mere filly.

With the Crystal Empire returning I have to ask will you be using the IDW comics Sombra or will this be the FIM Sombra?

Yes, the Crystal empire will return with Sombra serving as an entry level villain.

Comment posted by Eddie_Whirlwind deleted Dec 9th, 2020
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