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The Indoraptor.

A monster of the future, bred from creatures of the past. The brainchild of rogue geneticist and former Jurassic World scientist Dr. Henry Wu. A hybridized super-predator designed solely for combat and warfare. A killing machine in every sense of the word.

And now one of them is in Equestria, a land of talking, magic, pastel-colored ponies, where it is being cared for by a pegasus named Fluttershy, the sweetest, shyest, most easily frightened thing imaginable.

They say opposites attract, but this definitely takes the cake...

(Crossover with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

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Dr. Robotnik has had enough. Sonic keeps busting his plans to take over Mobius, and he is sick and tired of it. In an act of desperation, Robotnik and his two (not so) trusty minions Scratch and Grounder flee across the boundaries of time and space to Equestria, where the evil mastermind hopes that his dreams of global dominance and absolute tyranny can finally come to fruition.

It shouldn't be too difficult. After all, what kind of trouble could a population of little, technicolor ponies cause?

(If you haven't seen Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, or aren't at least familiar with it, I suggest you check it out before reading this fic. Some knowledge of YTP lore is recommended for some of the earlier jokes.)

As always, remember to leave a comment for your thoughts! :)

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It was a fairly ordinary day in Perkinsville, New Jersey. Then again, most catastrophes start out like that.

Without warning, Nightmare Moon, freshly freed from her imprisonment in Equestria's moon, crash-lands in the middle of the town. Despite Perkinsville–and our entire world, for that matter–not being exactly what she had in mind for conquest, she figures it's better than nothing, and begins a one-mare campaign to bring the town–and soon all of Earth–to its knees in the face of an eternal night.

Who will win this confrontation? Nightmare Moon or the good (but extremely bewildered) people of Perkinsville?

Author's Note: This story is in no way related to my other Ponies-meet-Earth story From Far Beyond. It is it's own thing, and is done purely as a side story just for fun. Comments are greatly encouraged...it helps me gauge the audience's response, so if you have any thoughts, don't hesitate to write a comment.

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Once upon a time, 17-year old Eric Colby was just your average high school senior. His father worked for TechnoCorp Enterprises, the world's most prosperous science and technology corporation, and Eric himself was doing pretty well in school, for the most part.

But one night, everything changed.

After a series of unexpected events, Eric is suddenly transported into Equestria and mutated into a unicorn by a mysterious genetic sample. Discovered by Twilight Sparkle and her friends, Eric struggles to adapt to his new form, while also trying to uncover a plot that could destroy both humans and ponies alike, and put the whole Universe in danger...

Takes place a short time after the movie, and is canon up to that point. The events of Equestria Girls did not happen during this timeline.

Rated Teen and or some frightening scenes and/or concepts, especially for some moments during the later phases of the story. Feel free to interpret their severity for yourselves. Comments, opinions, and likes are very much appreciated!

(Cover art is a composite image made of a modified Mane Six vector by shadowhillhcr, art of Equestria from orbit by alterhouse, and a vector of my OC Jade Dawn that was modified from an adult Button Mash drawing, author unknown.)

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