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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia Hates Tea

Princess Celestia helps to banish a hoofful of inner demons lurking deep in the heart of a troubled author. Metafiction, again, ensues. Something of a coda to "Princess Celestia Hates Tea".

Now with a Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi!

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I finally get off my arse and actually begin to write fanfiction of my own, then this comes up. Thanks allot skywriter...

Um... I'm confused, but good story anyways!

This... this is beautiful. Made me tear up. :fluttercry:

This made me grin like crazy.
Don't ever stop, Skywriter.

An interesting take...

697070 I know how you feel...

The kind of story I find myself appreciating more and more tends to focus on opening an image and exploring it in order to produce a metaphor, and I thought the Yixing teacup's relation to storycraft was well turned. Princess Celestia also speaks like Princess Celestia -- ever-patient, tranquil, at peace with non-peace (especially when that non-peace comes through Twilight)...

Look at me, spewing all of this pretentious garbage. I'm practically eating out of your hoof, aren't I?

So, I have to wonder, where in the process of writing Princess Celestia Hates Tea did the conception of this particular, cute little tale arrive? Before? During? After?

And would Twilight really write "heartbreakingly sculpted muzzle" in a story assignment she was going to give to Celestia to read? Oh my! She's very revealing about herself, especially in those first few paragraphs.

That's remarkably well-done! Bravo!


Nice! I liked this one, a very good little short.

And that's how Skywriter never wrote a real story again

I may have unleashed a power I cannot contain

Oh bravo! Consider that .gif of the guy clapping inserted. A lovely little haiku of a story!

Next I'm going to write a story about a fictional version of Twilight Sparkle writing a story about how she wrote a fictional version of Twilight Sparkle who was obsessing about having written a story about Princess Celestia not liking tea. And so on. It will be a beautiful Jenga tower of navel-gazing.

Afterward. I was like, oh, hells, no, not another one of these. I'm waiting for the backlash.

And, yes, she's being a little forward. The poor dear is so confused. She doesn't even know what she's feeling half the time.

And then your self-insert oc will show up and Twilight will get mad at him for writing weird stories about her.

697253 I had a feeling there was an undertone of forwardness there. I was about to ask if this was actually the prelude to ANOTHER layer of story, which is the 3rd person comedy/romance story you write about Twilight trying to win over Princess Celestia.

Specifically when you said, "not another one of these," what were you referencing?

Solid beyond belief, and really just... It's a great look at Twilight, and it's a fantastic follow-up to "Tea". Really puts it in context.

Your stories make me smile, eh. And with this one, you really got the mood exactly right at the end. Once again, thank you for sharing, eh! :twilightsmile:

Hmmm... maybe I ought to try writing something small / one-scene-ish...

...I went back to the top to read it again afterward, but then stopped because I thought I might end up trapping myself in some sort of weird loop if I kept it up. :derpyderp2:

I'm such a meta addict.

This is probably getting featured....I CALL IT!

Another Skywriter story that will be featured...
I read enough metafiction in "The Things They Carried" as it is. I don't need any more.

"I love wasabi, usually. I love saunas and cold showers. I love hot ginger beer. I love things that make me feel, because I spent so many years of my life not feeling and not even particularly caring if I felt or not, and I'm really trying to make up for lost time, here. But it hardly seemed fitting to be coughing and hacking in the presence of the Princess.

It's not even the rudeness that I'm most concerned about. The worst thing about acting like a lump of sapient clay in front of the most perfect and regal creature on the face of the planet is…"

LOVELY. i LOVE what you did there. Never seen anypony else do it before, why the hell not?

A great story.

P.S. And to think, Celestia Hates Tea hasn't even left the featured box yet.

Another story that won't let me rest until it's out. I've got Srs Comic Stuff I need to do, and it's a little loud in here with all these ponies.

Your metaness makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Also, I'm drinking tea right now. How weird.

Oh and the title of her next story from how i saw it was "No Title Too Simple". :pinkiesmile:

I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym.

> "There will never be a perfect cup of tea served in Yixing teaware," said the Princess, nodding. "Each cup brewed is different than the last, as the teaware itself moves through time." She looked at me, then, whimsically sly. "Through teatime, specifically. But one thing is certain: each cup, good or not-as-good, will do nothing but increase the delightful complexity of the next. There is never an end to the process, never a single perfect iteration. Eventually, after hundreds more years, I may arrive at a point where I am drinking something so close to the perfect cup that it might as well be that thing. But, until that far-off day, every cup of tea I drink has value in the essence it gives to the future. Is my parable clear, my Faithful Student?"

Woa. That was brilliant.

Heartbreaking, isn't it? I've been reading JCW's works for over ten years, and writing sporadically during those same ten years, and the gap just grows.

Skywriter, this story is itself like a teatime, a calming sip that pauses the day. Thank you.

I'm thinking Meta should be a tag. Are there enough Metafics to warrant that?

Too much meta! :raritydespair:

This is quite nice.
How can you do this to me!? This is meta, I'm not supposed to like it.
Breaking my convictions left and right, you people ... I'm fine with that. :twilightsheepish:

"For all my years, and for all the sorrowful things I have witnessed, I have seen an equal measure of joy, and I am very much at peace."

While I buy the first line about not being deeply turmoiled, I don't believe Celestia when she says she's very much at piece. Life is full of conflict that destroys that piece and unless this Celestia has shut her inner self from the world, I don't see it as possible for her not to be plagued inner demons and doubts.

Interesting that this Celestia then goes right on to claim "secrets I must keep because of who I am". SOUNDS LIKE INNER DEMONS TO ME, CELLY.

Yo dawg, I herd u liek fanfiction.


Nope, guess again.


Congrats on having TWO stories in the feature box!
The features have been doubled! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png

You currently have two stories in the featured box.

Just floating that.

Wow. I feel kinda guilty that I haven't read 'Princess Celestia Hates Tea' now.:facehoof: Gotta get on that.

I really love the fact that Yixing teapots are actually real. It's those little obscure things that add a level of depth to a story that can't be matched in any other way.

You wrote this just to make us stop wanting to sock that story's Twilight in the muzzle, didn't you?

Also, I think I have a fetish for fanfiction about fanfiction. I enjoy most far beyond the attributes of said story otherwise.

"Contraptionology!" has Twilight as a minor side player / contributing antagonist, and "...Tea" basically has her as the principal antagonist. It was beginning to make me feel (a) like people would think I was hating on the character or (b) like I was actually hating on the character. Time for some Twilove, says the writer-brain. Hence, this.

People throughout fiction love tea. People throughout the world love tea.

I feel lesser for not.


I was referring purely to her characterization, not your motivations for said depiction.
I never assumed you didn't like her. Observatory Hill starred her. You write her too earnestly, even when slightly corrupted, to not enjoy her as a character. Even though you kinda called her fat in this fic.
It wasn't even that bad after fics like "Why didn't I stay at the farm" and "The Business Trip".

Yeah, okay. This was brilliant. :) Celestia hates tea was well deserving of the feature box that's been holding it for the best part of a week. Thanks for sharing!

I'm not a fan of meta as a rule... but I was won over by this. What's particularly impressive is that it's a really very decent story in its own right, even for those who've never read "...Tea". Making an in-joke that's still accessible to outsiders takes quite something.

It's funny you describe Twilight as the antagonist, because I had initially put down 'Princess Celestia Hates Tea' after the first scene and the entirety of my thought process about it at the time was, I kid you not, "Oh, I don't like Tyrant!Celestia fics."

So suffice it to say I consider Twilight the sympathetic character there and Celestia at best a victim of karma. Didn't she get a friendship report about keeping secrets from her friends?

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