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Welcome to the 'Thieves' Hangout,

Let me confirm this "We do NOT steal stories or ideas from other writers" If that is what your thinking...
GET OUT!!! We do not tolerate plagiarism in this group, as they say "There is more honor among thieves than diplomats." so we kindly ask those of you who wish to enter to respect one's work and not copy their story unless there is a collaboration involved between the two.

This Group is dedicated to those who want to create stories that involve thieves (Human or Pony), trickery, detective skills, puzzle solving story lines, and more skills that make it more exciting among people who wish to read things that are related to thieves or techniques that require more thinking, or prefer good story lines with suspense involved.

Conditions That must be met.

1(The Most Important One). The Main Character has to be a Thief or something Thief related (pickpockets, the one who steals your heart, or anything related to a thief really)

2(second most important one). We do not tolerate those who downgrade or insult other members or writers so please respect others works.

3. Have fun writing it.

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