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Spike’s long lost father has finally shown up to be there for his son, but it turns out he’s not a very pleasant individual at all.

This greatly displeases Starlight.

To my regular readers, fair warning—there is no romance, there is no human, there is only Starlight kicking the crap out of a dragon.

I have no idea why I wrote this. I watched the recent ‘Father Knows Beast’ episode. It triggered me, I guess? This is my take on how the episode should have went. Suffice to say, there are some pretty major spoilers.

Enjoy… Or maybe not. I wrote it in like two hours.

Preread by JimboTex. Cover art by davidsfire.

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Being a close friend of Prince Blueblood has its benefits. His public perception may be a bit off, but Anton knows the wonderful truth—the guy is a total bro. Through methods unbeknownst to the human, the Prince was able to procure no less than four last minute VIP tickets to the first show of Songbird Serenade’s summertime tour—the Crystal Empire.

Human x Songbird Serenade romance, because Sia pone deserves some love.

If there's enough interest, I may well write a sequel to this.

Pre-read by JimboTex

Chapters (1)
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