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Spike’s long lost father has finally shown up to be there for his son, but it turns out he’s not a very pleasant individual at all.

This greatly displeases Starlight.

To my regular readers, fair warning—there is no romance, there is no human, there is only Starlight kicking the crap out of a dragon.

I have no idea why I wrote this. I watched the recent ‘Father Knows Beast’ episode. It triggered me, I guess? This is my take on how the episode should have went. Suffice to say, there are some pretty major spoilers.

Enjoy… Or maybe not. I wrote it in like two hours.

Preread by JimboTex. Cover art by davidsfire.

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Nice use of Zalgo text there. :rainbowlaugh:

For those wondering about the Latin in the first bit of Zalgo text, "Veritatem dicere!" means "Tell the truth!" (approximately).

Both Tex and I are half blind when it comes to proofreading.

[John Cleese voice]I'm only a quarter blind when it comes to proofreading.[/John Cleese voice]

No time-travelling revenge? Awww

If I could pull off time travelling revenge in around 1k words, I'd probably be a lot more successful as a writer. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, sudden bathtub trick was plenty good too :twilightsmile:

Yeah, not your best work Sludge

Last line was the cherry on the cake :rainbowlaugh:

Starlight for dishonerable Thembrian.

Let the Bathtubs Ring. :derpytongue2:

This was hilarious.


What you did in two hours, took me far much longer and with editors. Nice read. Also, no time travel? That's so tame:rainbowlaugh:

I'll admit, I was thinking Starlight would be coming back later in the episode to smack Sludge around for throwing her and the bath outside.

Oh well, at least we have this fic to tell that tale for us. :pinkiehappy:

Note to self: don't throw Starlight out of the castle.:twilightoops:

One simply does not upset Glimmy.
And now Sludge will have to explain himself to Ember.

very of the gooding! hope it was well i like this story!

9232212 What the- when did you get here? Color me surprised

Yeah, you're not the only one who felt triggered.

I dislike injustice.

This would have made a fitting end to the episode.

What can I say? I'm full of surprises.:twilightsheepish:

Eh, it be better if Spike is the one kicked.... again- his mistake... didnt even bother to watch the episode. Not worth it

Probably the one time I enjoyed Starlight as written in the show.

On the bright side, Starlight looked adorable in her cute little shower cap :rainbowkiss: But, I digress. I'm surprised Rarity didn't give Sludge a pounding after what he's done to Spikey-Wikey. But then again, she wasn't the one who was thrown out of the window while bathing. Very rude :trixieshiftleft:

As Will Guide, a half-Changeling/ half-Unicorn friend to Spike in my head fanon, I actually imagined myself giving Sludge quite a fright and/or beating, even taking back the pillow he took at the end. This is even better including Starlight in on the beating!

Wouldn't you agree?

What a remarkable coinky-dink. I was literally contemplating writing a similar story not twelve hours ago. I still might.

Regularly scheduled reminder to self: NEVER PISS OFF STARLIGHT.

brave man, just bravo!

(My money on Starlight)

"Instead of charging her horn for a spell, Starlight walked right up to the Sludge, span a one-eighty on her forehooves and fired an expertly aimed kick right at his family jewels."

ooooh right in the mommy daddy button!!
Also, that fat bastard deserved it soooo much

Holy crap.:pinkiegasp:

Note to self: Do not EVER, EVER, EVER throw Starlight out of the bathroom window!!! EVER!!!


Good lord....:twilightoops:

In a side note, that stupid Sludge got what he deserved!:flutterrage:

Well, that got dark. Hmm, just based on the cover art, I expected Starlight to be angrier. I also expected her to turn Sludge into a handbag.

Author Interviewer

Starlight fixes and kicks everything. :3 We are pleased.

I want to ... but I can't read it. The custom text is unreadable, and it ruins the immersion for me.

Not giving it a downvote, since it's not a horrible story ... but that text murders the fic for me. Which is sad, since I looked forward to reading it.

What have we learned? Don't mess with Starlight.

Great story that episode trigerd me with starlight being thrown out in a bath tub of course school raze did the same (I keep going on about that episode it's just I think the reason why is it just felt vary embarrassing for makeing starlight a damsiel in distress I just felt she deserved justice on that at least she got a chance to shine in the ending of the end that made up for that).

Instead of charging her horn for a spell, Starlight walked right up to the Sludge, span a one-eighty on her forehooves and fired an expertly aimed kick right at his family jewels.

That should've bumped this story up to a "T" rating, but overall a great story.

Aww, Starlight defending her’s and Spike’s honor is so sweet, even if she did brutally attack Sludge, but given everything he did, I wouldn’t blame her.

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