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During the events of A Matter Of Principals, a certain draconequus spits a brief yet sharp comment at a friend of his that ends up getting him physically banished from school. After the matter is resolved, Discord feels he's back on good terms with ol' Starlight.

Until a dragon friend of his tells him that he's soo NOT good with Starlight. Not until he makes up for it.


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Awww... Glim Glam. :pinkiesad2:

I thoroughly disliked the ending of that episode.

Discord acts like a complete and utter douchenozzle towards everyone. Then Starlight has to open herself up to him, like she was somehow in the wrong. And then we find out the whole situation is his fault to begin with, so he messed up everyone's day for selfish reasons and has not an ounce of regret.

Why, again, am I supposed to consider him reformed?

That episode was as trash as the other ones. Now that's an insult.

That's the power of Starlight Glimmer... making other characters look bad so she can look special. Honestly, I'm more mad at Starlight than Discord.

Douchenozzle the whole episode!

I actually liked the episode and Discord’s antics but I did think that Discord needed to apologize in the end.

I had the same reaction to the episode. Telly immature Discord.

Discord has always been bad. Starlight had nothing to do with it.

You're just some typical no nothing Starlight basher.

Plot induced stupidity is my guess. Not the first time a character in MLP has made an ass of themselves for plot purposes.

9078757 First Trixie and now Discord. You know, if the writers can't make Starlight look good without making others look worse, then why bother keeping her around instead of admitting it hasn't worked?

More like dickishness. It's not like he didn't know what he was doing.

Yeah! Something! Anything! It's like the writers are growing more and more afraid of having people who act horribly face consequences for it. Or rather, the studio. Nick, I think it was, explained that the decision to redeem bad guys is not the writers' to make. In fact, the last time the writers could influence things more to their liking was Sunset Shimmer(!).

Meh. I can let it go. This is nothing new for Discord. He's done as bad as or worse for pettier. The only thing I didn't like was when he insulted Starlight. Idk, just felt heavier than causing chaos. But whateves.

As much as I love Starlight I honestly did feel the characters acted a tad worse than normal. I mean Trixie was so insufferable in that episode (still love the characters)

Finally a character tells Starlight how some of the fandom feels about her. Only Took three seasons

This was very needed. VERY NEEDED! That episode actually made me DISLIKE Discord.
To see an apology made me happy:pinkiesmile: Thank you.

Classic response from a Starlight white-knight.

The fact that a show about friendship that has a character be such a harmful asshole to everyone around them sends a bad message to kids. It's one thing to show how Kindness and understanding can help change a person, but repeated kindness and understanding given to someone who just abuses them makes no sense. And Starlight apologizing to Discord when he showed up being a total dick from the moment he was on screen was just insulting. I love John De Lancie, but come the final season, I hope the writers pull their heads out of their asses and make an episode where Discord's an asshole, everyone calls him on it, and then turns him back to stone.

The moral being: Don't bother trying to be friends with assholes kids, they will exploit and abuse you at every opportunity. Cut the cord or call the cops if what they're doing is downright harmful.

Eh, I like him a little too much to want him out. At LEAST make him understand general humane ways of expressing any problems he as, as opposed to him causing chaos at random.

Well, that was surely a weird episode: it's reached culmination and than it's just... ended :rainbowlaugh:
Although I feel that Discord actually needs to apologize and make up to school's students, not Starlight --- they were the guys at Discord's receiving end and Starlight already took it surprisingly well

How exactly did she make Discord "look bad"? Starlight Glimmer wasn't the one who decided to disrupt everything in the school, endangered children and teachers alike, and throw hypocritical insults at someone, all in the name of petty revenge.

Personally, I don't want him turned back to stone, but I do want him to experience a bit of karma coming his way.

It's episodes like this one that show that people forget, in and out of the show, that Discord isn't just his name, it's what he is. He's always going to cause problems and he's always going to have a combative streak. Here is a near god like being that for the first time in his long existence is trying to fit in with mortals. If Discord ever truly throws of the mantle of Chaos it will be long after the Mane 6 have passed.

The fact that Starlight could banish him without the Elements (which, until now, were absolutely necessary to do anything magically based to him) isn't enough? Or the fact that Discord was never this petty before?

What about the tatzlworm? That managed to affect him.

I said magically based. I already took the tatzlwurm into consideration.

I assumed the tatzlworm's illness was magic based.

It was never once stated to be magic based. One should never assume anything.

I assumed it because it was an illness caused by a magical creature, and that the symptoms were decidedly unrealistic when compared to the more average afflictions seen within the show. But regardless this conversation has gotten off-topic, and now we're just cluttering the comments section of Sense Of Humor's story. If you wish to continue, we should probably move it to PMs.

Nah, let's not. It would just be a huge circular back and forth. Agree to disagree?



XD Thank you both for not creating a huge argument here. Didn't think my story would do this much splitting

Mature people on the internet?? Will wonders never ceases...?

Starlight has changed a lot since then!

No, she has not.

Except most of the fandom don't agree with that and love her. Only biased haters don't. You know, people who shouldn't be watching the show to begin with.

I'd say this small epilogue being a bit more detached from that bad episode and giving nice insight into discord's mind would be very-very good as short stand-alone story :twilightsmile:

Not to spark huge argument again, but from the top of my head I can remember spell that Celestia cast on Elements to prevent Discord from taking them, Twilight's "reformation spell" (that Discord was wary enough to steal pages from books and eat them), Tirek's magic-stealing ability and Crysalis's throne.

Fair enough. But, one, we don't know if the reformation spell would have worked because it was never used (for all we know Discord just stole the spell to troll Twilight, he does seem to like doing that, after all). And two, Celestia's spell only affected the elements, not Discord himself. Tirek is Tirek, his ability to devour magic gives him all kinds of plot armor. Same thing applies to Chrysalis, except she basically used cheap tricks. No one has ever been shown to overpower Discord at full power w/o draining his magic (and only a select few things can do that).

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