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Filly Twilight became too engrossed in a book, and now she's late for class!

PS. Thanks Glim Glam for his great editing work, as always.

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Wonderful short story! It really touched me as well, since I can relate to filly Twilight so much...

Okay, that was utterly adorable.

Filly Twilight is always adorable!

How does one fit so much cuteness in one story? By including Filly Twilight Sparkle, of course!

I'm always late.

I could use the method of counting seconds.

Don't you have a timer on your phone?

This was cute in so many ways. Both for filly Twilight, and also to see how nice Lyra is in this story as well :twilightsmile:

A simple but cute little story. It was a pleasant read. Thank you for sharing! :twilightsmile:

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