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Who doesn't love music?

When David Gatzby Finds himself on the tree home of a mysterious creature, he is slightly terrified. But when he hears the sound of melodious singing coming from inside, he can't help but play along with his guitar and hum to the tune. Not realising that the singing had stopped, David continues to play and can't avoid the meeting of his life.

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I would definitely like to see where this is going. I presume you plan to make the chapters longer (and by presume I mean hope).

Yes, most likely I would hope to make the chapters far longer than they are currently. We'll see how it goes :)

Why thank you :pinkiesmile: I'm actually working on the next chapter as we speak :raritywink: but alas, sushi calls and I will be going out soon. it should be up later tomorrow at the latest :yay:

this is so freaking cute

:pinkiehappy: I aim to please, glad you like it

I mean, I just met her, scared the shit out of her, then had a mental break down in her flowers.

The BEST freakin' line in the whole story!

That should be one word. Only little thing I saw was wrong.

Haha thanks :twilightsheepish:
Glad you're enjoying it so far.

I love this!
*reads on*

This is great so far! Have a fav :pinkiehappy:

Well thank you kindly :ajsmug:

Only morons dislike a story this cute.


haha thanks :twilightblush: it means a lot

Great job :D. I like your style of writing and I think it goes well with your paragraph spacing.

:yay: thanks, I'm doing my best to try and write more and more as well so hopefully the chapters start getting longer

Maybe you should have Lyra go all crazy when she sees him

I was thinking that at first, but it seems kind of played out. I've read quite a few HiE fics where she does that. I was thinking of a different approach. You'll see soon enough :pinkiehappy:

Meh, I would probably react the same way, if I ever found I somehow had ended up in an entirely different world/realm/plane-of-existence.
Casually excuse myself, and go somewhere secluded, then yell the shit out of my lungs :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, beats making a scene with first impressions at stake and all that snazy stuff :pinkiesmile:

I'm liking this story so far

So far I've only read one I really liked :derpytongue2: there needs to be more of them.

this is going to be excellent

:twilightoops: oh geez.. expectations...

thanks man :eeyup: sagely advice

1553954 oh no i`m sorry i`m just exited

Was that an Airbender reference I saw?

haha no worries :pinkiehappy: it's all good.

Yes, yes it was :ajsmug:

this is so freaking cute

This deserves more likes and thumbs

264 views, 29 likes, and an awesome story...and no comments on the first page. :applejackconfused:

Sounds fishy ... :trixieshiftright:

You need the pony lady gaga person:coolphoto:

I'm not sure that's lady gaga :rainbowhuh:


just thought i should let you know that you misspelled lyra near the end of the chapter. you spelled it ;yra instead of lyra just figured you would like to know.:twilightsmile:

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